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Thread: Nice bras

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    Nice bras

    My wife went to a liquidation sale today, she picked up my sister in law and they went together. Later in the day my brother in law came over and we waited for the wifes to come back. The funny part came when my sister in law walked in the door and came straight towards me and dropped a bag and said to me "look at these cool bras I bought". She pulled a bunch of bras out of the bag and started showing them to me, I was like "OK". My brother in law tells her why is she showing me instead of him her husband. She gave him a strange look and told him because I show interest in stuff like this and he doesn't. I have a great relationship with both and I told them both that they are beautiful bras and hope they both enjoy them. I have written some strange things about my sister in laws in the past but this was the most strange and I still can't explain why she was so excited to show me her new bras. Maybe someone could shed some light on this one for me?????????

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    It looks like she answered your question:
    She gave him a strange look and told him because I show interest in stuff like this and he doesn't.

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    He never gets excited about clothes the way you do!

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    She is reacting to the person she knows. Past the exterior and sees the person inside. It's just that simple.

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    Perhaps she knows or assumes you have more than a passing interest in women's bras? Or she is teasing her man into some sort of action later?

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    Yep, she answered the question of why pretty directly. It seems quite possible, even likely, that she and your mother in law have some suspicion that your have more than a casual interest in womens clothing. And based on what you have shared in the past, it seems they are OK with it and even find it helpful.
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    Does she know you wear bras?

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