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Thread: Counselling and Support

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    Counselling and Support

    Good evening ladies.

    I'm nearly and I'm still getting urges to transition non stop and feel trapped, I'm not even cross dressing at the minute and I'm acting butch again.

    I feel I may need to go to counselling to get a start with my feelings.

    I am based in Wigan in the North West, is there any counselling services you can recommend please?

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    Wow, you really came in there with a sledge hammer there brook. Thinking of counseling is a good plan if you are stuck on where to turn. Who to pick I think comes down to you. So first, welcome to the forum. Read around for similar threads and thoughts. There is a wealth of knowledge good and bad to be found here.

    Where to turn, I would google or search psychology today and look for therapists strong in gender issues. If married or in a relationship experience with those issues may help as well.

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    Brooks, I guess is your name, I'm from california and there are all around planned parenthood places and I understand they have therapy services.
    Welcome to this world. Here in this website you can probably find ladies with similar needs as you and may be they resolve it.
    There is a section Places to go, places to meet, where you can post a local request for friendship and recommended places to go...may be there is what you're looking for...

    Wish you the best,

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    Thanks for your help both of you. X

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    Wigan is not from Liverpool or Manchester, is it not? Surely those two urban centers will have something to offer.
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    Not much to go on but from what you have said perhaps make a start with chatting the situation over with your GP , it may not be much but I owe so much to the referrals I had through him .

    Also a search online will bring up suitable counsellors , my budget was tight so I had to go the NHS route but I have no complaints .
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    how about speaking on phone with one of us uk girls?
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