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Thread: Masculine Persona vs Female Persona

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    First of all there is no connection with male types and their CDing needs , the members of my social groups really are a cross section of male types .

    On the whole I was a typical mischevious boy , never got bullied because I stuck up for myself .

    I went to an all boys school , I could have done well academically but loved my sport too much , couldn't see much point in learning Latin and Greek , I preferred the science subjects and art because they were hands on , otherwise my brain was spending too time on GFs and thinking about them and possibly their clothes !

    I was never left out of anything because I had fun with my friends .

    On the whole school never really affected my CDing issues that much , wearing women's clothes at home was totally separate from school life .

    Maybe you should consider a new avatar your pose is a touch revealing .
    The real me ,no going back.

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    I have to a agree, I don?t there is a typical box almost of people that CD fight into. But here is me...

    1) middle class/lower class.

    2)I had a GG GF.

    3) I was in ROTC. Didn?t do sports team picking ever.

    4) I was picked on in middle school but not in high school. First week in I got into a fight and no would pick on me after that fight.

    5) No. no secret admirer here. Well at least that I was ever aware of! Lol

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    just west of syracuse n.y.
    I was always kinda in the middle so now i'm a in the middle crossdresser.

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    So for me I was Upper-Middle Class (I wasn't on the Football team, but I played rugby and swam)... and I was in band... and art. I did have a couple of GG GFs in high school. One at my school, and one long-distance that was for almost a year. I was most likely to be the last one picked. I sucked at ball sports for the most part... I was bullied in MS and HS. While I hit the marks to "fit in" in a lot of ways, I always felt on the fringe. I prefered to hang out with the not so cool kids and the LGBT crowd for the most part.

    And yes, I did have admirers that I didn't know about until after I graduated. Made me realize a lot of the insecurity I felt in HS kept me from dating some great girls... Sad day, but I'm happy where life led me regardless.

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    Although shy, I was a very good athlete. Played football, basketball ( caption of basketball team freshman year of college) also played baseball and ran track in high school. As a result had GF's but didn't really start dating until junior year.
    Usually was one of the first picked
    Never bullied. Took up for my self when challenged.
    None of this had any thing to do with my interest in dressing. I don't really recall doing it while in high school although I do recall having a strong interest in women's clothing.

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    1) I was intellectual but definitely lower class nerd, loser, shy and timid.
    2) I had 3 GG GFs in the first couple months of junior high school then not again until nearly finished with college. Definitely was outside looking in.
    3) Totally among the last few to be taken (I was a little more athletic than some of the other nerds).
    4) Totally bullied in junior high and high school, college I finally realized how nice it was to not be bullied all the time.
    5) Not that I know of.
    6) Started crossdressing at home during junior high school.

    My wife has a theory that my lack of love life in my teens led me to dress up as a woman so I could love her. That my dressing came back during a rough patch in our marriage for much the same reason. I think it is more than that but cannot definitively rule it out.

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    1) Where in high school did you fit in, Upper Class( Sports player, Intellectual) Middle Class ( Just regular middle of the roads, Lower class ( Nerds, Losers, Shy and timid male types)?
    Definite Nerd. Not a loser though.

    2) Did you have GG GFs in high school? Were you on the outside looking in?

    3) When picking teams, were you the first or the last to be taken?
    Depended on the short, I was always the fastest runner, not the most coordinated. I had a lot of enthusiasm to sports.

    4) Were any of you picked on or bullied in high school or Jr High School or higher education? Second, were any of you the most popular in your class?
    Being bullied was not an issue for me. But I am fairly athletic looking so I was not a likely target.

    5) Did anyone ever had a secret admirer in high school? And didn?t know it?
    I like to think I did, I was always great at being friends with females. I could tell I was better than most guys.

    Additionally, I had much different interests than most other guys. I liked movies with good character development. I was good at communicating my feelings and a good listener. I love to cook, am fascinated by other cultures, appreciate art and am a voracious reader.

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    1. Lower.. shy didn't fit in.
    2.lots of girlfriends.. I was told by them I was so understanding and easy to relate to.
    3. dead last
    4. not picked on, only once then it was never an issue again.
    5. ???

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    1) Lower class, but kind of a rebel. I didn't fit in with any group.

    2) I had a couple girlfriends, married one, but divorced soon after.

    3) Very last, got picked by default. I sucked at sports, and dreaded anything it.

    4) I got bullied a lot, but I also stood my ground and got beat up a few times and won a few fights too. Later on the bullying got less as guys knew I would fight back and I was generally left alone.

    5) No secret admirer, but at my 10 year class reunion one gal that I was casual friends with asked me why I never asked her out on a date. She still was gorgeous, tall, blonde, blue eyes, typical Scandinavian beauty. I just told her that I was F'ing stupid!

