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Thread: One positive for me

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    One positive for me

    With my wife and I following social distancing and self isolation I decided to shave my legs for the first time in a long time as no one will be busting me. Boy I almost forgot how wonderful it feels to have silky smooth legs...btw I am not sure if my wife has even noticed or else she just hasn?t said anything. She knows about my cd?ing and is tolerant of it...oh and armpits too!

    What are your stories of taking some small solace from this crisis?

    More importantly too is a big thank you to all the front line medical workers who are risking it all for the rest of are all hero?s...police and firefighters too! THANK YOU!!!

    Please stay home and ?flatten the curve?...
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    My wife and I were both home all weekend. I got all dolled up Friday, early in the day. Bra and forms, stockings, nice dress and heels. Saturday I dressed too, but more androgynous, I mix of guy and gal, but bra and forms all day. Saturday evening I got out the 40H bra and large forms, and some of my more kinky garb. Faux leather , fishnets, and boots. It was fun and relaxing knowing that the chance of someone showing up unexpected was slim. Today I had to go to work for a few minutes, then worked in my shop on my motorcycles. When I got in I slipped on my skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and heels.

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    Knowing I will not be removing my shirt at the gym for the next few weeks, I shaved my chest completely and have been wearing a bra full time.

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    Nothing. I'm still working, but we are running out of work. Last week our governor ordered all beauty shops, spas, tanning places, barbers, and tattoo places. To be closed till further notice.

    I know why he did it. I just feel sorry for them places. Even if they are closed for a month. They will be swamped for a few months after.

    I know as soon as I can. I will be getting a cut, color, and waxed again. Ive kinda gotten use to looking in the mirror, and seeing a imagine I like. It helps with the gender dysphoria.

    In the end. I hope we all come outa this ok. That is the most important thing.

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    Stay at hme

    The need to stay-at-home is a deadly serious thing but some humor sometimes helps. My wife was examining our pantry and looking at her stash of chocolate. She suddenly turns to me with dark thunder on her brows and says,? You better not get into one of your girly moods and start eating my chocolate.?

    Stay safe,
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    Vale, just tell her, with a wink, “Fine, then I just won’t eat your chocolates.”
    Be all the woman that you can be!
    . . . and now, On With The Show!

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