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Thread: When the fog rolls in....

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    When the fog rolls in....

    I haven't been able to dress much the past month or more except occasional bra and forms under my drab clothes while home alone. I have been feeling the urge much more the past few days. My wife was working both Sat and Sun during the afternoons so I had my bra and forms on.
    I know that usually when my wife and I are intimate together the desire will diminish to a low level.
    This past weekend though the desire was strong. The wife and I had some intimate time Sunday night, I thought that would "hold off" the fog.
    However, Monday morning I woke up and the fog was still there. My wife and I both have jobs that allow us to work from home from time to time. Monday morning she said she needed to leave a little early. I decided to work from home for a while after she left, knowing I would take some time to get dressed.
    So, I wanted more that just a bra and forms and decided to put on a dress and heels. Well, this means I need to put the right padding on, so I put on my Veronica, then panty hose and heels.
    Since my hair is long I decided I needed to fix my hair....then I needed some lipstick...then mascara and eye thing I know I'm thinking "I think I'll go for a short drive..."
    When it was all said and done, I was fully dressed and made up, hair fixed and ready to go. I decided to drive to a usual destination about 30 miles away and go the Starbucks. I get to the town and needed cash so I stop at the bank and use the inside ATM. Then I decided I needed some new lipstick, so its off to Macy's to go to the MAC counter. Very sweet young SA at MAC, very helpful. I bought some lipstick and some gloss.
    Well, you can't go to Macy's and not shop for clothes. So, I began looking around and found a dress on clearance and tried it on and decided to buy it. Went to a check out, another really sweet young SA, very nice and helpful. I asked her to remove the tag and I changed into the new dress for the rest of my outing.
    Then it was off to Starbucks. Again, a very sweet Barista, we chatted just a bit. I sat down for a while and enjoyed my coffee. Leaving Starbucks, I wasn't ready to go home so I went to another store and window shopped for a while.
    Arriving home I remained dressed a little longer then decided to put Molly away for the day.
    It was a really nice day out. No negatives and bad looks.
    One of the reasons I had decided to go out was because I wanted to stay dressed for a while but did not want to take a chance on her coming home.
    As it turned out that evening she told me she had left her briefcase home and was going to come home at lunch and get it but changed her mind. I was glad I had decided to go out and wasn't home!
    Sometimes the Fog just takes over!

    Photos of today:
    In my truck: 49381695312_0252326c21_q.jpg
    What I was wearing when I left: 49383687252_c15a3cc2c5_w.jpg
    The new dress I bought: 49383502496_a67810f92e_w.jpg

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    What a lovely outing. When the planets and stars align it's just wonderful. Nice outfits BTW.

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    Molly, Roll with the Fog. Intimacy seems to have the reverse effect on me. The more I have, the more I wish to dress.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Hmm, I live about thirty miles from you and there is a Macy's across the highway from me. Just sayin'.

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    I know the feeling wish I could go out more.

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    You look lovely. I love days like that and it looks like you had a great time.

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    What a perfect spontaneous day.

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    Glad you had such a great day! Treasure it and hold onto those memories!

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    Great and familiar story. Great pictures,too. Your last sentence, minus the word ?sometimes?, says it all for me. I stopped fighting it long ago. My ?fog? is always progressive. The instant I put something on, I know it will initiate more, so I don?t waste time and continue dressing. Several times, I?ve ?tested? the fog....lost every complaints, mind you.

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