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Thread: What do GG's really think

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleRenee View Post
    Anyone else have that issue?
    I never have an issue or concern about what other people are thinking, only with how I'm treated. If I feel I'm in an unsafe situation, however, it's a different story. But as an everyday matter, others' thoughts are of no concern to me at all. Most people don't even notice me and I'm OK with that.....most of the time.

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    Nicole, when you have been out more than once you will realise that most of what you are feeling is just in your head. The first time out your senses are on high alert, once you have accustomed yourself to it you will find yourself caring about the opinions of others just as much as they care about your motives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt Kelly View Post
    "They" are not a group who all think alike. It is a big mistake to assume that they would. Their thoughts, when confronted with you as a crossdresser, are going be as individual as they are, formed be the experience, knowledge, and cultural biases of each.
    Great post Aunt Kelly. The problems with the world is that there are too many generalities. People assume that everybody think the same. The population consists of individuals; each with his own views and opinions. Some may overlap but others will not. We all are different in our outlooks and that's why it is important to find a common ground rather than conflict. Peace rather than war.

    Each of the women probably had somewhat different perception of OP's looks & demeanor.
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    I do so enjoy reading posts from ReineD and Duchess

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    Going up to a GG who is a stranger and asking what they are thinking about one's crossdressing is a very bad idea. That could get ugly, fast.

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    It appears the GGs have answered your question. I always enjoy getting their perspective. We really do overthink this crossdressing thing.
    - Robin

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    Thank you Bridget , life sure had it's twists and turns . Thank you also Robin .
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    Thank you so much, your comments, believe it or not, really helped me start to feel good about myself--I guess I may be able to Smile Again (Hopefully wearing lipstick & Pink Lip Gloss.)

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    I think the other GG ladies have already given very insightful comments... Personally when I see a CD-er with a female companion I usually think ..... "If they're together, Im so happy his SO embraces this part of him and that they are enjoying time together"... and sometimes.. "I wonder if theyre one of the members of the crossdressers forum.."

    Also... I sometimes have to urge to go up to the female companion and ask them about their relationship.... it's sometimes hard to only be able to talk to others in the same situation virtually.... it would be so nice to meet another couple and share experiences and feelings purely platonically...

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    I think most of my interfaces with women are much like Teresa. I've never had women that knew or observed that I wore women's clothes ask what I had on under my outer clothes. I'm sure they assumed I was wearing lingerie. I've shopped with women including in the lingerie department. I've even gotten a different bra so that a couple of them could avoid having to wait for an SA. I did have a discussion with one about panties while standing in line to pay. While I don't wear dresses anymore it is pretty evident that my boobs are contained in a bra.

    From my observations most women don't care what other women or you are wearing under your clothes unless it is out of the realm of common clothes. I do know from experience that if they hug you and feel your bra they will check / confirm by a slide across your back.

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