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Thread: Grief Support Group meeting

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    Grief Support Group meeting

    My wife passed away almost 7 years ago and I've adjusted and moved on, mostly. Valentine's Day tends to trigger me just a little and I took the opportunity to go to a Grief Support Group at the local Pride Center. It was the best choice I've made in a very long time. It was a reminder that I'm not alone, either as LGBTQ+ or in grief and that my problems aren't really any worse than those others face. It was a chance to support others, have them support me and exchange thoughts of encouragement and spend a little time being openly vulnerable without concern there will be criticism. I was the only Transgender there this time and I realized there is a little grief in letting go of the guy I used to be as it will become a strong symbol of that 40 year marriage ending. Good info to have that I might not have realized without pulling on that thread. I also had some time to do a little outreach and education on what it means to be Transgender, these guys were supportive but honestly didn't know what they were supporting.

    I hope you never have to use grief support, but don't avoid it if you need it. The people there and the experience made my day a much richer experience than sitting at home and complaining about all the couples ads on TV or love songs on the Radio.
    Being transgender isn't a lifestyle choice. How you deal with it is.

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    I am glad you are talking about this . I went to yet ANOTHER grief counseling place yesterday , well the last 2 days actually. This is very hard to grieve when you were the loved one of a transperson . We both LOVED Valentines and her birthday is on the 21st right behind it

    I miss Kat so badly but you know there is no where but places like FB /IG for me to really express it . I have had so many places from his family to counselors jut not get it .

    Well why werent you married after 10 years .
    Well WHY couldn't he get a job .
    You did the best you could now just let it go and move on .
    ( his mom ) well I hope he isnt in hell now , you know you really should not have encouraged that )
    ( his mom ) , I cant put any pictures of you two up at the funeral , I have to put the ones up with his ex wife ( for 6 whole months in 1990 ) where he is dressed like Todd.
    You need to move on a get a real man now ( yes that happened )
    Are you gay ?? ( that happened to me yesterday )
    Even the florist tries to correct me , the 2 young florists are cool about it and help but this one old lady one just DRIVES it home that I need to man up my card or my flowers or what I say on the card :/ Its 150 miles away and I have to do it over the phone most times and they text me a pic

    I am going to find a grief counselor no matter what , I am pretty sure I have complicated grief because we were so close for so long and it was so sudden. I am really struggling .
    At the end of yesterday they wanted to drug me again with some VERY strong drugs and I am just not having it .
    This is tougher , way tougher than I thought it would be Sarah , I am very glad you found a good place <3
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    Grief Counseling is a good idea! The Hospice center where my wife passed away has a session on the month of her death! I never attended as my beliefs that she is in a much better place and not suffering helps me get through! I wish you all the best! Hugs Lana Mae

    Dutchess: I wish you all the best as well! Good luck finding the right counselor! Hugs Lana Mae
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    Life is worth living!
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