I'm happy to be on this path and don't intend to change direction, however slow my progress seems to others. I'm looking at every little sign of progress with calm satisfaction but I'm not totally out to the world and haven't started the process of name and gender change. However one of the two health care networks I deal with has already changed my name on all the forms from Dave to Sarah. I have an MRI scheduled to look at an acoustic neuroma in the ear canal next week and when they called to confirm they asked for Sarah. It's amazing they are being so supportive and respectful, but I'm not sure I'm keeping up with them. My transition care is being managed by a doctor outside that network and so far those are the only appointments I keep presenting as Sarah. My plans are for taking the next major transition steps in late summer, early fall of this year once some financial criteria are met.

Do you think I should just go with the flow, say thanks and let them get used to seeing mostly male presentation in someone listed as MTF, or get them to change the name back to match how I'm presenting until I do a legal name change?