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Thread: Thinking about accptance and passing

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    I'm only speaking for myself.

    I don't think you can really take someone's personality out of it.

    It's pretty much impossible to tell what people are thinking unless they tell you.

    The premise I believe is whether a MIAD has a harder time than someone who wants to be the other gender.

    I found early on that people are more likely to understand TS more than CD. I haven't tried to figure out why, I have just accepted it.

    I have met and talked to a lot of people when I was first looking for answers a few years ago. It is part of why I became so popular. I would talk to anyone and did, now most of the time when I'm out in a social setting I'm with friends (GGs).

    I have also met and talked to a couple of MIADs. One came up to me when I was having dinner at an outdoor cafe. The ma^tre d came rushing over to save me. I took it, as he was just doing his job. I told everyone it was ok. The MAID who was only wearing a skirt and his traveling companion sat down and joined me. The other one also only wearing a skirt I met in Vegas at the center.

    OK think of it this way, if I have a hard time understanding why someone would want to be a MAID, how do you expect the general public too? I am not saying that being a MAID is wrong or anything other than it is not me. I do understand how they feel.

    I'm sorry but all I have to back up how I feel are my personal experiences.

    I do not have a problem with you dressing anyway you want, and you don't make me uncomfortable.

    I have found that just because people don't understand you doesn't mean they will not give you the respect you deserve, as most people don't want conflict.
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    On the subject of passing, my female friend told me and I quote " if you decide to go out dressed , at least dress accordingly and you probably not get negative remarks from other female "

    I do not want to go out, just an in house dresser and am satisfied. If I would go out, I would dress accordingly.
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    Girls, thank you very much for all your opinions.

    My opinion about my post is: it easier to be accepted for those who can pass. A person like me (the Shrek in a dress) would have a really hard time to be accepted.

    And that have nothing to do with my own acceptance, it is about people around me.



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    The question is not where, but when.
    The closer one can resemble a woman, the easier it is for one to be accepted as such, which means less problems overall. Those of us who pass don't need to worry about blending.

    As far as the rest of us (also most of us, since the majority of us don't pass), You better be darn near indispensable at work if you want to keep your job and as far as going out in public, well you have to pick your moments.

    Just looked at your profile pic. You don't look like an ogre from behind...
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