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Thread: I got Ma'amed yesterday

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    I got Ma'amed yesterday

    In the aftermath of the storms that came through our area, I got called out to troubleshoot the phones at a craft store. They are in order-online-and-we'll-bring-it-out-to-your-car mode. I headed toward the door with my tools in tow, and the SA who was at the curb called to me that I wasn't allowed in, Ma'am!

    I was a bit surprised, as I was in drab (might have had women's jeans on). I guess the combination of their typical customer being female, plus seeing my ponytail, caused her to read me as female from 50 feet away. Not much validation, but it made me smile. I'll take it!

    Everyone stay safe!

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    I've had long hair going on 4 years now. I would some times get called ma'am. At about year 2. After my hair was 16 inches in length. At about 3 years in. I got called called ma'am a lot. That was the time. I started waxing my brows, and being clean shaven all the time. Due to a work requirement.

    I'm so use to it any more. That It dosn't even phase me any longer, and I react as I would some one calling me sir. Even the wife is use to it now.

    I figured that out when we were shopping a few months ago. The sales lady approached us, and asked if us ladies could use some help. My wife responded we are just looking. I chuckled at that. It helps that she is ok with my girl side.

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    Last week I was at a customer's house. Yes, we are still working as an essential business.

    An older couple in late eighties. He is explaining the problem. The lady is using female pronouns when referring to me with her husband.

    I have had customers slip up and do it before, but not continue.

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    I walked into a store this week and an employee at the door yelled "ma'am!" at me several times, it took a minute before it dawned on me she was talking to me. I was completely en drab, and my long hair tied back. Turns out it was "senior hour" and she was yelling at me to get the heck out (the store had NO customers inside anyway.) Not sure if she thought I was trans or a GG. I found it rather amusing.

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    Late in the ski season I chose to wear some Native American-crafted gecko earrings that I had recently bought. My ears are pierced, but I didn't think these lizards look very feminine even if they do dangle. Anyway, this was the first time I wore anything other than simple studs out in public. I wear a helmet when instructing so few ever see other than in the locker room and at lunchtime. Sure enough, I was "ma'amed" when ordering lunch. I almost corrected them, but decided it didn't hurt a thing that they were assuming one gender or the other. With my shoulder-length hair in a ponytail and my ski school uniform relatively ambiguous, who's to say I wasn't presenting female? After I thought about it a bit, it made my day!

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    This has only happened to me once. Back when I was in my sophomore or junior in high school, I was in line at the grocery store and a new lane behind me opened up and the checker said "mam, mam I can help you over hear". I cut my hair.

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    Isn't it great to be"ma'am'd"! It has happened to me a lot but once in I-Hop in Winston-Salem NC the greeter called me "Miss"! I probably glowed! I was dressed! An event I will never forget! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    Being ma'am'd is a real pick-me-upper. The first time it happened I was buying some stuff at Staples. I was the first time ever going out just for routine errands. I was in a linen summer dress, very casual, wig, sandals. I finished paying at the cash and she said "thank you ma'am" as she handed me my receipt. I was floored. I just was in my zone and was expecting the usual "sir". I literally floated out to my car. That's when I know that "it" (meaning: transition) was possible. Nearly 2 years later, here I am on HRT.

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