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Thread: 2020 coming in strong.

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    2020 coming in strong.

    Last week I went on my Friday drive and when I got back my wife pointed out I left my glasses on the kitchen table and I shouldn't be driving without them. Guilty as charged I explained they are unisex but not to femine but that's no excuse. She recommended to me to go to our ophthalmologist and make up some BS story about my mother doesn't want to spend money on glasses and that I always give her mine and I want to surprise her with a pair of glasses, or she is so down to earth layed back girl that I can just tell her the truth that there for me.
    Yesterday the weather wasn't cooperating and we cut out early from work, I decided to go and get some fem glasses because I do enjoy my Friday drives, I just had to decide plan "A" my mother excuse or plan "B"just tell her the truth. I walked in and it was quit and when she seen me she instantly came up to me and asked about the holidays and again thanked me for the Christmas gift we gave her a few weeks ago. She asked me how she can help me and if something was wrong with my glasses, I asked her if I could talk to her somewhere in private. She said of course we can go in her office, well I knew in retail it's all about sells but her office was so small I think it was a closet. In those close quarters after she asked me what it is she can help me with I decided to take the plunge and I said " I'm interested in a pair of femine frame glasses with my prescription , before I had a chance to finish she got up and made a stop signal with her hand and said "say no more, sunglasses or regular. I said regular, she walked out and said I'll be back, I was still in either plan situation, she really didn't ask. She came back with my folder and a box, she started going threw the box pulling out cases, Tiffany, Prada, Coach, I asked her what she was doing I can't afford those. She said these are the glasses that people order and leave deposits and there insurance doesn't pay out and they don't come back and some are returns with little scratches on them and that she can give me a good deal on or if I don't like any she will get some from the racks. She found the ones that had my prescription and there was only 3, I tried on the first but then I opened the Tiffany case, they were black with light blue on the inside and the arms had a gold plate with Tiffany engraved. Wow I put them on and instantly fell in love, they felt great, I turned to her and asked the question how much. She looked at the sheet and said they were $600. and the person left $100. deposit so that's $500. She said how does &250.00 sound, I said how about $200. and she said SOLD, she put them in a bag and asked me not to tell anyone about this because they usally don't do this but because we are regular and loyal customers she made an exception. I got home and couldn't believe what I just did and then watched my wife's eye balls come out of her sockets when she seen the glasses, jealousy isn't the word.
    I was so proud of myself even though I didn't really tell the truth and I seemed like she didn't want to know anyway, I thanked my wife for the encouragement.
    Well it didn't end there, today my wife had to work and I was running low on cover up I buy at a crossdressing store in our downtown core. Well the cover up is an excuse to dress and walk outside, today instead of parking in front of the store, I decided to push the limits and park a few blocks away and walk. I got out of the car and held my head high and walked by people and I didn't care if they looked at me or not. The owner of the store is an amazing person with such a great always happy attude, I enjoy the short time I spend there. It started raining and the owner walked me to my car with an umbrella and we were jibbering away like two women not caring who was walking past me. I'm sitting her now in kind of a disbelief what has transpired in the last 24hrs and I can only share it with my wife and all of you here. Thanks for listening and hope this is what's to come in 2020
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    ...and I won’t tell anyone either. Nice way to start the year.

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    Very nice start to the year indeed.

    In my social circle, I have noticed an uptick in colorful frames for men. Not necessarily the style, but definitely the color. Similarly with socks.

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    Maria, Great start to the year and I have a good feeling things will be getting even better!

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    Sounds like a great start to 2020

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    Uh oh, I sense another genie ought of it's bottle.

    A lovely story and a great way to start not just a new year but a new decade. More to come I think.

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    Happy New Year what a great story enjoy those glasses. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Maria, You promised not tell anyone. Breaking your word is not the way to start 2020. . Congrats on the new glasses.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    How nice with the glasses! I did the same thing and bought a pair of feminine glasses. Happy new year!

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    Good for you, Maria. I think you and your wife have a lot to look forward to in 2020!

    Easy come, easy go;
    Easy left me long ago...

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    Great score, Maria! Glad it worked out for you! Happy 2020!

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