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Thread: During a dressup time are you still you or someone else?

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    During a dressup time are you still you or someone else?

    I cannot take credit for this question as it was posed to me in an email from my very close friend Carla.

    Here is what she asked: I like the way you and I are way past the 'why' ponderance everyone else attaches to this activity. Here's a good question. When you're dressed, are you Danielle or just Dave enjoying yet another creative and fulfilling craft?

    And here is my my rather lengthy reply.

    The Danielle/Dave question is indeed an interesting one for me. I cannot truthfully say I am completely past the "why" dilemma but it is usually in the context of how difficult it is for my understanding and loving wife to deal with and try to comprehend. As for me I have come to terms with my need to become Danielle periodically to maintain my mental health. Not to say there are not times it can be stressful having this other personality inside my 99% male brain but being able to honestly communicate most things with my wife is very comforting.

    I consider myself to be very much at the "just a crossdresser" end of the transgender spectrum. No thoughts at all that I should have been a girl, wanting to do this 24/7, or any permanent physical changes or hormones. That?s not to say I can be a bit obsessive compulsive about attempting to look and feel as feminine as possible with full body shaving, convincing tucking, glued on breastforms, painted toenails and long fake fingernails etc. I would like to experience being 24/7 for a few days at a crossdressing convention. I have on occasion when the wife was away gone to bed wearing lingerie, boobs, wig, long fingernails and painted toes. Waking up in the morning and sitting on the toilet looking at my painted toenails, fingernails, and boobs was a bit surreal.

    The transformation process to Danielle is an integral part of my crossdressing and I truly enjoy it as Dave slowly disappears and Danielle comes to life. During the process I still see Dave overall until the wig goes on and then it is almost an out of body experience seeing a semi-attractive female staring back who looks so different from Dave. This is highlighted even more when I am posing in lingerie in my boudoir photos. So I guess I would have to say when I am fully transformed I am Danielle and Dave is way in the background. This is confirmed by the main reason my wife decided she was uncomfortable seeing Danielle in person was she was looking at a completely different personality than her husband. She claimed I even behaved differently...well it's not like I clomp around in high heels like a lumberjack... and says I even sound different. I don't put on a female voice, basically impossible with my deep bass voice, but she said I was quieter. I guess I should actually take it as a backhanded compliment that she finds my feminine presentation kind of disturbing and so much of a different personality living inside me.

    I guess this question is mainly directed to those of you at a similar place to me in the transgender spectrum and not those on a transition timeline but all comments are certainly welcome.


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    Why would I be someone else? I simply used to continue with my day or night if I dressed up.

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    Well before we can really answer this question, what do we mean by “being [name]”? When I’m in drag, I AM Micki Laporte. But what does that mean? I don’t have different preferences, tastes, or memories. My personality is a bit more intense. I don’t know that I’d call that different.

    So yes, when I’m dressed, I am Micki... but that’s because Micki is me, so in a way I am still just my boy self too.

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    "just a crossdresser" but....
    Rachel is a separate entity.....
    Rachel sometimes switches "in" (with my permission) even when I'm in male mode....
    Yes it's annoying when switching if it's unplanned, "like wrong clothes !"

    Rachel has been missing for 7 weeks, I don't really care if she never comes back, 2 years is the longest she's ever been gone so far.

    Co-consciousness is fun
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    See all my photos, read many stories of my outings and my early days at

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    I am the same person always with the same likes and dislikes. The only thing that changes is posture and that is due to the clothes.

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    I'm just a guy who like to wear women's clothes. Never really wanted to go further. I guess, I'm just me all the time, just dress to the occasion.

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    I like to see my male figure and features dissolve and transform in more feminine ones. I'm curious to see how I could have looked if I had been born a girl. But it is just a shell. I am still me once dressed. Not a woman. A great part of the experience is looking at my physical transformation and being deliciously troubled by it, being in awe that I could look like that. If I had somehow the impression that it wasn't me but just another woman then that troubling sensation would go away and there would be no more incentive for me.
    I understand the part about the clothes subtly changing your body movements. It's something I find very interesting and funny. Some crossdressers say that they feel like sharing the experience of women when crossdressing because of small things like having to cross your legs, making small steps in skirts and heels, etc. I would not call this feeling feminine, it's just a small rendezvous point between a crossdresser's experience and the experience of a female who would be wearing the same clothes. But even if it is a very narrow scope, it still amuses me a lot. I remember the first time I wore high heels and had to pick up something on the floor. It's like, Ting! That is why women in heels do it that way! Men just bend. It's fun. Superficial, but fun.

