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Thread: Of Prime concern

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    Of Prime concern

    Now on the face of it this might not seen a dressing issue but it had the potential to out me to my daughter.

    Many of you will no doubt know Star Wars day, May 4th will soon be with us which prompted me to go on Amazon and buy the blu-ray of the last film, episode 9. I bought it using my Prime account so it was delivered the next day.

    So far, so good. So having arrived I went to show it to my live at home daughter. "Yep, saw you'd bought it." "I get the notifications as well"

    She uses my Prime account to watch films etc. and hence needs my password. So Amazon thinks her device is my device and she was getting the notifications.

    So blu-ray no real problem but in the past I've bought femme stuff, things I wouldn't want her to know about.

    So to all you closet or DADT dressers, if you have a Prime account and you share it around the family you need to make sure those you share it with have notifications turned off or if as I've done in the past, you use Prime to buy femme items you might find yourself with some explaining to do.
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    Amazon allows you to hide select past purchases. Might want to look into that if you're going to be sharing your Prime account. A person can still find things if they look hard enough, but it takes several additional steps and they would have to know where to look.

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    I personally use a separate Amazon account for CD-related purchases (and a separate email for just that).

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    Helen, Never thought about that, it might be an issue at my house.
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    I have two accounts because of the same issue. Only one is a Prime account. Even though you can archive previous purchases, they keep popping up suggested items for things bought in the past. I have not been able to make that go away but my wife has not noticed. On a side note, I rarely get mail sent to my home billing address from online purchases since I ship to a UPS store. Lately I have received flyers addressed to me from torrid and bare necessities. I have intercepted all of it so far. Usually she would just see it as junk mail but may figure it out at some point. I wish they would stop the mailers.


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    Helen to an extent I would not worry too much. Your daughter may already know (from the past) and has got an inkling that you dress, and having said nothing can mean two things, 1) She is ok with your dressing and 2) She feels she may put you on the spot saying to you something along the lines of " dad do you dress because if you do it is ok with me".
    What I have found is that it is the women that have a better ability to understand our dressing. My daughter is over the moon with me and wants to see me dressed and to top that off, via my girlfriend more of her pals (all women) are getting to know about me and all of them are fine.
    So if I was you i would not worry unduly
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    I came out to my daughter by a silly oversight , OK more basic I forgot she was at home when she caught me ironing a dress that she knew wasn't my wife's, so I told her the whole story . The outcome has been wonderful , as I now go out with her and join her family and take the granddaughter out .
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    I haven?t needed to do this, but am I correct in understanding that you can control what Amazon reveals of your order history and preferences?

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    The joys of living in the closet.

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    The power of internet intrusion now is so great that if you use amazon, facebook etc there is a massive risk that you will be outed by this sort of chance.
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    I created a separate gmail account for such things.

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    It's not just Amazon. It's just about any site that recognizes your IP address. Many times, really daily, I get ads saying "You bought this or that, we thought you'd like this!" Or, "You were watching this, do you still want it?" That sort of thing. My wife uses Internet Explorer. I use Firefox. My wife never shops on line. If she wants something, she'll ask me to order it. If we are sharing the same credit card number/account there is always the chance of some disclosure of past purchases. Our Macy's account was set up by her. If she were to go to it, she would see some purchases I rather she not see along with Fiestaware for a daughter-in-law. A lot of family members use my telephone number to get the 10% discount at Barnes & Nobles. I get those notices about books related to someone's prior purchases. Anyway, not being aware of browsing history possibilities, you can end up getting yourself outed. Shop at your own peril.

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    I also use separate accounts, but you have to be careful that you are logged into the correct account when purchasing your fem items, or you will end up frantically deleting purchases you thought you had made on the 'other' account.
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    I archive my sensitive purchases. To view what I bought I have to go "Archived Orders" and re-enter my password to view them. I can use Amazon at work and be pretty sure they won't appear on my screen.


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    It never ceases to amaze me how people can give away their privacy then come here and bemoan their loss of privacy.

    There is absolutely no need to share Amazon accounts, passwords, or anything like that.

    AMAZON HOUSEHOLD links Amazon Prime benefits to everyone's Amazon account who lives in the same household. But everyone uses their own Amazon account.

    My wife and I share my prime, but we don't see anything that the other person orders because we still use our own personal Amazon account.

