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Thread: Well yesterday I got dressed up I've took the train to Philly to the John Bell center

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    Well yesterday I got dressed up I've took the train to Philly to the John Bell center

    There have been a lot of first for me in the past month. I am feeling more confident being Denise and going places. Well I met with this girl and told her I've been feeling like a woman for the past 50 years. I did have my CBC with me but she said we are going to take our own blood from you and they took blood from me yesterday. I explained to the girl that I really want to feel what it's like to be on hormones. I explained that I know the pros and cons of transitioning and I've been researching it. Tell me after your second session of going would they draw blood from you and send it out to have it tested. The girl says I present really well as a woman, does this mean I'm moving long rather fast. Today I was supposed to go for my 3rd session of laser in Philly so I called them while I was up there yesterday and say hey I'm in the area can I come today. They said yes and because I had makeup on my face I had to wash my upper face a little bit before they could do the laser on got cleaned up and they wiped it some more and they performed my third session a laser. I was able to reapply lipstick but she said do not put anything over that area of my face for at least 24 hours. Well I was walking about seven blocks through Philly and although I still look good I still had like a little red patches above my lip
    I walked past these three Afro-American women and as I got past my heard one say was that just CaitJenner, I might've let my guard down walking and I was wearing a shoulder length blonde wig with black roots. I don't know how to take that comment, other than that I blended right in the whole day. Well I guess you got to expect a negative comment here or there from somebody. My point here is would they take blood work so soon and am I on my way.

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    It's hard to comment from the information available. I don't know what a CBC is, nor who the girl you met was, nor where. I presume it wasn't some random girl in the street asking for your blood because that would be pretty weird

    Being mistaken for Cait Jenner isn't an insult, she has spent a lot of money to look that way.

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    If you heard someone comment that "that was CaitJenner,", that's your sign that you didn't pass, at least to that person on that occasion.

    You can't become a woman overnight so just keep working at it. I suggest taking lots of photos and even videos if you can. Study them on a big screen, not a phone. Look for "manly" features or mannerisms and then do what you can to hide or change them.

    Good luck.

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