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    Midlands, UK
    I was:
    1. Middle class
    2. yes, lots
    3. near last
    4. yes, bullied a lot, but learned to stand up for myself when I joined Air cadets at 14
    5. Don't know!!!

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    I was a loner, and didn't care enough about school. I believe they passed me just to get me out. I didn't play sports after my freshman year. So I didn't fit in with any crowd.

    As for sports I was avg doing most sports. Baseball and hockey is where I was better then the other jocks. Never really got picked last. It depended on the sport where I got picked.

    K-8 I got bullied a lot.

    No girlfriends.

    If I had a secret admire. I don't know, or probably will never know. I moved 6 hours away when I finished high school, and havent been back since..

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    Where did I fit in? Trying to figure out the reason or cause of cross dressing?

    My brother and I were sons of a working class family. Later joined by a late in life sister. My brother and I played sports all the time; everything. We both went to high schools which required passing a city wide admissions test. Both were 'boys only' high schools. Girls? Just group dating. College at a free public institution was in our futures as a way to enjoy life fully. Friends? I had different groups of friends; neighborhood, school, church. Some overlapped into two or more groups.

    Somewhere along my youthful journey wearing my mother's clothing fit in. I have absolutely no understanding how a kid totally in tune of all thing masculine could wear women's clothing. Oh, and, when I was in the army I was a grunt slogging through the rice patties and mountains of I corp. Can't get anymore masculine than carrying 80-100 pounds of lethal ordinance and survival gears on three week patrols. And, I did not volunteer to prove my masculinity. The draft board told my brother and I to flip a coin. One of us was going.

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    Personally I don't feel that any of that has any bearing on why anyone is a crossdresser.
    I feel it is genetic, it's nature not nurture.

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    1) in the upper class for studies, intellectually gifted, in the losers side on girls

    2) No, and yes.

    3) It depends. In chess I was surnamed Petrosian due to my falsely calm play - and my lethal progression.. In soccer I was not very appreciated.

    4) I was perceived as a calm and friendly person. Neither bullied nor popular.

    5) No.
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    hello Judy,
    1- nerdy until I was 14, then class joker
    2 - all boys school
    3 - last to be picked; but I am dyspraxic
    4 - bullied until I was 14, then class joker
    5 - not that I know of
    luv J

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudyCDTV View Post
    I was just wondering what type of male persona is more attuned to be a CD/TV?

    So I was coming up questions to ask about others about:

    1) Where in high school did you fit in, Upper Class( Sports player, Intellectual) Middle Class ( Just regular middle of the roads, Lower class ( Nerds, Losers, Shy and timid male types)?

    2) Did you have GG GFs in high school? Were you on the outside looking in?

    3) When picking teams, were you the first or the last to be taken?

    4) Were any of you picked on or bullied in high school or Jr High School or higher education? Second, were any of you the most popular in your class?

    5) Did anyone ever had a secret admirer in high school? And didn?t know it?

    As for me, I was a lonely nerd, lower class, no GFs and probably the last to be taken.
    I went through a lot of changes as I grew up... an I mean other than growing up, getting taller, puberty, etc... I was born and raised in a small southern town with a population of about 12000 people... we were white a middle class family of me and a sibling. They had a stable, loving marriage and no problems like drugs, alcohol, infidelity, gambling, etc,.., my parents are amazing people. If I had any criticism of the way they raised me it would be that they focused so much in their careers, that they missed out a lot on certain moments in my life.., they dropped me off for sports practice and games and picked me up when it was over.., they rarely ever stayed.., they dropped me off/picked me up for band concerts I played in... etc... most activities I did, I did without them., my sibling was older so they did do all of that stuff with them the first time around.. I’m sure it’s much like the old adage that the second child gets the short straw, the hand-me-downs, the smaller room, etc.., they got all of the band recitals, games, school plays, practices, etc... out with them years earlier I guess... but, truth be told, I think lots of kids could say this and I know that many kids have had significantly worse childhoods than anything I’ve written here.

    My parents put me in school as soon as possible so I was always about a year younger than the other kids in my grade.
    In elementary school, everyone looks like a little kid and it didn’t really matter- and I got along with pretty much everyone... I played on the playground, rode, bikes, played baseball, football, basketball, etc... and I was good at it. I was always picked amongst the first and I had a large group of friends...

    But, around middle school when the other kids were starting a growth spurt and/or starting puberty, I wasn?t changing much -... at all.. so I began to get bullied and teased at that time. I still loved sports and was good, but being smaller and looking like a kid kept me from getting the chance to play. I got bitter about it and sort of embraced that ?outlier? image and mostly kept to myself focusing on school as well as listening to music, skateboarding, mountain biking, playing the guitar, drums, piano, watching movies, reading books, shooting pool, playing video games, reading comics, drawing, working out -trying to get bigger, etc... but all solitary activities,... I was able to find ways to occupy my time alone even though I was lonely and had very few close friends at the time... This was also the time when I first crossdessed. One of the few friends I did have at the time had invited me over for a sleepover and while I was in the bathroom, I found some pairs of his older sisters satin panties that were in the laundry hamper. I snatched them up not really knowing why. From there, I began wearing them pretty regularly even though I felt absolutely gutted with guilt and shame about it at the time. Especially growing up in a small southern town with so much judgment and bigotry.

