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Thread: Question for people who are not "out" to friends and family

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    None on this site as of yet , mainly to do with body issues im still dealing with and even then mainly waist down leg shots so nothing incriminating, funnily enough these are the only pictures I have ever taken of my self dressed up or not .So I'm using it as body positivity therapy even had some compliments on my legs too .

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    At that time I'm sure the SA thought it was an overreaction , OK I wasn't quite ready for being exposed in that way , now it wouldn't bother me .
    The real me ,no going back.

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    Hi all, thanks for all the input. I guess it is too late now. I just posted some pics of me. Take a look in the pictures section. Maybe I'm Crazy....Maybe I'm Crazy.....


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    I've posted pics on this site and all sorts of other sites too over the last 10+ years. Nobody has even attempted to guess my secret identity. In makeup and a wig, I don't even recognize myself. A key factor is that I make sure there is nothing identifiable in the background. All the backgrounds in anything I post is either a solid color sheet or heavily blurred out in Photoshop.
    "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think." - The Buddha

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    I don't post pictures anywhere.

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    As pointed out in another thread all visitors to this site can see are the avatars. They have to become members to see our full size pictures. Everyone in my family does 99.9% of their web searches on their phones so it's a stretch they would recognize my avatar when it's smaller than a postage stamp and if they become a member then I have a new confident.

    My wife insisted on DADT so if she wants to expand on that agreement all she has to do is ask. Why would she come here and sneak around looking for evidence when she can simply ask me anything she wants? As far as anyone else my kids would never come here. Some of their kids are at the age where they're identifying as gender fluid and coming out as bi so they've got other things on their mind besides me who they consider their "old clueless and out of touch" dad. To put it another way, what's my lesbian daughter going to say if she finds out her dad likes to dress like a woman sometimes?

    No worries on the photos and I think a lot of the fears are due to a lack of computer and internet knowledge or in some cases thinking we are a bigger deal in the eyes of others than we really are. We're just a blip on the radar screen of the internet and these days with all the stuff going on most people have bigger concerns than us.

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    Let me relate this to you all....

    There used to be a local gay bar (just out of town) that also featured drag show on weekends . It was actually on my way home and a bartender was once my gay neighbor who used to live down the street from me. I was actually good friends with his straight brother who knew nothing about my CDing

    He explained that anyone who came there will not say anything about you as everyone there is also gay or a CD.....and they do not want anything said about them either.
    Even if someone did, they would have to first explain just WTF they were doing in a gay bar to begin with.

    The same can apply to this site.
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    Nope, with the single exception of my Oktoberfest photo from about two years ago. It would be difficult to identify me from that photo...face cropped out and wearing an outfit that I wear but once a year far from home. And no one really cares.

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