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Thread: Some night! Some good, some bad

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    Some night! Some good, some bad

    Yesterday was the day for the party I have been anticipating. I remembered some advise about time management and got started preparing early. It all went pretty well. Even the eyelashes went on easily. Then I did the acrylic nails. I had only done that once before and it took me forever to get them on. Even then I lost several on the way. That was alright because there would be time to repair before entering the party.

    My wife and I were wearing identical dresses, bracelets and shoes. The only differences were dramatic hair color difference and about a foot in height, even before I put on my heels. I drove in guy shoes for safety.

    I had planned on leaving the house about dark thirty, but was late getting away. I was startled when the motion sensor turned on the lights in our parking area. Not too bad since the only two houses that can see the parking area are about 250 feet away. Lost a nail locking the door. We loaded up and started out. I was surprisingly calm about driving en femme. We had not gone too far when I looked in the mirror and saw flashing lights behind me. I slowed down, pulled over and two patrol cars flew past going somewhere else.

    It was about them I realized I had forgotten to fill the tank with gas. Knowing we were going to have to stop and fill up, my beautiful wife offered to do it for me. I said, "No, what's someone going to do, laugh at me?" Only one woman had much of a view of me and she was too busy filling her own tank to care about me. Lost two nails pumping the gas.

    Two hours after leaving home, we arrived at the party location and the place was dark. I went online and found out the party had been cancelled right after I checked before getting ready. All dressed up and nowhere to go. On the way home a warning light I had never seen showed up on the dash of the van. It was a wrench and I feared the worst. Worried about this I missed the toll road exit and it was miles before I could turn around. Pulled out the manual and found it is just a warning light to change the oil soon. Whew, that was a fright. It would have been too far to backtrack, so I went about 30 miles cross country to get back to the interstate.

    Not having the party was disappointing. Hours of preparation, four hours of driving, $20 in gas, $18 in tolls was quite an investment. Oh well, it was still good to finally make the first step out of the house and it actually went pretty well.

    I am sure there will be another party before long and I will try again. Then again, we might go out of town somewhere and have a party of our own. Still too skittish to do it locally.

    Thanks for all of the support. This is a great group.


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    There will be another time, there always is! Sorry for all your problems but at least you got out! LOL Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    Lana Mae is correct there will be another time. You and your wife got out and even though it did not work the way you hoped it was still good in my opinion. I hope you two will look back at this and laugh. Too bad on the nails.

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    Sorry to hear about the party being cancelled.

    It takes some practice to get used to long nails.

    There was a time in my life where I'd plan a day trip every weekend. Visit a popular tourist attraction and try out a highly recommended restaurant. Maybe that would work for you?


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    Well now that you have a full test run out of the way, you know how much time you?ll actually need and to maybe fill the van up before. Hopefully another party soon.
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    So sad about the party.
    Another idea might be to find an early morning coffee shop to relax in and still be home before light and while most people are still asleep.
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    Jacke, Those nails do easily pop off. I'm sorry the party did not pan out. But, you made the attempt, which is great.
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    That's too bad about the party but there will be other places to go. I'm jealous that your wife was willing to go out with you dressed. That's my goal, to get her to go out with me even if it's just to the park or the mall.

    One suggestion: Let her drive the car. You're no longer the "man", there are just two women in the car so one has to drive. If you get pulled over or have an accident, things will be easier if she is the driver.

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    How about a date night with your wife? Just the two of you can get all dolled up and go out for dinner, drinks and maybe some live music

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    Things didn't go as planned, but things usually happen for a reason. You did go out, you did learn to deal with the unexpected and you had a good time with your wife. I say you had a good time because you were dressed identically and if she wasn't on board that sure wouldn't had happened.LOL The entire trip seems to have been a comedy of errors but you survived it well and learned along with shared with your wife. Way I sum it up was you had a Great Adventure!
    It's worth something just being around to Fuss!

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    Thank you all for your support. I realize I am in an incredibly fortunate circumstance. I have a wonderful wife who has put up with an awful lot to stay with me through thick and thin. We have been together 50 years and know each other pretty well. I can only hope many others here can get even a part of what I have received so far.

    franlee - You got it right. It was a comedy of errors. But ultimately, it was a good evening.

    kimdl93 - We are not much for clubbing, but a meal in a small quiet place will likely happen before too long.

    Krisi - She has been a real support in this. As far as driving, not going to happen. She has gotten where she will not drive unless I can not drive for her. That's alright, I love to drive.

    Jamie - I guess I will have to get better at putting them on or better at doing things more lightly. I am going to go to shorter nails so that might help.

    Rachelakid - There is not any place in our rural community where I could do this. But perhaps on one of our out of town trips ... ?

    JocelynJames - Oh there will be another party. It is supposed to be a monthly event, but there have been some scheduling problems and declining attendance recently. The group has been meeting for 10 years. We have been through ups and downs before and it will continue.

    Maid_Marion - Trips are my plan. I am supposed to be retired and have time to do such things, but I am as busy now as before I retired. It will work out one day.

    Crissi 107 - Oh, we have laughed about it already. Just wish they had given more notice about the cancellation and saved the cost of the trip. The time with my wife was worth it though.

    Lana Mae - Yes, it was a big first step that night.

    Again, thanks everyone.

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    Jacke, I couldn't but help laugh with your story. It had to be fun outing! Bless your DEAR wife for her support. I lost a nail my first time out, looked back and saw it in the drive area of a shopping center. Picked it up and stuck it back on!

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