Have I mentioned in the past that I?ve taken a week?s holiday away from home and spend it entirely enfemme. No, oh I must have. Yep it?s me talking about my hols again.

Well, as holiday rental properties can get booked up quiet early and keen not to miss out on the place I?ve used for the past two years, I went online to make my reservation. The week I wanted was there, it coincides with a support group?s monthly meeting which I sort of gate crash but I?m always made welcome, so that?s why I opt for that particular week. Before booking it I decided to just search and see what other properties were available that are in my price bracket in the same area. During my search I came across a nice looking, well appointed, three bedroom, sleeps six property. Scanning the pictures I looked at the master bedroom and oh joy, huge double wardrobe with floor to ceiling mirror doors. It?s a gurl?s dream. Add to that a dressing table with makeup mirror, what?s not to like?

I think I should add at this point that all the cottages I?ve rented over the years have been in isolated locations. Places I could come and go unobserved. This place however is a semi-detached property on the edge of town and on a small residential estate.

It?s at this point I now question what I should do. After all I spend all day, every day out and about enfemme so does being in a position where I may be observed and potentially targeted (that?s my worry) make sense. There was always the risk of someone realising it was me staying in my isolated cottage and being on my own to face a potential attacker. Those little demon voices on our shoulders find a way of keep coming back, don?t they?

Google maps street view lets me look around the area. Nice neat, well-kept properties, the sort of place you might expect to find a more mature set of residents. I can walk to the local station in 10-15 minutes for my shopping excursions and there?s a small convenience store a few hundred yards away.

Well I must admit there were certainly a few butterflies as I hovered over the ?Book it now? button and then after I few moment it was pressed and the deed done. What swayed me was I felt I need to move on from those first few holidays when I started taking those tentative steps out and about. I?m now fully confident enfemme in the real world and this is a logical step forward. Perhaps this is my opportunity to do as others here do and truly represent our community. I won?t shout out my presence, I?ll dress to blend and just go about my business as any other person would and if I bump into the neighbours, well we?ll play that by ear.