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Thread: Taking the plunge

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    After many years of living in the closet an the stress of isolation this past May I started consoling. I did some research over a few month using the internet and found someone who also worked with transgender or LGBT clients. I liked the therapist but my insurance wasn't covered after a few month I just couldn't afford her and she suggested one who would.

    I met with them a few time and it just wasn't a fit. I had been attending a few group meeting one in particular is put on by a hospital. I found my next therapist is way, so far I am very happy with her. In just a months I feel i have gained so much more understanding. I think my next step is to get out more and blend, to open up to a few people all taking small steps in each direction. I have been on hormones since May my labs are good, my body changes are good and I don't feel so much alone because I have someone to talk to.

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    So far I'd been in therapy for around 4 years. The first one was a family therapist. She helped me a lot to create strategies to work with wife but wasn't very knowledgeable with crossdressers and less with trans people.
    So like some issues still in my life after around a year with her, I ask my insurance for a gender therapist. Finally I got one that's trasgender as well, ftm and has been amazing, to the point that he let me keep by my own and whenever I need he's there for me. He was fundamental for start on HRT and start living full time as me. The other day he told me that he used my case in a class in the university as an example of later transition and the results about being positive. He has a PhD on psychology.
    For me, is very important, when we're talking about transition and not mere crossdressing that the therapist have real experience or education on trans.
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    Please, for your sake, consult a professional to talk to, don't wait.

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    It's a little odd, as a Brit, to read all this input about insurance. Makes me appreciate the good old NHS. Counselling is all part of the service. Though it may take longer to find the right councillor.

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    After thinking about it again and talking to my wife about me I wonder if I have expected too much of myself for a better part of my life. I have always expected to do everything right the 1st time even though I have never done it before in many cases. Thus when I do try something and I fail it really upsets me a lot. On the other hand I don't try to do a lot of things due to fear I will once again fail and by not trying I also avoid being frustrated and upset. Thanks for listening to me ramble.


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    Hello Andy,

    That sounds like something a duly qualified and licensed mental health care practitioner can help with. The way it works where I live is your primary care physician refers you to an appropriate practitioner.

    A competent practitioner will not judge you. If that happens, it's time to ask for another referral. They are unable to help you once a judgement has been imposed upon you.

    Please get on this without delay. It's difficult for us to read between the lines, but for someone like me who's been there, you are in danger of falling into the rabbit hole of depression. It gets more difficult as time goes on without treatment.

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    Well I submitted my form for counseling. There is a long wait; but I finally did do it. Ever since I made the decision to seek counseling I feel much more at ease. I went out yesterday and there were no butterflies, fear, etc. I shopped in a super busy mall, visited Sephora (that is a must), and replenished some of my stock. Letting go of many of the inner tensions is such a relief. I'm anxious to see how therapy works for me. But whatever happens I have finally made peace with a side that I tried to suppress for so long.

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