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Thread: Sudden urge to dress.

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    Kendra an ohio crossdress kendracd's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    Toledo Ohio
    I have the urge to dress all the time now, I only dress in boy clothes for work, ha I even sleep in a nightgown

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    Silver Member Leslie Mary S's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Madison AL
    I like to go to bed In a tight suit, with gloves, footie, and mask made of home grown Human leather. (I sleep in the raw most of the time.) grin
    Leslie Mary Shy
    A Southern Belle Hippo in a Tutu. If you see a man in female clothes, he might be happy, but it does not mean he is gay.

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    Gold Member Maria in heels's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    NY & PA

    I think that we all get into that situation and sometimes it's just ok and other times you just can't wait as the feeling rushes over you like a wave!
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    Member JennasPanties's Avatar
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    Apr 2020
    New York City
    The quarantine has allowed me to indulge those urges so much more! Going to be tough to go back, In that respect anyway

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    Apr 2020
    Valparaiso, Indiana
    I have found that when it's sudden, it might be triggered by a stress event. Final exams come to mind. Other times, it's more like a rising tide. I used to tell myself the story that it's just panties. I'm not really crossdressing (again). Later, it's just pantyhose and a slip in the bed. I'm not really... But I know that in a week or so, I will remember how much sexier pantyhose feel over shaved legs. Then the dam bursts. I actually prefer the slow onset. It's like a tormenting; a self seduction that I am powerless to resist. When I finally surrender to the urge, the torment makes the bliss so much more intense. I love this life.

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    Mar 2020
    Portland, Oregon
    My sudden urges sometimes are tamed by a wig and lipstick. Of course, only when I'm not venturing out of my apt. If that doesn't work, then maybe I add soft panties and heals. If that still does not work, then a little eye liner and mascara. Not effective still, well maybe Tina needs to get dressed pretty and go out.

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