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Thread: Passing while driving

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    When I drive en femme it is always on neighborhood streets with a speed limit of 25 mph. I stay off freeways because I really do not want to change a flat tire in a dress with head lights hitting me. On city streets I can just pull over and change out of my dress and heels without attracting attention. I know I do not cheat on light changes while en femme. I do have a tendency in guy mode to cheat on the last few moments of that yellow light. I don't hold the steering wheel differently. I have learned to drive in a flat or at least a wedge heel so I do not catch the spike of a narrow heel in the carpet or what's left of it after sixteen years.

    I do get in and out of the car differently in femme mode. In guy mode I tend to stick my right foot in first and climb in. In femme mode I first sit on the seat, smoothing the dress over my butt, and then swivel my body into the driving position. Otherwise any dress with a large sweep will bunch up.

    I do agree with Kelli. I observe more distracted driving by females. The latest incident was a young woman applying mascara while driving. She could have poked her eye out. It is so obvious when someone is trying to text or fool with their phones. I see more guys changing lanes too often and otherwise driving aggressively.

    PS: I agree with Teresa. Usually the same people too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertacd View Post
    Sorry Honey, but your topic is kind of silly you really think GM's and GG's sit differently in a car?

    My observations are that GG's do tend to sit differently. As I wrote above;

    Anyway, as for the sitting position adopted by GG's, that's more to do with them generally being shorter and needing to be closer to the pedals. That moves the body closer to the steering wheel and so alters the position of the arms and hands.

    If I get in my wife's car the first thing I have to do is adjust the seat backwards as I'm a few inches taller than her and she was tall for her generation. More petite women, those not much over 5' sit much closer to the steering wheel and due to the need to see over the said wheel they tend to sit more upright. Simple ergonomics really.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ressie View Post
    I tend to text more while driving en femme and I can't parallel park worth a damn while wearing this blonde wig!

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    Texting while driving, really? It's been shown to be more dangerous than being over the drink drive limits, causing far more accidents. Please stop before you kill or injure someone.
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    I'm not a bad or aggressive driver in general, but when I drive fully dressed, I drive slowly and obey traffic laws more to the letter, because I don't want to get in an accident or pulled over for traffic violation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by junetv View Post
    So I assume that would be a simple "NO" from your point of view to my original question. BTW, your first response didn't offend me.
    1. No would be correct.
    2. OK I'm glad its never my intention to offend anyone.

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    June, dont worry, we are not all grumpy on here.
    Its a good question actually.
    I sit the same, but drive with 2 hands on the wheel and no music.
    No idea why, i do it automatically.
    I also get in and out differently.
    Yes, i drive in heels, although i didnt initially.

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    Hello June,

    Do not forget there is an ignore button as well as moderators, you can bring rude members to their attention. It won't stop you from seeing if someone else replies with their vile comments copied but it does ease the trash flow lol

    I drive the same in or out of womens clothes, I drive defensively. Honestly I don't see a difference in the idiocy I see on the road being more from one gender than another. Jerks are jerks, as you've seen here in this forum.

    The music I listen to is way more bouncy and sexy tho when I'm dolled up and I have more feminine hand gestures while driving en femme. Usually its cuz I'm happy to finally look the way I want lol

    Have a fantabulous day!!!!!
    Live, laugh, love!

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    Getting in an out differently is a function of wearing a skirt, especially tighter ones. The problem would have been compounded when suicide doors were more common, even before motorcars, getting out without flashing the footman necessitated keeping your knees and ankles together.

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    I don't drive but when I take a train or bus I act like a woman. I try and get a window seat cause that makes me feel most feminine. If it's dark outside I can see my reflection in the bus window, sort like a mirror. Looking in the mirror means I am very feminine.

    But men do sit on a bus and train different than a woman. The men spread their legs so it's difficult for others to sit next to them.
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    The only thing I have ever noticed that is different between men and woman. Is the way they turn the wheel. Woman tend to underhand grip the top of the wheel when making a turning. While men lay their palm on the rim, and rotate the wheel.

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    Sometimes men sit in a very different way that could be obvious. It may depend on your particular area. I would also think that some women might be more likely to give other drivers a break.

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    Being TG with double D?s I?ve had to start sitting closer to the steering wheel because my breast get in the way if my arms.

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    To every who has responded, thank you for your personal insights and observations.

    I guess driving aggressiveness is neither male or female (yes, I've encountered girl racers too). Changes in driving position can simply because of physical factors such as heels. Honestly as I observed drivers around me while driving back from work, it's hard to see if they were reclined more or not. I attribute that to the size of car doors on newer car being much larger than older cars as they try to protect the occupants more. We can all alter your body positions while driving, just like we sit, stand or walk differently to mask any masculine features we have.

    For the most part, we are hidden in our cars. Most people won't glance and blurt out "that's crossdresser in that car!" Life is far too busy for them to even notice the world around them at times, especially while driving. But I tend to analyze what I do or how I might improve my presentation in all factors, even the ones that may barely matter.
    To those who understood how I felt, thank you for reinforcing my feelings. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I do hope for a certain amount of compassion.

    I drive a lot. Passing while driving was one of those things that popped into mind and I thought it might be worthy of a little discussion.
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    Take it from someone who has driven professionally in a city for the last 7 years. There is no male or female driveing style. Both males and females drive good or like complete morons with no regard for anyone. Also there is no certain place a gender sits in regard to how close or far away they sit or how they hold the wheel. It is all about comfort to most people. If you are short you will be closer then a tall person.
    All that being said I do tend to adjust my seat differently when driveing enfemm because of the bra and forms. Also I will use the lower portion of the steering wheel more for the same reason.

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    Well said Jennifer... I drive exactly the same DRAG or DRAB.

    Except I do tend to check myself out in the mirror more often when wearing makeup.

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    I drive the same no matter how I'm presenting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen_Highwater View Post

    Texting while driving, really? It's been shown to be more dangerous than being over the drink drive limits, causing far more accidents. Please stop before you kill or injure someone.
    Just joking Helen . What I've found as a passenger of GG drivers is they don't sit any different than men do. But, the last two I rode with spent more time playing with their phones while driving (texting, talking, looking for music etc.).

    And yes, it is dangerous unless it can be done while keeping both eyes on the road - Talk to text, hey Siri, bluetooth, phone mounted, not in hand, etc.
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    I try to drive very carefully all the time. I realized some years ago that I?m not a very good driver and I have to take extra care to avoid problems. I still have an occasional near miss.

    The first few times I went out en femme I would pull up to a stop light and hope that the drivers around me were staring at my chest. The thought still gives me a warm feeling.

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    Like many of you, I've driven well over a million miles. There is one difference that I've often noted. Women tend to drive with their hands in the 10 and 2 positions, and one or the other when one handed (very tiring positions on long trips). Some men do the same but most seem to drive with their hands in the 4 and 8 positions. That's my style, with my left are on the door rest and my right on an armrest.

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