Don't know if anyone's done this before but I'm sitting as I post, on a bar stool, right next to the bar, the first time I've ever had the courage to do it! I got dressed up, went out and somehow, when I saw this bar, which I've never noticed before, I just had to enter. It took some courage but I've actually done it.

It's a really trendy little bar in a good area of Vienna but quiet as it's Sunday evening. The young barman immediately invited me to take a seat at the bar, so I took him up on his offer - I'd probably have chosen a corner otherwise. So here I am, short skirt, fur coat and all. Actually, the skirt seems shorter now that I'm sat down and it's becoming tiring holding my knees close together!

I can't really hide like this, being so big. And the wig makes me look a bit like my sister and she is very striking. So I've decided to just brazen it out, even though I've made no attempt to disguise my voice. Doesn't seem to matter! I am trying to sit in as lady like way as I can though: back straight, knees together, feet together on the rung of the stool.

Two beers in, I'm almost tempted to ask the barman to take a photo of me as evidence for this forum and for when I can't really believe I did it in the cold light of day.

So there we are, another step on my way to, well nowhere important really, just a bit of excitement.