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Thread: I'm a full time girl during the coronavirus lockdown. Are you?

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    Gold Member Lana Mae's Avatar
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    May 2016
    North Carolina
    I dress 24/7 as I do not have "male" clothes!! The real concern is people at this point and staying safe! I do however need my nails done and my brows waxed! A small advantage is my hair is growing longer! LOL Stay safe and healthy! Virtual Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    Things haven't been going well so the short answer is no. We had two deaths in the family, one way too soon and the other was my mother-in-law. My wife coordinated with hospice to help with end of life care and was with her when she passed and did a wonderful job helping her mother. I spent a week and a half home alone and was set back by what was happening and a spike in blood pressure caused by the combination of stress and quitting a diet pop habit (it can actually raise bp if one drinks enough of it). By the end of the week and a half I was thinking of dressing again but my mother-in-law passed on the night I was planning on dressing. Fortunately I got a heads up on her condition and opted not to dress or I'd have been caught for sure. We managed to get the visitation and funeral in just under the wire with the shelter in place starting at midnight the day of the funeral. In the meantime there was so much going on that I cancelled my therapy apointment and didn't get setup for teleconferencing until last week. I'm not able to dress at home though I probably could if I was real quiet and didn't come upstairs for anything. It would be just my luck that there would be a car crash out on the road and she'd wake up and come down there. Three days later we "celebrated" our 50th sitting around the house unable to go anywhere. As it turns out take out was closed on the day of our anniversary so we had to have our anniversary meal a day late. I'm not complaining though as I know some are dealing with a lot worse than I am right now.

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    I work in an ICU and am potentially exposed to Covid patients, so my family doesn?t want me around right now. Reasonably enough, I?m living alone and hell yes I crossdress all day when I?m not at work. Feels great! And I experience a little guilt for not feeling so bad about enjoying time alone.

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    Nah, I dress for the adulation, so no fun getting dressed if nobody can see me. Taking the time to be lazy.

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    Nah - I'm stuck in lock down, so I've …..

    plumbed in the new toilet & vanity,
    built a wooden platform and moved the shed onto it,
    lifted the front of the house 20 mm (3/4 of an inch?),
    did an audit all my power outlets (found an empty circuit breaker),
    scrubbed all the inside walls and painted 80% now.

    I sometimes get a few minutes (anytime before 8am) to dress - and do nothing.

    I need to dress and get OUT !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaiden View Post
    I work in an ICU and am potentially exposed to Covid patients, so my family doesn?t want me around right now. Reasonably enough, I?m living alone and hell yes I crossdress all day when I?m not at work. Feels great! And I experience a little guilt for not feeling so bad about enjoying time alone.
    Mermaiden, ICU, stay safe, you people in the hospitals are the real hero’s of this mess. Thanks to you and your coworkers for all you do!
    I can totally understand needing to unwind and dress more during these times.

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    The Corona crisis does not have me dressing more, it has however really made me upset with myself that I did not do more in the past with dressing more and getting over my fear and concerns of failure. I am convinced that I am going to die from the Corona virus and I feel I have not much time left to live and I am beating myself up emotionally for what I did not do in the past and feel I will not be around after this crisis to do what I should have done years ago.


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    Enjoying being in dresses for all but a couple of hours a week seems a bit frivolous when the situation responsible for me doing this has people risking their lives to keep us safe - so much respect here. I live alone and having to work from home with no video meetings and no visitors means I can paint my nails. As I spend most of my life sitting down somewhere and I forget what I am wearing after a few minutes, having my nails in constant view on a keyboard or when I am reading is good. I like having painted nails but hate the actual painting and the removal so now two different colours a week separated by my two shopping trips. I need to know I will have them like that for three days to justify the effort. My legs and armpits are kept hair-free all the time for aesthetic reasons. My nails are long and I haven't shaped them. I am not painting my toes in case I get ill and have to go to hospital - it is a lot more difficult to be sure your toes are colour free than fingers. The other thing I can do in the lockdown that is more difficult normally is use scented anti-perspirant and body spray. No make up except lipstick and no wig - I just use these for going out dressed and that isn't going to happen any time soon. A GG friend claims she knows of no women wearing skirts or dresses right now and reckons that we crossdressers will be most of the people in skirts and dresses during the lockdown. I have been wearing mainly dresses 4 days a week and almost every evening for years and now it has been almost all the time for nearly a month, yet I don't automatically think of myself as wearing a dress. Maybe it is because dresses are so variable or it could be all the early conditioning of being in trousers all the time for the first third of my life.

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    I have to sit down for a minute. Reading Rachel's schedule has worn me out!

    My son just had to come stay with us due to an unstable condition at home related to the lock down. (Alcoholic housemate). He has known about my cross dressing for years, and has seen me dressed, but just to be clear about things I brought the subject up in the car on the way here. It would be inevitable that he would sometimes see me dressed.

    He had the nicest response. "I am so happy," he said "that you have been able to find this way to express yourself". The conversation went onto his friends who have identified as transgender, and to the expansion of my social life. it was very affirming to me, and I am proud to have such an open minded son. These are hard times, to be sure, but there are bright spots.
    I am a vessel of the goddess. Let me express my calling to a feminine life through nurturing love and relatedness.

