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Thread: type of blood work pre HRT

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    type of blood work pre HRT

    I might look into getting the blood work prior to going my next therapy on Feb,27th. If I ask my regular DR , what type of testing do I ask for ??? Or does Trans care handle that. I really don't want my DR to know because my wife/soon to be x-WIFE GOES TO THE SAME DR. I don't think the hippa laws will protect me , he will tell my wife..

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    As for the ex and privacy issues, the HIPAA Privacy Rule will protect you. If it does not, and you can prove that it was your PCP who leaked it, that doc will be paying huge fines and whatever your attorney can get for you in tort action you absolutely should bring in that case.
    My advice is to find another primary care provider (PCP); one in whom you can confide. And confide you should. You are working against your own interests if you keep your PCP in the dark about serious medical issues. Your endocrinologist will order the tests you need, and your PCP may (or may not) want to be in the loop on your care in that area. Do yourself a favor and plan on that, whether or not you keep your current PCP.
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    Kelly says some good things. For now, if you think/know that you are going to start HRT soon, then why not go to a Planned Parenthood, tell them what you told us and ask them to prescribe the proper baseline blood test that can be used in the future to monitor your progress when on HRT. They use the informed consent model and will inform you clearly about the benefits and possible risk and negative side effects of HRT. They will definitely keep it private and only share that information if you ask them to. That way, once you are divorced you can do what you want, stay with current regular doctor or find a new one when ready. Either way you will have your baseline information ready for them. If you pl;an to start later in the year, i.e. not right now, then dop all this just before you start HRT.

    Good luck and I may see you on the transition train soon.

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    Your doctor should order bloodwork based not just on some list of theoretical concerns, but on your history. If (s)he isn't familiar with HRT side effects risk, drug interactions, contraindications, etc., then they should refer to someone who does, and who should also have access to your PCP as well as your medical record as needed.

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    Denise, I think that everything has been said about your blood work that endocrinologist will need from around 10 days before he/she could start attending you and the endo knows what need to know about your own health profile, so your PCP doesn't need to know except, it should be the PCP, after you disclose your intentions, refer you to endo.

    Now, your last sentence about your PCP that you know "will tell your wife" really worries me. What kind of doctor is that. I think, that just in case your life is in danger, so you're in ER or ICU, he needs to take a desicion you can't for being in comma or a similar condition, and just if you didn't design an emergency contact, he would disclose with your wife, I guess is the closest relative.
    With all that said, if you're serious about get into HRT, I think you should change to another pcp and look one with trans experience. The last is very important, assuming one day you will want some surgeries (I assume that you're in therapy)

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    My counselor wrote a letter to the endo and the endo ordered the tests he wanted done! I received a prescription for Estradol patches and Spiro! Labcorp was just downstairs from the endos office! Convenient! Present endo has Labcorp lab tech in office! I did not even involve the PCP until later! I am now out to all of my various doctors! Best wishes with all this! OH, yes HRT now for going on 15 months! Hugs Lana Mae
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    Endo told me to request a CBC- complete blood count. That seemed to answer the mail.

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    Your GP should treat you as an individual no matter which members of the family he sees . This problem may be short to medium term anyway as hormones could have noticable effects , at some point the details will need to be revealed .

    I'm not sure what difference it will make to your wife anyway if she does know the facts , as you are soon to be separated /divorced .
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    I go tomorrow for my second electrolysis session. I will have them concentrate on my grey hairs on upper lip and lower lip. The end of the month is my 3rd laser on my upper lip, they will turn up the intensity I was told. FEB 27 in my second therapist at a different clinic. This time I will ride the train as Denise form Lindenwold NJ to 8th and Market and walk to the clinic, a few blocks. This is a busier part of Phila , another test of my courage. Last time I drove and parked in Philly , it was more residential where I walked.. I really don't know how much of a change HRT will make on my appearance , all I know is I want to find out. Yes this is some scary stuff BUT if you want something you must work for it. OH and this hair removal is for the birds BUT with pain comes pleasure . My upper lip is the first thing to show thru the light foundation I wear as Denise..

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