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    Hello Danielle,
    I am the same person wearing different clothes.
    Just like I wear overalls and safety boots when I am painting the house; I wear waterproof clothes and walking boots when I am hiking; I wear a dress and make up when I am relaxing; I wear a nightie when I am sleeping....
    luv J

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    I'm just a randier version of myself

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    Hello Danielle,
    I feel basically the same way.

    I don't know if I'm CRAZY but I kind of feel it's like being with another woman. is that cheating?
    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
    Much more fun than fishing.
    I do construction like house building and I love CD-ing, what's the difference?

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    I guess basically, I am still me, but my mannerisms definatly change. I try to sit in a more feminine manner, I walk in a more feminine manner, and I generally just feel more feminine. In fact...Since I dress almost all the time at home, I find it more challenging now to remember to forgo these feminine mannerisms when I am out of the house. Especially since I am underdressed most of the time when I am out.

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    Danielle - I think you are just fine. This is not a one size fits all type of thing. You are what used to be called bigender - two distinct behavior patterns. It is the more common form. Cogender is where the same personality transfers off between the two gender expressions. (That's me.) But in my mind you are more than a cross-dresser. You are a type of transgender person when using the older more generalized definition of transgender rather than the newer definition which mostly applies to those who are at various points in transition. That was called transexual, but it seems that transgender has taken over transexual because of the negative aspects of the word transexual. Now bigender and cogender are included in the non-binary category. And it is only one of many types of non-binary. That said, it all may change tomorrow. Hard to keep up with all the shifting around of definitions.

    You look great and you are obviously very pleased with your current configuration. It may change. It may not. It is unpredictable. But enjoy who you are.

    One comment though. You used the term "male brain." That is still thought to exist by many, but all the recent evidence points to there not being any such thing as a male or female brain. Neuroscientific research over the last few years shows male and female brains are not identical, but the brains of females and males are far more similar than they are different. And the differences are just barely significant statistically. So, the most modern thinking that has yet to really reach far into the general public is the the concept of the existence of distinct male and a female brains cannot be supported with evidence.

    However, research also shows that the brains of about 92% of people are a blend of structures that exhibit male-like, female-like, and intermediate configurations that we utilize for different situations to get through daily life. (About 4% are completely intermediate form and 2% are pure female-like or male-like configurations.)

    I certainly don't know, but I suspect your brain is a fairly equal mix of male-like and female-like configurations with a good deal of intermediate configurations. That exists because, through brain plasticity, your brain has wired itself in that way because that pattern is most workable with other structures in your brain. It produces a complete package. But keep in mind that brain plasticity is always at work and so those percentages are always shifting one way or another as you encounter new experiences.

    This is what is called the gender mosaic which is a theory with a great deal of very solid evidence supporting it that contends that we are all a blend of configurations that are often seen in males and in females plus a lot of configurations that have little or nothing to do with gender. It has now essentially been confirmed that gender and sex have very little overlap and the idea that your sex determines your gender is hogwash. They are almost independent. Your sex is determined by genetics and is fixed. Your brain and your gender are each founded in genetics but is primary a highly flexible collection of structures that can change in the way they are wired according to experiences. Your gender is linked to your social brain which interprets your environment in a social context and creates a mountain of behaviors that fit, so to speak, a summary of your experiences. Your brain can switch between different neural pathways as needed to fit a particular array of environmental conditions that are present at the moment so you can interact in that environment. It is the neural pathways that change with rewiring through brain plasticity. In short, you are who you are because of your always changing brain's ability to alter your sense of self to fit the environment in which you live. In conclusion, you are doing just fine in your gender expression and sense. No worries about that.

    As for the "conflict" in your marital relationship, pick up a copy of Daphna Joel's "Gender Mosaic - Beyond the myth of the male and female brain." It is easy reading and just might help your wife understand a bit more about what is going on in you and also understand what is going on in her and where the disagreement and confusion is coming from. Both of you should read and discuss what Dr. Joel is saying. She is one of the pioneers and main mover and shaker in modern gender theory and is a neuroscience and psychology professor at Tel Aviv University and is widely published and well known in the field. The book is written for mere mortals like us.
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    Interesting question. I don?t think I?m someone else, but I definitely spend more time and concentration on details...especially makeup. I dress slowly.enjoying every minute of the feelings I experience...especially nylons and my bra...which color? I can?t pass a mirror without looking to see if there?s any room for improvement. I?ve been known to take something off and start over. So, yes, I guess, I am someone else, however, I don?t act more feminine.

