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Thread: Flying En Femme - A fully Lauren Weekend

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    Flying En Femme - A fully Lauren Weekend

    Flying En Femme

    I had a weekend in Las Vegas planned to celebrate a special occasion and decided to go all-in femme for the entire trip. From the minute I left my home until I returned, I would be in Lauren mode. No male baggage, both literally and figuratively.

    I have flown en femme before, and shared the experience in the thread:

    You may wish to check it out as it is still relevant to the overall experience.

    This time it was different, however, as I was not dressing after a business trip and carrying my male clothes home in my luggage. This time, I got new feminine luggage and only packed my feminine clothing and makeup. Total emersion, door to door, for an entire weekend.

    I have been a crossdresser for about six decades, and have become very comfortable being out in public in Lauren mode. I long ago realized that I likely do not "pass" upon a second look, and at a bit over six feet tall in flats, I generally stand out a bit while outwardly expressing the woman within. I have found that when I am comfortable with myself, others seem to be comfortable around me as well. Interesting how that works? not always, and there are likely some who snicker and tell stories. I do not let the opinions of others dictate my actions whether in male or female mode, so there is consistency in my persona. For me, the integration of male and female self is vital. More on that in another post. Back to the flying thing?

    I dress in a consistent style, male or female. Comfortable and classy. Typically, I blend very well, and when in Lauren mode, walk and move in a relaxed and feminine manner. I do not talk in a "feminine" voice when I interact with others. As Lauren, I use a softer version of my male voice, which could be considered more feminine, yet not fully feminine, and it seems to work very well. I do not attempt to mislead people as to who I am. Well, ok, when I am Lauren I do dress in female clothing and wear makeup and jewelry and figure modifying forms and paint my nails and wear a wig.. but other than that.. I don't try to mislead people.

    Flying out of Seattle on a very early Saturday morning flight I dressed casual classy, and for the return late on Sunday night I went all-out in my favorite LBD. The weekend was a time of celebration, and I wanted to end it in the best way I could. What could be better than your favorite LBD??

    The transformation I undergo is for me, not others. This is very important (getting back to the flying thing again?) when checking bags and going through the TSA checkpoints. I show my male ID, and say something like "I know my ID doesn't look like me right now, but it will on Monday." The folks checking bags, checking ID's, and taking care that we are safe have seen it all before. I think they appreciate honestly, and in my experience, they don?t care what you are wearing as long as you don?t try to carry liquids in your purse or carry-on bag. Going through the scanner is another thing.. let them know you are wearing forms as they will show up. They just had me go through a metal detector instead of the full body scanner, so no biggie. Be gracious, and say thank you. It goes a long way. I will say that on this trip there were no issues at all regarding ID, detectors nor baggage checks.

    Flying SWA, on this trip I opted for early boarding so I would be able to select my seat more easily. I was able to score the exit row both going and coming home. The flight attendants were wonderful!! As an early boarder in the exit row, we had time to talk a bit, and they were supportive, engaging, and amazingly delightful. I shared with them the old crossdresser saying that "If you don?t take a photo, it didn't happen" , and they were happy to take my photo. They made sure to take several, and made sure I was happy with the photos. Many smiles and well wishes were shared between us.

    I had a wonderful weekend, fully en femme the entire time. Leaving Las Vegas late on a Sunday night I stopped into a restaurant near the departure gate for one final margarita. It was amazingly tasty, as was the entire weekend. People were wonderful at every occasion, and as Lauren I experience a weekend of a lifetime.

    A weekend of a lifetime, indeed.
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    Thanks for sharing Lauren!

    "Flying Pretty" is certainly a milestone worth sharing. I did it once. Maybe there were funny looks, but I didn't care. I got "sir'ed" a couple of times and it didn't bother me. I would most certainly do it again when the opportunity presents itself. I think the more we share our experiences with our sisters it will become a non-event to a degree.


    ps. I wish I had asked someone to take a picture of me on the plane like you did

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    You look great in your pictures - thanks for sharing

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    you look fab i haven't been out yet but flying is on the list. i fly a lot for my occupation and flying fem would be such a rush hopefully soon
    sophia x

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    Congratulations, you look amazing and very classy!!! I hope one day I can do the same for an entire weekend. I absolutely love your hair. If it is a wig (which I hope) could you please post the link or where you purchased it, I would love to buy the same one.

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    How does your passport work. If you are flying en femme but your passport and passport photo is in male mode how does this work
    as you are obviously not presenting yourself as you are in your passport. X
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    It is often wrongly assumed that a person chooses to be transgender and one day decides they want to live the remainder of their life as transgender .This couldn't be further from the truth. Transgender is established sometime during pregnancy, probably in the first three months and certainly well before an individual is able to make a choice.

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    You look very natural and as you say, you dress classy. As you elude to, being confident in yourself elicits a certain response from others, you get treated much more naturally. People interact without any issues, they treat you the same as anyone else.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    Lauren, I love your pictures. I'm glad that the whole trip worked out for you.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    WOW you really did commit! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Carole

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    Thank you so much Lauren for sharing your story, I read the one you shared about your first flight. I am thinking of flying back from Vegas to Nashville in Robyn mode and you have encouraged me to do so... Thank you
    " I have to tell you, sweetheart, my breasts are as smooth and beautiful as the day that I bought them " Lola from Kinky Boots

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    Thank you for your notes! So nice to hear that some of you are getting closer to putting a painted toenail on the jet ramp. A bit of confidence and a bit of preparation go a long way to a successful en femme flight.

    Regarding passports and ID, I don't have any International flying experience, however, it is my experience here in the USA with both airline staff and TSA agents that they don't care if you don't match your ID as long as you are honest and tell them up-front that you are aware your current appearance does not match your ID, and that it is really YOU.

    Wishing you all safe journeys, whether you are flying, or just putting on a bit of lipstick... every journey is as much of an adventure as you make it.

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    I really enjoyed reading the story of your weekend, very nice to share and you look great in your pictures too

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    Thanks for sharing Lauren. You just gave me and idea. I asked my wife yes at some point this year I could take a weekend has Nicole and go somewhere dressed, from leaving the house until returning. She gave me an okay the later on this year. Figured I would find a place that I could drive to for the weekend, like Seattle or Portland. Flying somewhere would be such a rush but at the same time I think I would be a hot mess LOL. I would so love to fly somewhere all dressed up. My Pier wouldn't be the other passengers on the plane forgetting Turn Around by TSA and not having the way to get on the flight without any male clothes. Maybe I'll do some research not.. Sounds so fun.

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    I would love to try this. It is good to know that most people who have tried this have not encountered any problems.

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    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your post. Love your pictures in the LBD.

    Nicole, although I have not attended, each year in Port Angeles, WA there is the Esprit Gala (May 10-17) held at the Port Angeles Red Lion. Some of the ladies on this site have attended.

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    Wonderful adventure Lauren, thanks for sharing. Loved the interaction with the Flight crew and appreciate you sharing your thoughts on air travel. I am going to Vegas soon and have had no issues in the past. Fun to just enjoy getting out and enjoying the day. Have yet to fly in Fem, maybe someday.

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