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Thread: Success - My day for Tabitha-time

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    Success - My day for Tabitha-time

    As I mentioned in my previous thread, I took a day for me to spend some time as my authentic femme self. Here is a quick rundown of my day.

    After checking into a room at a hotel in the city, things didn't begin so well. When I entered the room assigned, I found that it was already occupied. I am just glad that the occupant wasn't in the room at the time but it was a scary thought that I could have unexpectedly entered their room with a bad outcome. Then, after going back to the lobby and getting a new unoccupied room, my room key wouldn't work, so they let me in the room and said that they would get the system reset where it would work. Two strikes, but I was not to be deterred.

    Now that I was in my room, I went about getting ready for my day. I got dressed in my appropriate under things and then proceeded to do my face and adorn myself with my hair. It was unbelievably nice to get to relax and start seeing my female identity appear.

    Afterward, I of course had to try on several outfits until I found something satisfactory to venture out for retail therapy. Since it was to be a casual shopping trip / day and because o e of the things I needed to find was some booties, I decided on jeans, a nice top, and tennis shoes (female of course).

    Once I was dressed, I tried my room key in wanting to avoid having to go to the lobby desk, again, after shopping. Unfortunately, the key still wasn't working. Because I was fearful about my presentation and didn't want to interact with the hotel staff in Tabitha mode, I called the lobby to see if they had reset it yet. They, of course hadn't and said that they would now have to send maintenance to check on it. This made me very nervous, but I steeled myself for a possible face to face encounter. When the maintenance guy arrived, he of course, needed me to answer the door and let him check out my key and the locking mechanism. The encounter with him went very well. He did not even blink an eye and treated me as I suppose he would any lady. He verified that his key/card would work the lock and then let me know that I would have to go to the lobby for a replacement. Since the interaction with him went so well, my confidence was boosted and I headed to the lobby.

    When I interfaced with the person at the desk, she appeared not to recognize me at all from our previous interactions. As a matter of fact she seemed a bit confused and had to look closely at me. I don't know of I would say that I passed as female, but she gave no indication otherwise. She gave me new keys and I went back to the room to verify the key and get my purse and other items I needed for shopping.

    Full of new found confidence, I headed to the mall and got my therapy. I found and purchased some really cute booties. In addition, I went looking for some earrings, but didn't find any. All personal contact at the mall went very well and I didn't notice any odd looks or anything. Maybe I looked better than I thought that I did. After the mall, I went back to the hotel and changed into something a bit more dressy with my new booties. I then ventured back out to find the other items that I wanted (some new workout tops). Again, nobody at the store seemed to pay any undue attention to me. Even while waiting in the checkout line nd checking out (the stores are busy this time of year), I seemed to fit in like any other female customer.

    Even though the day started off questionable, it turned out to be a great day and certainly a confidence boost. Now I can't wait to go again.
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    Wow, Tabitha!...what a baptism of fire , but it seems that you came out of it stronger than ever at the other end . As a famous philosopher once said "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger", and you certainly proved his point. Clearly Murphy (of Murphy's Law fame) is also alive and well in your neck of the woods - LOL!

    Good to hear that this unsettling key card episode didn't spoil either your mood or your day, and that you still had the empowering "girl day" that you had anticipated so highly. I had a similar experience to yours some years back, but fortunately I was in "boy mode" throughout, so it was more of a pain in the @ss than a frightening experience for me.

    I did learn one thing from that occurrence, though, so here's a "head's up" for future consideration: be careful to keep those hotel key cards far away from your mobile phone as their Wi-Fi and data transmissions/electromagnetic signal emissions are said to have a nasty habit of being able to de-magnetize those cards under certain conditions.

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    Amen to the info about the cell phones in your purse. I must have have made four trips to the front desk over the last two days in both guy and girl mode to fix my key cards. When they look it up they really only need the last name used for the room reservation, then they reactivate your cards. I have never been asked for a physical ID, after all it’s locked in my room.

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    Although the initial thought of the one on one interactions at the hotel made me nervous, I am thankful for them. They turned out well and gave me a huge confidence boost. The people were so nice to me, too.

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    After everything the staff put you through with their screw ups I would hope they would be nice to you. But your view that all of that gave you a confidence boost is a wonderful positive view of it all. Learning to deal with problems no matter what your presentation is a healthy experience and provides a lot of "fertilizer" to help you grow as a CD/TG person and implement the confidence needed to go anywhere and do anything as a she rather than a he. Count it as a blessing.

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    You look great! Keep going out girl, you have nothing to worry about and it gets easier every time.

    Why worry about hotel staff anyway? You are never going to see them again after your stay, so who cares what they think?.

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    I agree with Roberta.
    You look fabulous as well.
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    Wonderful story, wonderful look! Thank you for sharing both.

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    Hi Tabatha , It sounds like you had a great time, And you look lovely. >Orchid .oooo.
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

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    Tabitha, despite the key card issue, sounds like a great day. Love your picture.
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