Hey everyone, been a long time since I've posted. Cross dressing has been in a holding pattern for me for awhile. I haven't put on makeup or even shaved my face in months, but on the other hand I've kept my legs shaved and I can't remember the last time I've worn male underpants. I've also enjoyed wearing my bra, forms and dresses when I've had a few hours to myself, just haven't gone all in.

A couple weeks ago my wife decided we needed to join a gym that also has a lap pool. Or maybe its a pool that also has a gym, anyway I've taken up swimming now, but I didn't realize the issues I'd be facing in the locker room until the first time I stripped off my jeans wearing black satin panties. Luckily no one was in that corner I was at, but now I'm a bit freaked. I've been trying to remember to wear my bobyshorts on gym days and avoid anything lacy, and i could go change in a stall, but that seems lame. My smooth legs are also a bit of an issue, but not really. I've been rocking a mostly shaved chest and legs now for well over a year and only a couple people have asked me about it.

After tonight's workout I drove to a nearby restaurant and met my wife and mother in law who drove separately. I found great pleasure in brushing out my long (for a boy) hair and finding it had a few tangles in it. While sitting in our booth and eating a waitress behind us said, did you all ladies get everything you ordered. My mother in law cracked up and my wife gave me this crooked smile. I guess she didn't see my face.

Hope everyone has a great 2020!