My wife and i went out to a Christmas party tonight. It was sponsored by a local group that we are members.

I under dressed in thigh highs and garter belt, panties. I also wore a pair of my "stealth heels". In this case a pair of Madden Girl Klicck boots. They look like a western boot at first, but have a 3 1/2" block heel. The rest of the clothing was typical male lose fit dress pants and shirt. I never said anything to my wife about my clothing, not that it would matter, but I wanted her to figure it out by herself. We were sitting at the table and my wife reached over and rubbed my leg and noticed the clasp for the garters. She just looked over and gave me a knowing smile and grabbed the clasp through my pants and gave it a little snap. nothing else was said.

She looked awesome to night. A short, tight red mini skirt with a silver/gray sweater and a pair of knee high, stiletto heel, black leather boots. I happened to see her talking to a guy we both know and went over to visit with them. After a few minutes she walked away and I had to chuckle as he watched her walk away. Busted! I gave he some friendly crap, asking him what he was looking at and he realized what he was doing and stammered and apology. I laughed it off and told him to not worry about it as she does look good for 58 years old. (She is 5'2" and 100 pounds.) He looked at me with a surprised look and said, "She is 58?! she sure don't look it!" She gets accused of being 40 years old.

I am one lucky guy!