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Thread: What is your decade style? Me? 1950s

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    Senior Member Jean 103's Avatar
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    May 2013
    Central Coast, CA
    I think of it as I have grown up all over again over the last few years.

    My style is somewhat current.

    I like the 50s style. It just doesn't work for me.

    I have a couple friends (GGs) that are totally into the 50s. They wear it full time, and it works for them.

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    Gold Member Diane Smith's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Central Illinois
    I wear a retro foundation (heels, corset and gartered stockings, always), but my outer clothes range from the '80s to the present, with just an occasional nod to the fashions of the early '60s (think Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn). To be honest, I don't think much about the vintage of a garment when deciding what to wear for each event, but just pick something that looks good on me and matches the weather and venue.

    - Diane

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    Senior Member Kay J's Avatar
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    Southern Wisconsin
    The 50s and 60s for me love the June Cleaver look!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SherriePall View Post
    I have tried to stay up-to-date fashion-wise by shopping at reasonably priced women's clothing stores. However, that has changed rapidly in the last year or so as some of my favorites have closed their local retail outlets and then consequently closed all their retail outlets and gone online only. Too bad for them! Anyhow, I do drool over some of the styles from the 40's and 50's as seen on television, the movies, or magazines. I think I would look better in some of them.
    I am with my sister Sherrie, the fashions of the 40s and 50s are lovely. My wife and I love to watch TCM movies during the quarantine and just love seeing them. I would love to try them on. I do have a new bra that is sort of retro. Very pointy and bullet shaped. Looks good with a few of my looks but sort of out of date. Durn.

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    Gold Member alwayshave's Avatar
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    Washington, DC
    Definitely 50s and 60s.
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    Diane, I find that I totally agree with your statement. I also adore vintage foundations while others see Sarah as classy mature woman who tries to keep to trends. Of course, there is that sprinkling of nostalgia in my dress, but under it all, I satisfy my desire to hug my body with vintage hosiery and firm undergarments.
    Sarah Adams, mature girl from NH. My photos are on Flickr under vintage4sarah !

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    Senior Member NancySue's Avatar
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    I?m a 60s, 70s girl...conservative, simple, classic styles. Skirts, blouses, dresses, hose (for sure).

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    Member April Rose's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
    I'm usually contemporary, but I do have 2 prairie petticoats that I will wear on rare occasions, just for fun.
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    Amanda countrygirl's Avatar
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    Sandston, Virginia
    I enjoy the 1940s grandma look.

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    Branson, MO Lakes Area SWMO
    I'm an Iowa farm wife type of guy.... chic jeans, casual element blouse, vanity fair lace nouveau. Love it.

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    Portland, Oregon
    I like everything femme from the 50's on out. I am even getting used to flats, skinny jeans, and yoga pants (okay not really on the yoga pants).

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    Platinum Member Angie G's Avatar
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    just west of syracuse n.y.
    I don't go out dressed so its whatever I want on any given day.

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    Midlands UK
    Next, Debenhams and M&S. Next is the more up-to-date but aimed at the 18 and over market as against many of the other High St retailers who go for the teens. Debenhams and M&S target the 30 something onward. They both "tip a nod" to the styles of the last fifty years but in a more toned down, less frilly way. So I guess I'm a broad stokes sorta gurl.
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    Silver Member Aunt Kelly's Avatar
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    Greater Houston
    I do love the retro 50s and 60s fashion, but at my age, that would mean looking more like Mrs. Drysdale than June Cleaver. So I'll stick to the "contemporary eccentric old aunt" look.😊

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    New Jersey
    Some of my dresses are pretty retro looking (thank you,, lol). One of my favorites is a red shirtdress that looks like it came from the 1940s!

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    Style Icon Sara Jessica's Avatar
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    The OC, California
    Someone I respect and love dearly referred to my style as a "La Jolla Haus Frau". I'll go with that!
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    Platinum Blonde member Ressie's Avatar
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    I like fashions from decades ago but I don't collect or wear them. I try to stay with contemporary fashions when going out. At home I may dress a few different ways - including some that are fetishistic to me, probably not to others so much.

    Clothes of different eras would be fun for special events or parties.
    "You're the only one to see the changes you take yourself through", Stevie Wonder

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    As much as everyone else I try to keep up to date but I do have some late 70s to 90s style dresses I just can't part with. I love those longer dresses with that smooth fabric that women would wear slips to keep them smooth looking. Women would wear pantyhose all the time, under jeans and work pants. I don't even want to talk about the slip, I so much miss women wearing slips. Just seeing those few inches of lace was like seeing something forbidden.

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    Hi Kate , The 50s' & the 60s' are my absolutely my favorite, I guess being 77 may have something to do with it.

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    I wear current clothes, but do have some keep sake outfits or lingerie. I grew up wearing 50s clothes which were what the girls wore. Did the poodle skirt and bobby socks. I liked the 60s more especially the early 60s. Wearing nylons long leg panty girdles. Those were the days when you wore a lace bra and slip with lace bodice under a sheer blouse. Heels were not that tall. It was fun to drive a car and pull your dress up so your lace hem on your slip showed. One of my dresses was a light yellow June Cleaver style. You could see the slip under it. Went to a couple dances with friends.

    I do have a 1920s beaded flapper dress. It was given to me by a neighbor who had only worn it once. Wish I could get down to the right size for it.
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    I would also go for the 1950's look...I love Grace Kelly's ultra-feminine, yet elegant and poised appearance.

    At the same time, though, I really liked the fashion trend that was popularized in my local area during the early 2000's, when all the young ladies were wearing ruffled skirts.

    There's so many wonderful fashion trends available over the years that it is hard to choose!

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    South east
    I enjoy current fashions but prefer more business attire. I do have leggings and blue jeans but prefer the dresses and skirts.
    I would like to wear different era clothing for a day to see what it was like. Victorian era, 1920's, 1950's etc.
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    uk (mid)
    I tend to stick to Bodycon dresses (not from a particular era) because I have no hips and 50's swing dresses look awful. I was a teenager in the eighties but nothing from that time makes me want to try it now lol. As most have said dress for what suits your figure and you can't go far wrong.

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    Member AllieBellema's Avatar
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    NE Indiana
    I'm mostly for the Victorian era myself, but I do also like the 50s style poodle skirts. Anything with a petticoat works well with me!

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    I like to watch the old TV shows from Burns & Allen to Threes Company and Mork & Mindy In the older shows I like what the younger girls wear for example; Ronnie Burns girlfriends and Betty from fathers knows best and i like Mindy's style on Mork and Mindy. I like the older style baby dolls with full panties like Chrissy wears on e company and chiffon short and long nightgowns from those days.

    For going out in today's world, What is in style and what looks good on me.

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