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Thread: Staying In and Going Crazy!

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    Staying In and Going Crazy!

    As evidenced my my frequent contributions here, I'm pretty much staying home. I'm alone, so I'm able to dress whenever I want. I've said many times on here that I'm not one to dress to stay home, but that's going to change!! For the first time since I've been by myself I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about not dressing that can only be alleviated by dressing, of course. I don't quite know what that's going to be like. Maybe I'll be like Judy and try on every dress in my closet (wouldn't take long!). Maybe I'll be like Natalie and perfect my makeup to red carpet level (don't have that much time!). Actually, I figure I'll try on a bunch of stuff that doesn't fit, I don't like, or otherwise needs to go to the donation bin. Make more room to buy more!

    I've been getting my brows threaded or waxed for around 30 years, but I did them myself for the first time the other night. I get a mani-pedi every month and really don't like doing my own and polishing my own nails, but I know that's coming this weekend. I've colored my hair for 12 or so years. I've been doing it myself for several years (since I cut my hair) and I had just started getting it done in a salon again the last two times. I'll be back to doing it myself this weekend.

    How about you? What does a stir-crazy crossdresser do?

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    All of this has not affected me at all other than going to the grocery and them being out of stuff.
    I dress everyday (trans) so no anxiety at all I just do me.
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    I was surprised to discover I have been social distancing for a good long time...just didn?t realize it. My life is thus far unchanged. I live day to day as presenting as a woman...without really thinking about it. I am a bit concerned that my hermit-like tendencies will only be exacerbated by weeks or months of mandatory isolation.

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    We still have to shop occasionally for food , I still have to walk my dog which I appreciate so much during this difficult time , I've spent the last two days tidying up my garden , all these I do as Teresa naturally . I still had to attend a blood donation session and had a dental checkup . I also live alone so I have all the household chores still to do and then I have art projects to work on .

    I'm a very independent person so I I've always worked on my own eyebrows and done my nails , OK I admit I'm also a little tight with money .
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    A fashion blogger that I read regularly recommends ways to make a silk purse out of this sow?s ear:
    1. Spruce up all your shoes and handbags. Organize them also.
    2. Renew your relationship with your sewing machine and catch up on repairs and alterations.
    3. Catch up on laundry, ironing, and steaming.
    4. Edit your wardrobe. Get rid of stuff that you no longer enjoy. In my case, restore some sanity to my hoard.
    5. Tidy up your storage spaces, e.g., closets, racks, and drawers.
    6. Do some outfit creation sessions. Record the results. Wear the results of one creation while doing the next creation.
    7. Clean up and organize your makeup, toiletry, and jewelry stash.
    8. Digitize your wardrobe. In my case, this will be a LOT of photos.
    9. De-pill your knitwear. This is a big deal to serious fashionistas.
    10. Get a DIY manicure, pedicure, and facial. Or skip the work and just soak your feet. Appropriate beverages are a must.

    I got stuck oscillating between 6 and 10, emphasis in beverages. Cheers! ~Abby

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    The only time I go stir crazy is over a saucepan of soup!!! sorry folks !!
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    Hi Ladies,

    Not going stir crazy yet. There's lots here to keep me busy. I haven't really left the house since Monday. For me catching up on all those unfinished inside projects which have been hanging over my head all winter. Dressing right now is touch and go as the wife seems to be a little grumpy about it.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    As seniors (72 & 69) my wife and I are housebound except for twice/week for her physical therapy. The entire area is in lock down except for grocery stores. I did stop in a Safeway to pick up two cases of my wife's favorite soft drink. The store seemed to be well stock with what I would say was the usual number of shoppers buying what they would normally need on a Friday. On the retail side all the other stores are either closed or doing order on line with curbside pickup. We have always been prepared with a full pantry and a 25 cubic foot chest volcano nearby. No need to leave the house. Our kids and grandkids will not come over and kill grandma and grandpa.

    My wife and I are "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" so being en femme is not going to happen. To satisfy any built up frustrations it has been banding away on this site and perusing sites for things to buy. I still made an offer on a pair of vintage panties. The truth is, even if I was fully en femme I'd be bored out of my skull. Today I'll probably tend to some light gardening and get my wife's Easter decoration out of storage. I may bake a banana coffee cake. I much rather do it en femme.

    I checked my email on the other tabs. My offer for the panty has been accepted. Emails from east coast family. This has to stop. I do not have a clue how pioneers sat out in the middle of nowhere during the winters in a sod house.

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    Let me throw a wrinkle into this thread. Seems most who replied are stuck dressing at home and not being able to go out. How about those of us in a DADT situation who dress at home when opportunity knocks? I'm doing the best I can now because family members who are usually not home during the day are out of work (or for some, out of school). But my best is not the best I would otherwise be doing with full range of the house, etc. Am I alone?
    Sherrie Lynn Pall

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    Wife is openly hostile to CDing, not DADT. Nobody is knocking, least of all opportunity of any shape or form.

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    I would like to take this opportunity to encourage ALL of you to STAY SAFE. My wife’s half-sister just died in New Orleans from this virus. She was an otherwise healthy 39 year old woman. She felt like she had a cold, but because of her position in social work she was tested. She died before her results got back. THIS IS NO JOKE AND THIS IS NOT “JUST A FLU”.

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    This is going to get old real fast but we really have no choice. I was out at our local supermarket yesterday and it was packed. I got a few items and left, I told my wife I am done going there. I may go to Walmart early in the morning when/if need be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micki_Finn View Post
    I would like to take this opportunity to encourage ALL of you to STAY SAFE. My wife’s half-sister just died in New Orleans from this virus. She was an otherwise healthy 39 year old woman. She felt like she had a cold, but because of her position in social work she was tested. She died before her results got back. THIS IS NO JOKE AND THIS IS NOT “JUST A FLU”.
    I think I just read that story. Talk about xxx degrees, I feel as if that applies...even in a message board forum such as this. My heart goes out to you, your wife and her entire family.

    My parents are sheltering in place as of last Saturday. We started doing so last Sunday. These are crazy times. My only saving grace from a tg standpoint is that I'm not pining for expression. I have my mornings if I wish, have yet to take advantage. A blessing and a curse because I continue to be perplexed at this 180 degree turn my gender issues has taken.

    *** Just did a visit with my parents. They were on their front patio. We were on their front lawn with a minimum of 8+ feet of space between us.
    Like a corpse deep in the earth I'm so alone, restless thoughts torment my soul, as fears they lay confirmed, but my life has always been this way - Virginia Astley, "Some Small Hope" (1986)
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    I heard about Mikki's SIL on the news actually and I am VERY sorry .
    My one of my sons is an ER nurse in Houston . They moved him to help with the virus patients on the 11-7 and he sent me this pic . Copy and pasted from our conversation was

    Leea : How do you get in there ??
    Christian :I have to pass two of of these and then another one to each patient that has it.
    I go past the first one and suit up and go through another one.
    Leea: I cannot get this , even this rig looks overpowering .

    With this photo he took Attachment 311318

    This is beyond serious and anything else in your life should wait , I don't care what it is . You don't want to end up here . I am in a high risk group and very worried .
    Don't turn away, what are you lookin' at?
    He was so happy on the day that he met her
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    I'd pay the ransom note to stop it from steaming
    Hey, what are you lookin' at?

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    I am so very sorry about your SIL Mikki.

    Closing this thread because it has turned into a corona virus thread.

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