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Thread: Growing up did you enjoy watching women get dressed and do you still

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    I guess there is a kind of Clark Kent to Super[wo]man transformation women go through, from head in a towel and no makeup to a well put together outfit, styled hair, and makeup. My favorite is the last check of the lipstick before heading out the door.

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    I used to watch my mom roll up her silk stockings and attach them to the tabs on her girdle. Stockings were hard to come by during WWII, and I'd go downtown with her sometimes so she could get a run repaired. Yep, they did that then! Those also were the days when rouge was applied by a small pad and voila, a circle of red rouge on each cheek, no blending!

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    Dressed and undressed as long as they're dressing girly.

    We have a local burlesque troupe that perfoms monthly and when the more professional ladies are performing, it's always a pleasure to watch when we can get to got o see them. Unfortunately, seats for them go quickly.

    It's funny how I have a spike in my dressing behaviour before and after seeing a performance. :-)

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    I grew up in a really sexually repressed home. My mother would never be seen in her lingerie and sex was never mentioned, however I had an aunt I have fond memories of. She would always be in either a very revealing long robe or sexy night gown when she would be fixing me breakfast and cleaning around the house. Since she must have taken a lot of deep breaths as a child she filled out her tops quite nicely. I will never forget the day when I was in her bedroom and she removed her dress and then her slip in front of me. I can still picture her standing there in beige stockings, white satin garter belt, white see thru frilly panties and a white lacy bra. I guess she noticed my reaction and asked if i liked her outfit. All I could do was shake my head yes. Little did I know at the time that later she would be dressing me as her daughter.

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    I've never really watched a GG get dressed , my wife never made much fuss and was always in a hurry .

    As for watching myself , that period has long gone, OK we need to check things in the mirror , what works and what doesn't . I only walk about in underwear when I put my makeup on , I'm usually getting ready to go out out so I slip the clothes on I've chosen , check it in the mirror and head out the door . My wife isn't going to see me again in this situation so what she thinks isn't important .

    I wonder how many women do twist and twirl in front of the mirror ? So many women don't like some aspect of themselves , so they're more likely to check how bad they look rather than how good they look , lets not forget clothes don't turn GGs on like they do some CDers .
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    The real me ,no going back.

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    Yes, I loved watching my girlfriends/wife getting dressed or undressed, and patterned my own behavior after them. None of them ever said anything about the attention I gave them, I suppose they just thought I was thinking about having sex with them, and they were correct about that, as sometimes watching them would inspire passion and we'd start out just kissing, her sitting facing me on my lap, usually eventually wind up having sex, and have to re-start the getting dressed process all over again. Then sometimes it would recur again, and we'd go through the whole scenario all over again. Ahhhh, the good old days.

    I don't rush to dress up; I may go about the house partially dressed in girl clothes for variable periods of time when it's warm enough to do so. I do have a couple of women's one piece bathing suits, but don't have my own pool, so I don't feel able to go swimming in those in public places.

    I haven't had a SO now for 22 years, so there's no one to be ok with me doing so.

    Now I'm sad.
    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    I've always enjoyed watching a woman getting dressed, unfortunately the opportunity amounted to little or never.

    That sort of thing didn't happen in my house growing up in the 60's. Everything was prim and proper and kept in their place.

    Years later I was having a Linda day and walking around in the house with my full regala on "except" for a skirt over my half slip. My wife came home and gave me hell!

    She ranted and raved on how "real" women don't do something like that.

    I think the fact that it was also the first time she saw Linda wearing a wig also threw her for a loop.

    While she may have long forgotten that experience, I have not.

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    Absolutely!! I love to watch my wife get dressed. I find it very sensuous. I'm also a little envious. I also like to watch her get undressed, especially on those occasions when I get to help!!

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    That's funny that I'm reading this now because it's Saturday morning and Im wearing a full slips that I wear as nightie and i stay like this for breakfast and most of the morning.
    When I was younger I would spend a lot of time at my aunts house, I remember my aunt would stay in a full slip almost all day, she would usually put her dress on when she would go out. I would sit on the couch and watch her clean the house seeing though the slip at her usually white panties or the control top of the pantyhose. I remember how upset I would get when a friend would come by to gossip because she would put on her overcoat.
    Thanks for the memories.

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    Absolutely! I still do. I still, occasionally watch my wife get dressed, especially putting on her pantyhose..when she wears them. I make up for lost time..Q1..yes, I?ve been a keen observer of feminine movements for years...primping, pulling their sweaters, skirts, or blouses down, etc. wife., I don?t walk around in lingerie, but wear lingerie daily. Q4. While my wife is supportive, she wouldn?t go for not dressing for the day. I agree.

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    This has been usually a common feature on crossdressers.
    I had forgotten that because was so sinful but with therapy and HRT I'd been able to look back my life with different eyes...very common issue...
    See my daily posts and pics on tumblr, just look for @sexyvane,
    At Instagram @nessatrans,

    Facebook, Vanessa Grandy from riverside, california.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patience View Post
    Are you trying to get someone to admit their voyeuristic tendencies?
    My initial thoughts.

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    I enjoy watching a woman applying her make-up in her car at a red light during my commute to work.
    I am surprised at how many saw their Mothers getting dressed.

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    The opening scene of the movie, ?Just Like a Woman? starring Adrian Pasadar as the cross dresser, is exactly what you describe. A young boy, perhaps seven years of age, watches his mother dress for an evening out. His mother smiles at him several times during the scene, showing a close, loving relationship between them. She draws him near and tenderly kisses him. The tenderness that he associates with his Mum getting dressed and the wheels turning in his mind are obvious. His wife, in the next scene, is a violent woman and his clothes inflame her violent tendencies.

    I lived with my grandparents often when younger. I often saw my grandmother get dressed and move around the house in her full slip. Helping her do her hair, her magnificent knee-length hair, was fascinating. By age seven, I lived with my Mum, who dressed for work often with me in her room. She worked the night shift. Like her mother, she put on her makeup and did her hair while wearing her slip. I remember often watching her roll up her stockings, delicately slide them on, and cinch her garters. When she as finished, she put on her uniform dress, then put me to bed and wished me good night. We did this for many years. Dad worked the evening shift and the younger kids were already in bed, so it was just Mum and me as she dressed. It is little wonder that I started dressing with a slip and stockings.

    Because I associated a woman getting dressed with memories of my Mum and my grandmother from very early childhood, my dressing never had sexual aspects. I viewed dressing as a woman as becoming beautiful, not as becoming sexy. I intentionally kept it that way. To this day, I still feel no sexual excitement in dressing. I enjoy it as becoming beautiful, not sexual, as always has been the case. My wardrobe has just the minimum necessary lingerie but lots and lots of leg wear and outer wear. My wife becomes violent if I watch her dressing or doing her hair or makeup. Because a wife is by definition, a sexual creature, her behavior reinforces my notion that dressing as a woman involves becoming beautiful not sexy.

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