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Thread: Purging. What do you do?

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    Purging. What do you do?

    So, I guess we?ve all done it but in what respect?

    Do you just throw it in the garbage?
    Sell it on? What channel?
    Give it to charity?

    I?ve thrown in the trash more than once and sold some on eBay.

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    I've given so much away to Goodwill, but the last time I purged all I did was pack everything up and put it in the garage. Out of sight almost out of mind. This way I wasn't wasting money by just throwing or giving it away.

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    The best is just don't, unless you can walk away and not look back.

    Yes I've done it, I just put them in a dumpster.

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    When I purged many years ago, it went in the trash! Now if it is purged at all, it is because it does not fit or it is/was replaced! In which case, it goes to charity unless it is too raggedy! Elbow Bump Lana Mae
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    If you are Purging for the reason to replace clothes, OK, Give to a Charity.
    Any other reason, put the clothes in a box, and put them in storage; IE Basement, Attic Etc.
    You will be glad you did.

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    Last purge I remember (about 30 years ago) I took a bunch of good stuff to Catholic Charities. The next Sunday a low-income lady we knew showed up at Mass wearing a purple knit dress I had donated. Put things in perspective.

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    Purging is unfortunately something many of us have done, usually out of guilt or shame of crossdressing. Do not do it, if you feel the urge please put your items in a storage bin in the attic. I am not aware of anyone here that later on thought it was still a good idea to throw those nice things in the garbage, me included. Do not purge!

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    Hide it in real deep storage or give it to a friend. That's my advice. Don't throw anything out. No matter what you think now you're likely to think different in the future.

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    I don’t ‘purge’ in the sense of getting rid of everything. But I do get rid of things I don’t end up wearing very often.

    When I thin out my closet, I donate a bunch of stuff - like one or two 20-gallon leaf bags full - to a local semi-annual’trans and gender diverse clothing swap’ event, and I usually only take home one or two items from others, to keep for myself.

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    ask 3 questions:
    1-- will I ever wear it again?
    2-- is it nice but not at all like what I wear now?
    3-- would I be tempted to buy something like it again

    If no to them, then out it goes:
    A-- if of trashy bent, to trash,
    B-- if of out of my style, in bag of give away to charity.

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    I've done it a few times in the distant past.
    Mostly it was triggered by guilt and shame that I felt at the time since I hadn't accepted myself as yet.
    When I did purge it was simple. Pack everything in a garbage bag and toss it in some dumpster away from home so there was no possibility that my wife would find it (she didn't know yet) and so there was little chance I would try to retrieve them.
    Of course it was always short lived. I would see a woman in a magazine or in the mall wearing something and it would start. It's just a pair of pantyhose I would tell myself, then of course soon there was a bra, then heels, then well I might as well get a dress.
    I wish I still had some of those things. There were some lovely lingerie items and a gorgeous chocolate brown dress I wish I still had. But of course that's wishful thinking. Once I came out to my wife that all became history. Now the only time I let something go is when it no longer fits or when I get something new. We have the 1 in 1 out arrangement. If I buy something then something has to go. We donate almost everything to the Salvation Army store near us. I've sold some things like jewelry and shoes on eBay, but for the most part skirts and dresses don't have that much value that way and it's somewhat of a hassle for the few $$ I get. I feel better donating them and let someone else enjoy them and help a worthy cause.

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    I guess this is not a request for advice, so I will simply respond with what I have done. I have rarely discarded any clothing in the trash. In my major purge episodes, my things went to either Good Will or one of the clothing donation charities. I probably could have tried selling wigs and foundational prosthetics on line, but in those ill advised moments, the goal was to get everything out of my sight and mind. Needless to say, it never worked.

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    I've never purged. I have donated dresses to charity that I bought before I knew anything about women's sizing.

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    The things I do not have a use for I donate to goodwill. I also like to shop there always find a good bargin.

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    Every time I purged in the past, I let friends who knew and were about my size have first pick at my wardrobe/shoe closet.

    The rest went to women's shelters, where I hope some woman getting out of a tough situation and also needing much larger clothing than is commonly available was able to benefit.
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    In the days when I purged, it went into the rubbish. It was only panties, not like I could donate them anywhere.

    And within a couple of months I was buying panties again. Also, it was much more sexual then. I hate to say my panties are just underwear. They aren't. Panties are still special and I wear them every day. Not for the sexual part, but because they help me feel pretty.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    The stuff I have accumulated that never gets worn more than once goes to Goodwill.
    I clear out things that no longer fit or are just not something I like anymore go to Goodwill.
    No sense in hoarding things
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    Mine go to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or UGM (Union Gospel Mission); ya "Charity". Some resale stores will give you 20% credit by weight or volume. Good luck, and don't purge, selectively let go of them

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    I recommend going through your clothes and removing things that don't fit and/or don't look like your style. Donate them to Goodwill and replace them. Quality is better than quantity!

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