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Thread: Feeling from the past.

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    Feeling from the past.

    I went to put on a nighty to get comfortable, my wife was cleaning up her things in our room. I put on a half bra and breast forms a pink nighty and a silk overcoat, it was a little cold tonight so I put on black tights. I rolled over on the bed and she was talking to me about her day, when I rolled over on my stomach my tights got this hot feeling rubbing against the comforter. POW! I get this flash from the past, it brought me back 40 years when I used to read comics laying on the bed. This time instead of laying there with ears wide open trying to listen if someone comes home, I now look up and my wife is there beside me and I'm really allowed to be like this, no hiding. I guess I really do take the little things for granite and really don't realize how far I've come. Ever get that feeling?Thanks had to share.
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    It is easy to get so accustomed to the way things are to start taking it all for granted. You are a very lucky girl to have a wife that allows that. I am sure I don't need to point out that the majority of us do not have that or if we do it is highly restricted and regulated by our mate. Your description was good; I easily imagined the scene and had to smile at your success.

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    I definitely know the feeling. I wear leggings around the house all the time. My wife is understanding. She does ask me to be circumspect when I leave the house dressed so the neighbors don't see me. We often joke about my dressing and she has picked out clothes and cosmetics for me. She is very open minded; and I also think telling her on our second date was a wise idea. It gave her some level of confidence that I was being upfront with her from the beginning.

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    Maria, I remember the feeling well, being afraid of being caught in my moms or sisters clothes. Having a plan on how I was going to get out of their clothes into mine if I heard a car in the driveway. Now I have an accepting wife and go out on occasion and don't have to suffer that feeling.
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    Far and away the biggest issue for my crossdressing is how it affects my marriage. My wife and I have made huge advances (I?m so lucky!) and It is such a relief. Hope the best for other CDers who don?t have spouse support.

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    I'm not quite comfortable dressing when my wife is around. She knows I dress so I've nothing to hide.

    I do remember as a young teen always afraid of being caught by either my mother, grandmother or aunts. I also remember being caught and getting yelled at. I'm glad those days are behind me.
    - Robin

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    What a contrast between those years of hiding and your present openness and the loving support you receive from your wife! As she observed some days ago, now is the time to freely enjoy yourself, as the time quickly passes and you never know how many days are left.

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    Yep, yesterday when my wife grabbed my butt after I got out of the shower and told me she liked the panties I was putting on. It was but a few years ago I remember lying in bed, her asleep, thinking she would never accept this part of me on any level.
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    My wife and I had some time together the other evening. We both dressed and in the "process" much of the clothing get removed. I remember us cuddling in the after glow and thinking how crazy it was. We were both laying there in garter belts, stockings and high heels. A few years back we were having discussions about my dressing, whether I was going to stop or would she at least accept it and do DADT. Today it has added some "kink" to our relations.

    Some evenings while dressed I just have to sit in awe that I can get fully dressed, right down to fake boobs and all the trappings and not worry about my wife freaking out. She goes to bed before many nights so I get an hour or two for myself. Once in a while she pops in on me for a good night kiss and gives me some light teasing about needing to dress for just an hour or so.

    A week or two ago she came down after I thought she was in bed and I was fully dressed, sitting there painting my nails. She had to chuckle about so much effort for such a short time. I told her I enjoy the preparation as much as much as being dressed.

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    I am 65yo, still single, and have not met a woman around my age, who is ok, with men crossdressing.. You who have wives who are ok with it, are so fortunate!

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