So Xmas eve my kid wanted me to open one of my presents early, at the time I was not sure why seeing as we don't normally do that. I was presented with a very small box with about 8 miles of tape securing the wrapping paper. As I started to peel off the wrapping I could see a small box with a red end and as I peeled away further there was a logo, M∙A∙C.

Seems my kid had heard me talk many times about going to the M∙A∙C store and decided that's where they wanted to get my main gift this year. Being the brave soul's they are, my wife and kid managed to get themselves to the mall on the last Friday before Xmas and fight the crowds and make it to M∙A∙C. I have never been in there but everything is under lock and key so you have to ask for the product.

They spent some time looking at lipsticks and decided on a very nice red color called Brave Red and got it for me.

As I was still fawning over the fact that I just received a lipstick that I wanted my kid wanted me to know that they do accept and love me no matter what. I don't care what it will look like (although I am sure it will be great) because this has to be one of the most thoughtful presents I have ever recieved.