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    Doctor Doctor

    Its been a busy couple of weeks, first I switch edo's with another in my current doctors office. I fretted doing this and after discussing it with my therapist made the call. I don't know why it made me full of anxiety I researched the other doctor and I believe its a better match. I wont see her until June of this year after I do the next blood test.

    I met with my primary doctor, other than the letter he received from my original therapist now on my third, he didn't know anything about what I am going through. He has never had a transsexual patient or seen one in the practice. He doesn't have a problem treating me, I guess for me i need to decide if going to a practice familiar with gender would be better.

    I also confided in my Electrolysis office about me too. I talked with sister she is my emergency contract. She suspect something years ago as she found a profile in FB for me. She has confided to me about her own gender anxiety having wanted to be a boy/man. I though it was because she had three brother but its deeper than that.

    No one has given any negative feed back, taking small steps letting this out.

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    It is not easy to live as a trans but at the same time, I think having a sibling who goes through the same thing, albeit in opposite direction, is a unique bonding experience in my opinion. I kinds of wish my brother was transgender too.

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    Speaking of doctors, this year I begin running the gamut of gatekeepers.

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    Lisa Lee,

    So far I've had nothing but professionalism from the medical community, even when they were confused by what I'm going through. Only one has been obviously confused, but once we begin to focus on his specialty he seems to be comfortable once again. I'm finding the more open I am the better they are. I haven't been to any of them, other than the endo, as Sarah yet, but I'm looking forward to that beginning sometime later this year.


    Until just last week I've had a path that has been remarkably free of gatekeepers. I'm investigating FFS through the University Transgender Health program and they want formal letters before surgeries. I can go in for the consultation before the letters are in, but beyond that I will need to show I'm mostly sane I guess. My primary mental health provider will write one and the second (WPATH recommendation) must be from a PhD. He has a couple of folks in mind and I'll follow his lead. I've no doubt the endo handling my hormone therapy will be willing to write a third letter should I decide I want any surgeries beyond (or is it below) the FFS.

    I guess eventually I'll run into the gatekeepers on the insurance side of things, but so far that has been surprisingly fairly smooth under Medicare.
    Being transgender isn't a lifestyle choice. How you deal with it is.

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    Hi, sister Sarah!
    The BEST of luck in your journey for FFS.

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