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Thread: More than you'll ever know

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    I don't shave. I get them professionally waxed every six weeks. Mainly I do it because my legs feel awesome and it makes me feel amazing any time I have a skirt on, winter or summer. I found that if I relax the schedule by postponing a waxing by a week or two, the pain is escalated considerably when I go back .I'll just keep my six week schedule, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahoegurl View Post
    I guess it depends on your level of comfort and whether or not you would relate a conversation with your coworker. There are number of guys that "manscape " and shave their body hair. So it would not be unheard of.
    Hi Tahoegurl,

    I briefly thought about saying something. I decided not to. My coworker is on a need to know basis and right now she doesn't need to know. If she ever asks me about it I would own up to it. I really don't care what people think.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    Since I started really crossdressing about 7 years ago and have been shaving my legs and arms, no one has ever inquired about my lack of hair or the occasional stubble, only once I was questioned about my clear coated nails by a female work colleague, she asked me if I was a crossdresser, and I owned up to it.
    Does anybody walk up to people and ask them about their personal grooming habits? That seems quite odd, don't ya think.

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    My wife gets her legs waxed whenever she thinks she needs to. She shaves the other hairy places.

    I have often teased her about going with her and getting my legs waxed too but have never done it. Her comment: "You couldn't take the pain." She's probably right.

    I do trim my body hair from time to time with an electric trimmer.

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    I have regular full body waxing all year round. If there is a long gap I sometimes shave the visible parts especially hands and wrists and lower legs. Waxing makes the hair grow back much finer and is no longer at all painful.

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    I wish I could shave my legs, and my whole body for that matter. I don't like the stubble feeling when it's coming back. I have shaved my chest before and my wife hates the stubble feeling. One of these days I'll have to try the whole body thing. I've done some waxing and that's about it.

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    hi Robin,
    I don't shave - but I do trim regularly,
    luv J

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