I'm writing this with a smile on my face because I'm having to eat my own words .

Maybe others share my sentiment but after so many years dressed in drab I vowed I would never wear women's trousers or jeans .

Since the start of the new sessions last September I've worn jeans with my heeled ankle boots to my painting group , the majority of members are women and all wear trousers or jeans . I now own several pairs , boot cut and slim cut in true denim colour and the same in navy denim . I wanted a pair in black and found a great pair with a partial elasticated waist band which I didn't like the sound of until I tried them but they are so well fitting and comfortable .

I've finally decided it's time I wore a skirt , somehow I've shifted into a female comfort zone by wearing trousers but after all this time I'm struggling to show up in a skirt and look more femme . So it's time to check out my wardrobe and see what's suitable , I have to consider I can't wear smart new items as I am splashing paint about . First thought was a new check skirt but it's too short when I sit down , I have four denim skirts , one needs a new zip , one is calf length which I'm not sure about , one has slits a little too high finally the dark navy denim might fit the bill cut just above the knee . Now the problem of footwear , I have some heeled slouch boots in black suede , no the heel is too pointed , I don't like the look of ankle boots worn over opaque tights but that's how they wear them so no choice , teamed up with black or navy opaque tights . Tops , blouses sweaters or cardiagans are easy because I have a selection .

I never thought I would go round in this circle , it does make me wonder if GGs go through a similar thought process and do they also play safe and slip their jeans on , being a little femme can wait for a nother day ! I'll see if I can grab a picture , that is if I don't chicken out !

I should add that my art group have seen me tarted up in a dress and heeled wedges at the exhibitions and I met them for coffee in my cord skirts and heeled boots