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Thread: What's in a name?

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    I sort of had to come up with something for this forum. Stephanie is the feminine of my male name. My mother also use to tell me I "was suppose to be a girl." So, I choose Stephanie. At the time I joined this forum I was estranged from my little sister who had been name Stephanie by my parents. She is twelve years younger than I. We have reconciled and get along together nicely. If I were to join this forum now I would feminize my middle name.

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    Not everyone is confused about their gender identity and sexuality. I AM A CROSSDRESSER, nothing else. I have been called Jerry on and off my whole life, my name is Gerard, I changed the spelling for my crossdressing name, Gerri. I use the feminine name because it seems ridiculous to use a masculine name when presenting as a woman. Just MHO.

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    I wrote this 8 years ago when someone then asked the same question. My reply then was:

    Hi Ladies,

    I guess I should tell you why I picked my fem name, Georgia Maine (Gigi to my friends). Well, I chose it for several reasons. It reminds me of 2 states that I have visited where the scenery is beautiful and the citizens welcoming. The abbreviations (GA & ME) spell "GAME". Sometimes I feel like my crossdressing is a fantasy game, but other times I think it is more. My nickname, Gigi (= GG), is something I am not, but I would like to be considered one whenever I go out. Finally, it has no relation to my real name. As you can see, I like word games.


    By and large it is still the same but now I think crossdressing is more than a fantasy. Part of me now recognizes a true feminine component to my psyche.
    Georgia (Gigi) Maine

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    My wife doesn't usually call me by any name at all as there only the two of us in the house, but she would not feel comfortable with me having a fem name. That would be stretching my genderblurring too far for her comfort zone.
    I chose my profile name for anonimity after a fictional character, coz i liked the unusual name, but i generally go by my real name Nick/Nic.
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    "Welcome to my scene.
    A place that's in-between.
    Where the squares fit the rounds."
    (Lyrics by Queensryche)

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    It appears that our female names are more important to us if we're going out into the RW fully dressed. If and when I get to that point (which could blow up a 50 year marriage) I would obviously revisit my casually chosen name. As things stand now being happy in my relationship in spite of it being DADT and not going out in public dressed I don't feel compelled to make any changes. That is the theme I'm seeing throughout this thread.

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    I needed a fem name for this forum. I decided on 'Jen-ny' since overseas callers would call me that when they couldn't figure out how to pronounce my male name correctly.

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    Why do you have or use a female name when you are dressed?
    No flack from me Roberta! I dress to feel and present as feminine, or at least I try. I believe that an appropriate moniker should be associated with me online and when meeting others in person (which I have) in my alternate persona.


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    I never used a female name while dressed. I chose one as a username on this forum and that's it.
    Mine is actually a joke. I chose Holly Theresa Greene as my name. (holly trees are green).

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    It has something to do with my previous life as a meteorologist and my love of Don Martin's humor.
    Gale only sounds like a girl's name.

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    Meshelle is a semi-unique spelling of my male name. Back in the AOL days, all the Michelle's were taken, so I thought why not do something different?

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    Makes me recall my wig hair dresser who asked me if I was a drag performer. I told her no, just a transvestite. Yes, I'm old, HA! I've always taken a woman's name, at first it was based upon those women I wished to be, like Loni Anderson. Then I finally settled in on Desiree as it's a desire of mine.

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    I was given a female /male name when I was born and its the name I use on this forum. I too, heard all the time when I was growing up that I was supposed to be a girl. (Only if my mother knew that I wanted to be a girl.) I was always teased about it when I was a kid and even more when the Batman TV show was on in the 60's . For years now I have just shortened it down and have went by that. Lately with everything that has been going on in my life ,I have started using my full name more.

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