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Thread: 2 gifts 3 ruined pantyhose

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    2 gifts 3 ruined pantyhose

    My wife came home from a store liquidation sale and she bought me a pair of shoes and a cosmetic diamond ring wedding band set. She wanted to take a picture with Maria with the Christmas tree, I got dressed and I was putting on the new shoes. They are a open toe with a gold ankle band with a zipper behind the heel. I was putting my foot into the gold ankle part trying to slide my foot in and my pantyhose snagged on the zipper. S&*t , I put on another pair and being so careful I put one foot in and then the other one, snag again. Now I'm getting upset and starting to tell my wife that this isn't a good idea. Three is a charm is what they say so I finally put the shoes on very carefully complaining that the person who invented theses shoes must have stocks in a pantyhose company. Set up the camera I walk over to pose with my wife and my dress rode up alittle and just before the timer is going to take the picture I go to pull the dress down and snag, my new ring snagged in the pantyhose and let's just say not a very nice picture. My wife turned to me and told me I have a lot of work to be a women and if I don't get used to fem fashion cautions I'm going to be buying a lot of pantyhose. Just sharing so you you could all spare yourself pantyhose.

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    Maria, I love it, what a great story! You have an absolutely wonderful wife and I am so happy for you. As for the heels, maybe consider dumping them.

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    Typical guy attitude Maria.
    Remove rings and bracelets before putting on hose.
    If the shoes snag the first pair of hose look at the shoes and fix the problem before trying again.
    I can't tell you how many shoes I have had to file the buckles on the straps or clip off long ends of the stitching that snags hose.

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    Maria, so sorry for the snags in your hose. Look at the positive side, your wife is supportive....
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I have a number of hi heels like that, Maria. But, have never had your issues.

    As I recall, they all have liners just inside the zippers that protect my hose from them.
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Yep, your SO is right, learning all those little practical skills, ones that GG's gather over a lifetime, is a steep learning curve.

    Things like, not poking yourself in the eye the first time you wear false nails. Hose however has to be one of the quickest we need to master. Once you've got them on that's just the start. Making sure you don't ladder them going to the ladies, or catch them with a heel crossing your legs. Rings and bracelets, nightmare!

    It's lovely that your wife thought of you. Don't whatever you do look that gift horse in the mouth!

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    Hi Maria , Merry Christmas, No one ever said that being a lady was going to be EASY. >Orchid .oOOo.
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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    A day in the life of a cross dresser, have to learn those fem fashion cautions. Love It!

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    Rings are dangerous things and I know that song well. Never had a pair of heels with zippers like that but I can surely understand how they can be dangerous to nylons. The only time that happened to me was putting on my knee high boots and luckily it was low on the leg so the boots hid the run.

    So nice your wife was thinking of you with those gifts. Hope this doesn't happen anymore, it gets expensive replacing all those hose.

    Merry Christmas, hope the pictures came out nice.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    Reminds me of the saying "no good deed goes unpunished".

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    Lol, your wife is of course right. Its a bummer to waste three pair of stockings, but what a wonderful gift and amazing suggestion by your wife. Clearly, your wife is on board and is doing what she can to encourage you to fully embrace and incorporate Maria as a part of your life together. That is the greatest gift of all.
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    Some say that bad luck runs in threes. Three pairs of pantyhose and three runs, bummer. I hate it when a new pair of stockings, or pantyhose gets a run in them with the first wearing. It kind of makes one wonder if those super expensive run proof nylons are worth it.
    I like myself, regardless of the packaging that I may come in! It's what is on the inside of the package that counts!

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    I've had a similar experience with women's boots that had a back zipper. Typically, the problem occurs just as one is about to slide one's heel into place in the shoes or boots, and where it is then apt to make contact with the somewhat rough end of the zipper.

    The solution I have come up with is to use a shoe horn to keep the panty-hosed heel away from the evil (!) zipper until it is properly seated in place. Works great for me...

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    Live and learn..I did. Sometimes my nails would snag. Now, most of the time, I wear thin gloves. No problems.

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    Maria, I am always extremely careful when donning pantyhose, shoes, etc. to make sure that I don't rip my hose. I also trim and file my fingernails and toenails. Plus, I put on my hose BEFORE I put on any jewelry to ensure that the jewelry doesn't snag on my hose. There was one time a long time ago, I put on a pair of L'eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose and as I was pulling them up to my waist, my thumbnail when right through them! Then, I took a second pair, put them on and BOOM, the same thing happened! Needless to say, I was TICKED! So, I can definitely relate there. LOL.... Also, if I may make a suggestion for you to try Sheertex pantyhose. I own several pairs myself, I'm actually wearing a pair of Sheertex right now as I type this. They are 100% indestructible, they won't snag on zippers, jewelry, etc. and while they are pricey, ($59-$99/pair), the price is totally worth it. Just Google Sheertex or go to and check them out. Of course, you can browse their website without paying a dime. Also, their customer service is second-to-none, VERY excellent and if you ever order Sheertex pantyhose and have a problem with them, they will send you a replacement pair for free..... They did that for me. LOL They also ship really fast.
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    Thought maybe you would share the pictures with us.

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    You are exactly right, Maria.
    Last night at support group Grand Rapids, my zipper in my coat snagged my pantyhose. Not a total disaster--as my hose were already on their way out--had run from last week.

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