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Thread: Are these traits common

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    Are these traits common

    Hello Ladies ,
    On this forum, I’ve been seeing a few traits that I thought were peculiar to me
    I have three traits that I?d like to share with you all,

    My traits are,
    1 My last thought before going to sleep each night is I hope I wake up as a female
    2. When admiring a woman I’m not looking at the woman in a sexual way, it is always looking to see if and how I would wear that outfit, would that hairstyle or makeup suit me etc.
    3 in a social gathering, I’m more comfortable with female company, I’d rather talk to the ladies than be talking with the men.

    Are these traits common with you ladies?
    Are there any more traits out there that I have missed?

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    # 2 for me. My wife and I own a bartending company we do a lot of weddings. My wife tells me stop looking at the girls .I tell her I'm not looking at them in a sexual way.I'm looking at their dresses.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    I wouldn't call it traits.
    Traits are a genetically determined characteristic.

    Those feelings are quite common among CDers.
    Many try to use those excuses to try and justify why they feel the way they do.
    Rather than accept who they are they make claims similar to these.
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    BEING YOUnique is AWESOME Princess Chantal's Avatar
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    Nope, none I do not have any of those feelings. Like you when I am admiring a woman (gg or tg) it is not in a sexual manner, however I do not picture myself in their clothing, make up or hairstyle.

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    I long ago gave up on #1, although I'm often thinking about my grooming and outfit for the next day as I fall asleep at night.

    #2 and #3 definitely apply to me and have been lifelong habits - as with many of us.

    - Diane

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    Number 1 to a slight degree. Number 2 for sure. Number 3? I'm comfortable with both! I prefer mixed company, actually.
    Too much mascara is almost enough.

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    For me, generally never number 1. I really have no problem with being male. Definitely number 2... I find myself looking at women all the time now analyzing what they are wearing and how they put their outfits together. Many times I wonder if that look would work for me. And shoes... I have never been so obsessed with what shoes a woman is wearing. As for 3, in large groups I generally tend to gravitate towards the women. In small groups I do enjoy mixed company.

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    Number one? Not anymore. Numbers 2 & 3? Certainly.

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    I try not to wish for things I know are not going to happen. I hate being disappointed. I do, however, often look at what women are wearing and wonder what it would be like to wear that outfit. I am an “admirer” of feminine clothing. Hairstyles, the same, often do admire colors and styles. As far as conversations, I find some women and some men exceedingly boring. It is not so much gender, but interests and conversational style. Nancy

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    Number 1: I gave up on that one YEARS ago.

    Number 2: The sexual attraction part used to be stronger, but has faded with age. I'm not super fashion aware, but will still notice an especially good looking outfit - and want it.

    Number 3: I find myself much more able to talk or mingle with women, but I think it's I never learned to speak "guy." I'm just not interested in cars, sports, etc.

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    Definitely # 2 and 3, both are so much fun.

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    As a biologist, #1 was put aside a while ago. That said I wish we could be like a few other animals and be able to change our sex as needed. Pretty rare, but not impossible if you are genetically equipped for that. We aren't.

    But #2 and #3 are really big in my life. And #3 is huge in me. I am rarely comfortable around men in a casual male to male situation. Never figured out the actual source for that, but it probably has to do with not having a steady father figure for my first 6 to 7 years and being raised during that period mainly by women - multiple moms.

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    Number 1 not really. A healthy dose of realism is a needed antidote to our fantasies. As for number 2 my wife often kids me about this. When i'm looking at a woman she says "they would be shocked if they knew you were admiring their clothes". As for number 3 it depends on the individuals. I am, to use an overworked phrase a "people person" and I react to individuals based on my comfort level rather than gender

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    2 and 3 apply to me.

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    #1, occasional fantasy
    #2, yes and no, more yes
    #3, absolutely
    Please call me Daviana

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    #1 No, I might fantasize about being a better looking, 100% passable crossdresser, but never a woman.
    #2 No, I'll look and admire a well-put-together (in all ways) woman, but I learned enough by now to know that what they are wearing will not look the same on me.
    #3 Yes, absolutely.
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    1. Was predominant until I was about 16 and realized it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. (I had already given up on Santa)
    2. Well, really a combination of both. If she's really attractive then there is a sexual component, but there is always that analysis of her outfit. Does it suit her, her figure, her age and appearance and how would it look on me.
    3. I've always been more comfortable in a gathering of women, particularly if I am dressed. Even though there have always been male interests the comfort level is always higher when with women.

    I always seemed to notice things differently. I would see a woman wearing a cute pair of earrings and think nothing of commenting on them with much more ease than seeing a man with a great car and expressing my opinion.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    ….yes....yes...&, yes ………………………………….Debra

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    1. an occasional "fantasy" I might speculate about. 2. Nope, 3. Usually with the Guys.------------------As there are different Reasons and motivations for Crossdressing, there are no shared traits in general (only Crossdressing). But those who crossdress for the same reasons would share traits. Eg. A person who crossdresses out of "escapism" would have different traits than a "Humiliation/SM" crossdresser which would be different from a "TS leaning" crossdresser, etc.

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    I from an early age have always been drawn towards girls ~ women and all things feminine.

    And for the better part of my Life, I have been ever so envious and jealous of them, even today wishing that I had been born a girl 💃 rather than male 👦

    There have been many times in my Life, "as I lay me down to sleep" wished that I would wake up a girl 💃 or woman.

    I've always prefer the company ~ friendship 👬 of women over men. I've virtually no male friends. But according to a well known magazine extensive article on the subject? Men simply don't make friends as girls ~ women do.

    Mem in my opinion make "buddies" ss in fishing buddies, golfing buddies, etc.

    While it seems to me women seen to bond and make friends just upon the mutually co~experuences of being women. Something else i envy.u
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    Thanks Ladies for all the replies.
    Yes, I do realise that hoping to wake as a women is a dream that will never be fulfilled. I now use it as a strategy to fall asleep, and I always fall asleep in a good place, and with a smile on my face! What’s wrong with a girl dreaming, anyway!

    Are there any more traits out there, apart from the three that I have listed
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    I have those same feelings and thoughts Rosemary+. Sometimes it is really hard to go to sleep. If I know the next day I am dressing, I really cant sleep because I am thinking so much.

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    Interesting perception, interesting responses. For me:
    #1. Total No.
    #2. Yes. Sometimes when my wife sees me looking at another woman longer, she knows I?m trying to imagine how ?it? would look on me followed by a yea or nay. She?s almost always right.
    #3. Sometimes in a gathering, there are more women than men. I don?t have a problem with talking to both.

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    No to #1, but certainly guilty of 2 and 3. Although I can't say #2 is exclusive of sexual thoughts. I'm still very attracted to them!

    I've been more likely to hang with the women for most of my life, I don't think that has anything to do with my "hobby".

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    #2 and #3 are definitely. #1 I hardly get up in the morning wanting to be the opposite... I'll be late all the time..

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Start shopping and fill the walk in closet..At least my SO does that. make life interesting

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