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    I wear women's clothes at home all the time for years now, but since I work from home now, I can wear heels and skirts even at work. Upper part of my body still have to appear in male clothes because of video conference calls. I just have to be careful not to reveal to everyone what I'm wearing below my waist when on video call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaiden View Post
    I work in an ICU and am potentially exposed to Covid patients, so my family doesn?t want me around right now. Reasonably enough, I?m living alone and hell yes I crossdress all day when I?m not at work. Feels great! And I experience a little guilt for not feeling so bad about enjoying time alone.
    Please be careful and get rest and pleasure when you can. Your skills and dedication will need more honor than a paycheck and evening applause one of these days. Good luck to you and your co-workers.

    I'm about 19 months on hormone therapy and entered the Covid Closet partially out to the world. It's burning away most of the guy that's left and it's very possible I will emerge as the woman I've been striving to be when/if there is an "All Clear" horn sounded some day. This is the strongest reminder I've had that if I'm going to do this I need to stop finding new excuses to hide.
    Being transgender isn't a lifestyle choice. How you deal with it is.

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    Pretty much the opposite for me. I work from home so I'm usually dressed five days a week, but my wife is now home because of the virus shutdown. She knows but doesn't want to see me dressed, unfortunately.

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    Riverside, CA near, Corona, Los Angeles.
    It's funny and interesting at the same time how men are traditionally who have the control, so the macho, chovinismfor me is a fantasy.
    I read here so many to say: so my wife is at home, she know but doesn't want me to dress....
    Where what you guys, men want?
    Women exerts so much control over men that are always the puppies under the black panter control .
    I dont know about what women cry for their rights, a smart women can have same or more control than men.
    My view...
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    It is exciting that you have already been shaving everything and now pierced your ears. Sounds like you are almost going public with this. Are you in a relationship and if so, how does she/he feel about it?

    also on Flickr!

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    I’m kind of in the opposite situation. I’m transgender and I’ve been fully out since early 2018. I am in an essential profession (criminal defense attorney) and although most of my cases are being continued into June, I still have to go to court occasionally (like tomorrow).

    I have to wear a mask and gloves, so no makeup, no long fingernails, no jewelry on my hands, and I have to pull my hair back with a band or ponytail it. Any jewelry I wear has to be cleaned when I get home so I just wear studs to keep my piercings open and a simple necklace.

    The courts allow us to dress down a little so we can wear machine washable clothes and throw them in the wash when we get home.

    I miss the nail parlor. I miss my Thai masseuse. I miss my jeweler. I hope they are all healthy and doing okay.

    Carries a spray bottle of "pink fog" around with her in her purse at all times.

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    Due to the amount of video meetings, I have not dressed as much as I wanted. However, I have made up for that with the amount of online shopping that has been done with the stores closed.

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    If it hadn't been for COVID it would have been a perfect few months as someone closeted. Out of work and youngest away at uni. Dress three mornings a week when wife out. Now, kid home, wife home. Thankfully, the pink fog is just wispy at the moment.
    Closeted for 45 years, so please take any advice I might offer with a massive dose of reality.
    Julia xo

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    No, less in fact. I have a day off each fortnight that allowed me to dress as nobody at home or I could go out in not too obvious Fem. Now the rest of my family is working or schooling from home. As I was the only one that had to go in to the office, it did allow me to wear a bra which I don't normally do at work as I am quite close to my colleagues so being a little touchy is not uncommon. with distancing I was confident there wouldn't be any touching.
    Now we had a confirmed COVID case at my office and being a senior staff member but not in charge of staff, I am now working from home with the rest of the family.

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    I feel like i have arrived rather late to this thread.
    After more than a month of business as usual on my delivery rounds, i was surprisingly told that i will not be doing any more deliveries for the duration and i have been placed on computer admin. duties from home.
    The work is not what i am used to, but at least i am still getting paid and there is a great upside. I have a lovely black knee-length pencil skirt which i can now wear with some tights for work. (Normally i am underdressed for work.) As this skirt is in line with the company's uniform policy i don't feel guilty and it certainly makes me happier in my work.

    Heather - i had my ears pierced a few months ago, it's not a big deal anymore. Only two people have commented and neither of those were uncomplimentary.
    "Welcome to my scene. A place that's in-between. Where the squares fit the rounds."
    (Lyrics by Queensryche)


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    No, my kids are home 24 seven so I don't get any Allison time outside of the bedroom at night. And even that is diminished because I pass out right after kids do
    Life is too short to be boring.

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    I wasn't a full time girl before the lockdown so I'm not going to start after. Especially when I am shopping for three elderly families and my own. I have more important things to do than pretend to be a woman full time. I just can't be that selfish right now.

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    Not all days, but much often than before.

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    Pretty much. My last job went to full time work from home a week before the lock down, I have been enjoying dressing however I want ever since. I have even discovered that Shelby is better at writing romance and erotica than I am, so there's an added bonus.
    I am Me and Me is OK!


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    When I had my ears pierced, I just said I fancied having them done. Nothing else was ever mentioned. I tweezed my eyebrows over a month or two and not a word. Never spotted if done slowly.

    As to shaving my body, I look forward to my de-hairing sessions in the bath, listening to YouTube podcasts, documentaries etc. It's the greatest feeling for me, but the lockdown has brought an abrupt end to my facial hair removal programme. I'd recently found a fantastic saloon for my electrolysis, cute lady doing the work and she's fast too.

    Flying high under the spell of life!

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    Almost full time. Just a few 'off campus' excursions that required male dress and even at that, underdressed, woman's jeans and a neutral top with light make-up.
    Southern California

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