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Thread: I just wish i could share the moment.

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    I just wish i could share the moment.

    Wife went out tonight looking absolutely stunning.
    I told her i wish i could join her getting ready, doing my makeup, choosing an outfit. So jealous but happy for her.
    I idolise her femininity and want to learn from her.
    If only she would allow me to join in and share the fun/process of getting done up together.
    Makes me sad, well at least i can say how i feel out loud to her.

    Anyone else feel like this?

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    I did not feel jealous, envious or sad...those terms never came to mind. I appreciated how good my ex wife looked and the effort she put into being her best. That doesn?t mean I was not interested in outward expression of my girl side. Over those years, I harbored a growing desire to be able to go out, as a woman and with her.

    I am curious how she reacted when you told her about your feelings.
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    Be mindful of those feelings , my ex husband was that way with me and they turned into resentment then mistreatment towards me . Not at first and not for many years but when it did it was horrible .. as many here helped me whether that storm . I did not restrict his dressing in anyway but he let impossible wishes take over his life , he became someone I no longer knew .
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    I would think you're not the only one to feel this way at some point , at least you've been able to say how you feel . I can understand the comment Duchess makes , as things can change . Eventually I got a heated reply from my wife accusing me of only wanting her for her clothes , this is where DADT falls down as she didn't want to hear the explanations .

    Oddly she only brought this up again the other day during a phone call , altough we are separated and she knows I've gone full time she still admits she doesn't understand and thought it was just about the clothes .

    I guess the advice is don't push too hard , she knows how you feel so let the dust settle and allow her to think about it .
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    Oh My wife is a former fashion model and gorgeous. She is totally supportive and is a great help with makeup, wig styling, etc. While she is totally supportive, she isn?t comfortable with my desire for us to go out together...small, nosey town, recognition, police, flat tire, etc. I kinda agree, but the pink fog is relentless. Maybe...some day. I?m very grateful for her.

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    Although my wife does not go out with me she is supportive. We talk about it all the time and she is open minded about my dressing. When, as I pointed out in another post, I told her I was going to see a therapist she agreed it was good idea, and questioned why I had not done it sooner.
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    Never been married, and have not dated in many years. I can see though, where this could be a problem, and challenge, to deal with, and get past.

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    For me its just a spectator's sport. I love watching her get dressed, especially when asked my opinion on what to wear. Unfortunately, my wife is not tolerant of anything out of the norm. She is fine with CD as portrayed in the movies, and comfortable at drag shows, however not fine for me,her man. My secret will probably dye with me, never shared with the most important person in my life.

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    I was always so envious of my first wife as I watched get ready to go out. She would always ask me to attach her stockings to her garters and slide her panties up her legs.

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    I totally get it. It is so much more fun to get ready as a girl and go out. When my wife and I head out for a dinner and I?m in drab mode it is so blah but quick! I?m not jealous of her on those nights but I am not as happy as when I?m getting dolled up with her. My wife is gorgeous and loves fashion. Fortunately the two of us go out as girls frequently. We started this about a year ago and I have now been out to dinner many times since and get to enjoy getting ready with her.


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    Dannie, I agree, but I don't let it get me down. I too have a tiny bit of envy and jealousy, but reality keeps it at bay. At my best I would make one ugly woman!

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    My wife seldom wears makeup anymore and we don't go to places where makeup is generally expected (on a woman). I can see where it would be fun to both be at the mirror "putting on our face", but that's not going to happen for me.

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