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Thread: Uneven heel wear

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    Check the heel of the shoe. I've noticed many times they're not put on as straight as they could be. Poor quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonicaPVD View Post
    The average adult walks at 3MPH
    Indeed! I didn't want to compare directly. Walking with someone else is done staccato with a lot of turning around. I don't walk accompanied much.

    Lovely lady, I wish. My first videos en femme at 30 fps in good light, my feet were a blur. When crossing a very busy road when I'm not supposed to ( jaywalking, I guess ), it's even quicker, but I couldn't sustain that for several miles.

    - L.

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    Hi Michelle , The problem is the shoes are not wide enough for your foot,

    Many many years ago I had that problem with my male shoes, I was advise to a 10.5 EEE and that solved the problem.

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    I haven't worn ladies shoes enough to develop a noticeable wear pattern. My old and well-worn boots show heel wear at the rear and slightly to the outside, which I attribute to slight scuffing as I walk and possibly to a little dragging when I put my feet down when stopping my motorcycle. The soles show more wear on the inside edge about where the balls of my feet are.

    I would seriously distrust a single reading of 5mph from a traffic radar. For a start digital devices usually have a specified accuracy of plus/minus one count. If I really were interested in my walking speed I would use the time-tested method of a stopwatch over a known distance. Many schools have a running track, usually a quarter mile, and often open for public use by exercisers. Be aware the quarter mile is at the inside of the track, not the outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charona View Post
    I would seriously distrust a single reading of 5mph from a traffic radar..
    ...Stopwatch... running track...etc
    . . . or maybe I've been distance walking in real life conditions for over twenty years .

    . . maybe.. .

    - L.

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    Correct Size matters

    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Crossfire View Post
    I have a question for anyone who may be able to shed some light on this. I noticed that my shoes having been showing signs of uneven heel wear. It affects me sometimes when wearing heels, usually more chunkier heels or wedges. It seems that the outer portion of my heels are wearing down sooner than the rest of the shoe. Can anyone shed some light on this as to what is happening or why?
    I think its depend on posture and how you carry the heels. First you have to make sure that your shoe size is correct or not according to your feet, may be its the problem.

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