My wife passed away almost 7 years ago and I've adjusted and moved on, mostly. Valentine's Day tends to trigger me just a little and I took the opportunity to go to a Grief Support Group at the local Pride Center. It was the best choice I've made in a very long time. It was a reminder that I'm not alone, either as LGBTQ+ or in grief and that my problems aren't really any worse than those others face. It was a chance to support others, have them support me and exchange thoughts of encouragement and spend a little time being openly vulnerable without concern there will be criticism. I was the only Transgender there this time and I realized there is a little grief in letting go of the guy I used to be as it will become a strong symbol of that 40 year marriage ending. Good info to have that I might not have realized without pulling on that thread. I also had some time to do a little outreach and education on what it means to be Transgender, these guys were supportive but honestly didn't know what they were supporting.

I hope you never have to use grief support, but don't avoid it if you need it. The people there and the experience made my day a much richer experience than sitting at home and complaining about all the couples ads on TV or love songs on the Radio.