    Sharing Amazon Prime Benefits

    To share Prime benefits and digital content between adults, both adults must link their accounts through Amazon Household and agree to share payment methods. Both adults will keep their own personal account while sharing Prime benefits.
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    I let my kids watch videos with my prime account but I entered the password myself; they do not have access to anything other than that.

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    I've mentioned this before, but I was once sideswiped by Alexa when she suddenly (and spontaneously) blurted out loud to announce that a recent Amazon order that I had placed was on its way, prompting my wife to ask "What did you order now??? Luckily, it wasn't CD-related, nor did Alexa divulge the contents.

    Note to self: Never, ever order anything CD-related from Amazon. Sure, there may be settings or other types of blocks that one can use to get around this type of unwanted "information disclosure", but none are foolproof, so why take the chance?

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'm in kind of the opposite situation. My wife has the Prime account and I log in under her name and use it or sometimes send her links and ask her to order things for me. My issue is that I can't do any online shopping because we're both home all the time. I know another crossdresser who lives over an hour from me and we had agreed that I could order on a prepaid card and have things delivered to him. Then the stay at home put an end to that arrangement for the time being.

    I'm getting very agitated by the DADT situation and need more wiggle room so I'm working through that piece in therapy. My therapy sessions are kind of interesting lately as well because I'm using my provider's teleconferencing affiliate to connect with him and she's home while I have my sessions. We refer to my crossdressing as "issue number one" if she's within earshot. Thanks again, there are so many ways to get tripped up and I think the advice that many give to revisit the issue is really the way to go but it's not an easy thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShelbyDawn View Post
    I also use separate accounts, but you have to be careful that you are logged into the correct account...
    Oh yes, I fell foul of this one the other day. How funny!

    I sent my daughter a text; then I sent her a longer comment on the same topic by Gmail on my laptop, because it's a pain in the butt to text long messages with clumsy fingers on a cellphone, compared with a decent keyboard and a word processor we can edit with.

    Well, naturally she thought it was an odd coincidence that she happened to get two messages on the same topic saying similar things within an hour or two: one on her cellphone from "Dad," and another by Gmail from a mystery woman she'd never heard of, called "Lori Ann" something. Of course she connected the two together. Naturally she wasn't sure, and was baffled, as anyone might have been; but "could this Lori Ann have something to do with you, Dad?"

    I explained to her that this was one of my (many) aliases--at least one of which (male) she was familiar with already. There's every good reason for using aliases on the Web--and plenty of them! And it's not just because we might not want anyone to connect the "Marianne S" who posts on this site with the "Jack Smith" who posts on a different site on a totally unrelated topic, whether professional or personal. Quite apart from the way commercial interests track, pursue and harass us, sometimes we get these nutjobs on the Web who'll take exception to what we say in one place, due to an obsession of theirs, and will pursue and "stalk" us by e-mail with their verbal assaults. I;m glad to say that hasn't really happened to me--I'd be happy to believe that's because I try to avoid being offensive in self-expression--but it has happened to others.

    So it's wise to have separate e-mail accounts compartmentalizing all these people and topics well away from one another. (Is that a form of "social distancing?") And long before there ever was an Internet, I learned to have things like magazine subscriptions under different aliasas, in order to track which wretched junk-mailers were latching onto which subscriptions under what name. ("Francis N. Stein"? No, guys, that's "Frank-N-Stein, it's a fake name, get it?)

    Anyway, it was just too bad that when I sent that Gmail to my daughter, I assumed I was logged into my primary account as "Dad," and forgot I must have been still logged in as "Lori Ann" from some previous transaction. No harm done; but it is a slip to watch out for in case it trips you up.

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    You might also look at UTUBE. I was looking at some Cross Dressing videos on UTUBE on my tablet. A week later I was looking how to fix my water heater on UTUBE on my TV and up came the CD videos. I shut it off before my wife came in. Went back to my tablet and deleted all history before going back on.

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    While I am out to my family and we all use my wife's prime account. I always do all my viewing in incognito mode and only use the account to add the specific items I want. They don't need to see how many things I like at in the viewing history (which you can easily remove items from anyways just in case).

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    I use Yahoo as my primary search engine. After I search for something on my personal computer. it starts appearing on my work computer.

    I don't mind popup ads on my personal computer, but if I'm shopping for a dress on my personal computer, I don't want popups about dresses on my work computer.
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    I have a Bluetooth keyboard intended for use with a tablet, that I have used with my mobile phone to compose lengthy emails and such. Found it for next to nothing in a thrift store. Of course it's several times the size of the mobile phone, so I just keep it at home.

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