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Thread: Half my life in a suit case...

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    Half my life in a suit case...

    It?s tough not knowing when it will be... the next time I can visualise or physically feel what I feel inside.
    Frustration sets in as the weeks roll by. If only I could where a dress or something girly without prejudice in the open and/or whenever I want to. Life just isn?t set up that way. So in the suitcase it all remains. Until next time.

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    Well you didn't mention your personal situation.

    But don't let fear of prejudice stop you. I have found the public to be far more accepting than prejudice.
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    I've finally gotten comfortable walking around in work with noisy high heels. I can smile and say hi to a GG as I'm walking past her in the hallway.


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    Its hard to put a part of yourself in a box, not knowing when you?ll be able to retrieve that part. What are the obstacles you face?

    Easy come, easy go;
    Easy left me long ago...

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    Dannie, can I ask? Had you look for help of a therapist lately? If you, when was the last see him/her.
    I'd read and I believe I post an comment on all those late thread. You're no going to find solution to your problem posting in all sections but open your real life to a professional.
    Here you will find some support, sometimes it can be wrong, or not honest, or just personal experiences like mine I already share with you. If you do nothing towards to look the exit of the tunnel nobody will do it for you and things can get worse. The rate of suicide on trans people is around 40% just because they don't look for help and just drown on problems that many had already found the solution but with real help.
    I and, I think, are willing to read your posts and try to help you but nobody will do the job of a therapist can do.


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