    Then, I finally hit my growth spurt/puberty in the summer between my 8th and 9th grade year. I shot up several inches and the little kid was now a full fledged teenager. From that point, it was a complete reversal in terms of social class... I was invited to play organized sports again and people wanted to be friends with me. I had several girlfriends and got invited to all of the dances, parties, etc.., but I always had a chip on my shoulder about how I had been previously shunned by many of theses same people.. it motivated me to work and study harder and be more successful... I continued to grow and my body became more muscular and I became more popular in turn. But I will say that I never became a bully... if anything I was always willing to call out bullying when I did see it.. but I was truly riding high in high school... The crossdressing had subsided somewhat with my newfound popularity as I now had a serious girlfriend who was also the homecoming queen and a cheerleader. But I still sometimes underdressed in secret. I finished high school with good grades, belonging to lots of organizations, clubs, attending all of the dances, pep rallys, parades, etc.,, and went onto college where I maintained that same level of success and popularity. I wasn’t good enough to to play college ball but I did get an academic scholarship, joined a fraternity, belonged to lots of groups and organizations and made lots of friends along the way as I got my bachelors degree... I kept occasionally underdressing during my college years but because I had roommates it still was pretty infrequent.

    I didn’t really truly explore the “fully dressed” CD experience until after college was over and I moved out and got my own place. At that point, it was a literal free for all. The very first night in my new place was spent ordering almost 2,000 dollars of satin panties, bras, high heels, thigh boots, wigs, garter belts, thigh high hose, etc...

    So I guess in summary, I was a regular kid..., then an outcast.,, then a popular guy...

    As far as a secret admirers, I found out I did have a couple when I went back for my 10 year reunion.
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    1) Small class we all hung out together
    2)Yes had GFs, I still feel like I'm outside looking in
    3) Picked top 50%, never first or last
    4) never bullied
    5) doubt it.

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    Middle class. Youngest of four boys.
    Soccer team captain, so all my friends were basically teammates.
    Good grades, so AP type classes. Class of '77.
    Never bullied.
    No self confidence to have a girlfriend. Too busy wanting to wear the cheerleader outfits, bell bottom jeans, and cropped tops. Fear of being found out.
    Finally got my best pair of saddle shoes last year, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! They are so cute and comfortable.

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    1) Middle class and into computers
    2) First GG GF I was 3-7 (Julie), then 9 (Ann), 11(Fiona),13 (Brenda & her sister), 14 (Josephine), gave it a break while I concentrated on a military career, then at 21(Alison), 22 (Rachel), 23 (Helen) - bugger got married at 24, new GF at 40 - LETS JUST SAY I LIKE Females.
    3) Last to be chosen
    4)Bullied often, had to bash a few bullies up to let them know I could only tolerate so much, they lost their gang leader status and "friends" every time.
    5) Ya, a couple of girls used to "pass by" my house and ask to walk with me, I still think of Vicky, her brother was my best friend.
    See all my photos, read many stories of my outings and my early days at

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    1) Where in high school did you fit in?
    Lower class (Nerd, Shy and timid)

    2) Did you have GG GFs in high school? Were you on the outside looking in?
    A handful of one-shot dates. Can’t recall any second dates with the same girl. Most of my social time with the opposite sex was due to a young men’s group I belonged to, which held chaperoned dances with two young women’s groups. All three groups sponsored by the fraternal order my parents were active in socially.

    3) When picking teams, were you the first or the last to be taken?
    Often among the last. Though I did well in pick-up basketball games, was too short to play on my school team. Was ‘middle of the road’ at tennis and track events - throwing discuss one year on my high school track team.

    4) Were any of you picked on or bullied in high school or Jr High School or higher education?
    Badly bullied in elementary school. So bad that two of the more popular boys took pity on me and began to protect me in 7th and 8th grade. That ended in high school, when I learned how to very effectively fight back.

    Second, were any of you the most popular in your class?
    Ha ha... no, never!

    5) Did anyone ever had a secret admirer in high school? And didn’t know it?
    Not that I knew of. The closest I came was the one year when I was the head officer of the young men’s group that I mentioned in question 2. One cluster of girls in one of the girls groups did seem to like me, but they were mostly just angling for our group as a whole to do more dances and ski parties and roller skating parties with their girls. Wasn’t so much an interest in me, as hoping to influence me to get my male friends more interested in their girls.

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