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Thread: Wife asked me to dress and go out

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    In my opinion, winter is a good time to go out dressed as a woman, especially if you're just getting started. For most of us, the more skin we can cover, the better. It saves shaving legs arms, back, etc. Pantyhose or tights cover the legs, long sleeves cover the arms, etc. Few of us can pull off a summer sun dress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaiden View Post
    After years of taking baby steps, and a few missteps, I asked my wife to let me open,y discuss CD with her. She agreed and was supportive- huge relief. Then two days ago she suggested we go somewhere no one knows (she suggested Montreal Canada) and have me dress and go out with her.

    Wow, I?m in shock. I?ve never gone out in a dress, though I?d like to.. I don?t know how I?d want to dress, though thinking of Man in a Dress without make up or wig. Trying to think it all through, but love she is on board with it all.
    Lucky you, I wish my wife can be more supportive.

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    If and when I go out en femme will depend on what I learn about myself in therapy (starts in 10 days), my wife's reaction when I have talk #2 and her support. Absent those things coming together in a favorable way my storage options, shopping successes and simply having a big enough wardrobe and nice enough with to even consider it won't be happening. My desire to go out has an asterisk that requires that I blend in enough so I don't get my butt kicked and handed back in a basket. I'm not afraid of laughing and pointing but clueless red necks are my clear and present danger in this one feed mill town.

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