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Thread: Some jerk insulted me for being a crossdresser, more proud to be one than ever before

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ressie View Post
    I agree with those that said not to get into it with internet people. They're playing a game and you don't have to play along by answering baited questions.

    I just wonder what forum or website it was where this happened? Why did someone ask what it was like to wear a skirt in the first place? Since it's someone you don't know, I'm guessing it was either an anonymous chat site or a friend of a friend of a FB friend or.....?

    Anyway, I'm not proud or ashamed to be a crossdresser. It is what it is - I am what I am. If I were proud of it I would be out to everybody and would dress in public very often if not every day.
    I'm guessing that forum was "Quora". It's a website similar to Reddit and has an active crossdressing section. The skirt question that was posed was very much in line with similar ones typically posted there.

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    Tell him that his wife enjoyed playing dress up with you. But don't do it if he can find you.

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    The question is not where, but when.
    You obviously hit a chord with the guy who went out of his way to antagonize you. As the saying goes, it says more about him than about you.

    I'm glad you're so committed to your dressing. There are folks who'd drop it in a minute if it could be fixed with a pill.
    ...and though she feels as if she is in a play, she is anyway...

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    RainbowDash, there are lots of these types online. While I sometimes want to debate them, they are generally not the type who can be reasoned with.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    It's really nice to hear that you're proud of who you are :-)

    Unlike that loser probably

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    Imagine the world's most boring person, that you'd have nothing to do with. A big zero, that never says anything that you'd be interested in.

    That's who is insulting you.
    I don't dress up because I want to be a woman, I dress up to make me happy.

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