Sorry for the length, but to me it is an incredible story.

I have had a subtle curiosity about crossdressing since I was a kid. I have dressed at home by myself with stuff garnered from yard sales. My wife and I have even played around with it a few times and had a fun. But it has never been discussed openly and about it going any farther. Until last week.

We attend a regular kink party where some of the guys dress up. Everyone thinks it is great. So, I told my wife I wanted to give it a try. We discussed that it might be a one time thing or turn into more. At least it is a place where I am sure to find absolute acceptance.

Money is not abundant for us, so I had been looking into Ali Express and found a dress and other items we could afford. She seemed positive about it all and said she loved the dress I had picked. One of her first statements was that she had just bought an inexpensive bra at Walmart and we could get one for me as well. It took a lot of searching to find the size I needed and the only one there was double what she had expected, but she had no complaints. While walking through the ladies department, she saw a sale on panties and picked out some nice maroon ones that would go with my dress. I bought some birdseed to use in making some breast inserts. I told her I would need some of her old thigh highs. We went to the cosmetic department looking for fingernails which we found behind locked glass. A lady asked if we needed help and my wife said we were interested in some nails. Then she asked me which one I would want since we were buying for me. I almost melted through the floor. She then told the lady it was for a costume party. I don?t think she bought it, but was very nice and willing to help, though she did not have the key. Still not sure if it was a slip of the tongue or a deliberate action, but it was great.

When we left Walmart, we saw a thrift store and went to see if they had a dress. The only one big enough was a bit hideous, but it could be something to try until my order came in. Ali Express takes about a month to ship.

That afternoon, I stopped by a dollar store and saw some nails like the ones at Walmart. I picked them up and put them with the rest of my stuff. My wife went to another dollar store and came home with thigh highs, panty hose and false eyelashes. She found a pair of clip on earrings in her drawer that would work. Yesterday, she went back and bought foundation, mascara and lipstick in two colors. Just about everything I needed. She is going to help me with the makeup.

That night I thanked her for her understanding of my desire. She responded that she was accepting, but did not understand. Fair enough for now, because I do not understand either.

Now, if the Ali Express stuff gets here in time for this month?s party, I will have all of the above plus 3? black pumps, opaque thigh highs in nude and sheer in black, long black curly wig, padded body shaper and a stick on silicone bra for creating cleavage. At the last moment, I remembered a comment she had made and asked if she wanted a matching dress. She clapped and said, ?YES, we can go together.? In all, we will have less than $75 invested in the evening. And we will still have most of it for use later. She can wear her dress whenever she wants.

I know this is nothing new to many of you and I hope it comes across right. I am not boasting, but glorying. I feel like I have won the lottery several times over. All of her support and a chance to dress and go out for the evening. Can?t wait to see what happens.