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Thread: Funny conversation with sister-in-law

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    Saying you should wear heels is one thing, saying im going to buy you 2 pairs is another.
    She knows, or suspects.
    Not ness a problem depending on how you feel..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellbee View Post
    Oh, you could ask your wife if she's ever mentioned anything to her sister -- but keep in mind, she's under no obligation to tell the (whole
    Do women talk? Yup!

    Do *sisters* talk? You better believe it!

    Hey, maybe the two of them are trying to get a Girls Night Out going with you. GG's can be like that. And crazier things have happened, after all.

    I'd ask SIL if she was serious about getting you not one, but *two* fairly specific types of pairs of heels (hmmm... ). And however she replies, just say something like, "Well, do you even know my size?"

    This is your opportunity to potentially expand your CD'ing universe, in various kinds of ways.

    I say take the bait!
    I think ellbee is spot on with this post. Go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheryl T View Post
    Make sure she knows your correct size.
    Wouldn't want to have to exchange a Christmas present.
    For the win

    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. - Rush

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    Hi Alice , See line #4 in my signature first ! >Orchid .oOOo.
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    My wife and I had a good long chat a couple of nights ago about this. She reassured me that no, she has told absolutely no one without my knowing (the only person she has told was her psychiatrist, but that's a story for another time), nor does she suspect her sister or anyone else suspects me. The discussion lead to some other things she was wanted to discuss about the dressing. I later asked her of she would be okay with me asking her sister how serious she was about buying the heels, then making a deal with her that if she can keep it between her, my wife, and myself, she can buy a whole outfit if she'd like and I'll wear it, to which my wife said I could if I wanted to, but think about what could go wrong. Then she echoed what's been said a couple of times to me, "what's said cant be unsaid".

    Well, I stewed over that most of the day yesterday, and finally had the chance to speak with my sister-in-law in private last night. I'd been waffling back and forth about asking her, and ultimately decided not to at this time. If she does buy me heels, I'll roll with it, and I may offer her that deal eventually, but for now, I'll hold. Maybe I'll write a short story about what could have been...

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    Well, if she follows through and does buy you the shoes, I hope you will have an outfit ready to go with them. Maybe that's the time for the big reveal

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    Your Sister-In-Law DOES NOT know!

    The pink fog has rolled in big time and YOU are making this into what YOU want it to be.

    As others have mentioned, once something is said it can't be undone.

    You've talked to your wife about it and have her input.

    I say let sleeping dogs lie and wait to see what happens.

    If she gets you the heels then you can take it from there. Of course she's going to demand you walk the same distance to church in the heels somewhere.

    Again, be careful what you wish for and what you mention. You can very easily "out" yourself with the attendant consequences.

    Have a backup plan!

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    Are you sure your SIL doesn't know about your dressing? If that's your wife's sister, I'll bet they've had that conversation about you. Anyway, take her up on it. You'll be out of the closet real fast once you make a quick lap around the room.

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    I would accept my wife’s word. SIL was just complaining about how easy men have it compared to women. I think you made the right choice to not talk to SIL at this time. If she indeed follows through and buys you the shoes (she won’t), then you could say something about you couldn’t possibly wear them without an outfit to match. That would just look silly. She could then have the option of taking it a step further, and you would not have outed yourself.
    Mostly a "manly man" but sometimes I really am overcome with an inner desire...

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    What are the chances of your wife having the converstaion with her sister ? Maybe leave it a while and see what happens .

    The other way of approaching could be to ask your sister in law if your wife has said something , that might just open the door for you even if she hasn't brought the conversation up .
    The real me ,no going back.

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    I would have to agree with your wife... It is advisable to think through the what could go wrong and how much of those repercussions you would be willing to live with. And yes you can?t unsay anything. If at Christmas you don?t get the heels, you can always make a comment about It and see where it goes from there. Personally I would take it is an I have it worse than you idle threat.

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    Since your wife confirmed that her sister does not know, my take on your SIL?s comment is that she was joking around.

    You probably have a better chance of Santa Claus bringing you heels rather than think your SIL will choose and pay for heels for you.

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    Next time say..."I need a new pair of heels. Have some new dresses that I don't have heels for". That would probably do at least 2 things....Shut her up with the heel comments and let her know what you do. It's a easy way of telling someone.

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    I vote she knows. Confirmation will come when she actually does buy you shoes and they fit...

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    I recommend saying nothing until Christmas. If her sister brings it up, just smile and go along. Meanwhile, until Christmas, practice, practice, practice walking in heels. Get good at it. Gain the ability to do distances comfortably. Do your housework in heels. Use the practice to figure out if you need to modify your shoes, say with arch supports or padding, to get them as comfortable as possible. Make sure your wife is in on all this. Take your cues from her.

    If her sister does not buy you shoes, keep quiet. The time is not right to come out. If her sister does buy you shoes, be gracious and thank her. Then wear them when your wife says to wear them. When her sister sees that you can walk in heels with the best of them, it will either confirm what she already knows or she will wonder why you are so good at walking in heels. Either way, your wife gets what she wants from this situation. And you either need not do not have ?the talk? or it happens on terms favorable to your wife and to you.

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