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    Danielle, It's just me, maybe a happier version of me, but just me.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Back when AOL chat rooms were a thing, I would often participate as Barbara. Initially it was because I was full time caregiver for my mom and in the caregiver chat rooms there were women who had a hard time dealing with a man taking care of his mother. It was a lot easier as Barbara.

    Chat room Barbara was different from male me. She was funnier and more spontaneous. Sometimes she would surprise me. I found myself getting into character. Probably something akin to what actors do. And I was fully accepted as Barbara. Something unlikely to happen in real life.

    When I dress I become Barbara in much the same way. It’s me, but a different me.

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    Interesting question and even more interesting answers. I love to get insights into the why's and how's of others in this forum.

    For me, it's always just me, but much more relaxed and comfortable when I ma dressed.


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    I identify as transgender and as I have said many many times on this board. DRAG or DRAB, I am the same person, with the same thoughts, fears, and desires. There is no woman living inside of me that has to be let out while "the guy" hides away. "Dressing" for me is just wearing the clothes of the gender that I identify with, there is no transformation into someone or something else.
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    I'm TG and should have been born a female. I fully dress every day (no wig and only lipstick) and begin every day as my feminine self in appearance and mind. But, even then I might go into male thinking when I see something 'male' that interests me.

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    I am the same guy, but in a dress.

    Maybe one should ask if how much it goes the other way? Who are you in your male clothing?
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    Someone ELSE---As far as I can get away from the real, and male ME. I find Crossdressing is A vacation from myself" Where I can totally RELAX and unwind, free from my personal and male responsibilities and concerns. (And have the company of a fairly attractive woman too--even if it IS ME at the moment.) This is quite different from one who already identifies as "Female" which I would think is somewhat more really "TS" anyway . That's why I say that CD is not a condition in itself but a TOOL used by a wide spectrum of people for various psychological effects to help with a variety of different needs. I call my condition "Escapist" where I CD to "Escape Myself" Those who identify with Females use CD to help affirm their identities. While others may use it for SM Humiliation, Fetishism, Sexual gratification or several other reasons. ---------We cannot assume people CD for only ONE reason like "identifying as female" for example---But MANY DO seem share that reason somewhat more than the rest of us.

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    When I am presenting as a woman I try my best to also act and react as a woman might, not as my male self would. So, it seems as if am someone else.
    Hugs, Carole

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    If I am so complicated that I can't even understand myself and therefore cannot describe myself is that even a thing? I feel comfortable enough to do a reveal of sorts and I have alluded to this in the past. I selected my CD name Star as a user name for an email account years ago. It was an instantaneous decision, I have a star tattoo just above my privates of a star with wings. My name is Sta_ so when pressed to come up with that user name I thought of my tattoo and how changing the last leter resulted in Star. When I registered on this forum Star came up as already taken though I have never seen any posts by anyone using that handle so I added the digits 01 and it accepted the name. After coming up with the name I feared that it might project an over the top opinion of myself but I can assure you that I am not a movie star or any such thing.

    So do I think of myself as Star when dressed en femme? That question is as complicated as my efforts to define myself and therapy has only raised more questions. If I'm in car fixin' mode then I'm not thinking about wearing dresses, I am careful not to damage my nails but aside from that I'm focused on the task at hand and not thinking about gender. My DADT and lack of a proper wardrobe precludes anything beyond panties and red toenail polish which are both stealth things. When I'm not working around the house and have time to reflect I sometimes look in the mirror and imagine myself as a woman. My pre-shelter-in-place situation provided ample opportunities to dress as a woman and I strongly believe that the more I can dress the more relaxed and myself that I feel. On the other hand, a long hot bath and shaving my entire body and plucking my eyebrows is always present. If I were to attempt to describe myself I"d probably say that I'm part man, part woman and sometimes I have a need to be all man or all woman depending on circumstances. I imagine myself having breasts and a shapely figure but have no desire to wear breast forms. If it can't be real it doesn't do much for me although I suspect that I might think differently if I could dress more as the more I dress the heavier the fog tends to get. It's as if I'm momentarily who I am deep down inside if that makes any sense but if it doesn't make sense I guess that's why I'm going to therapy, to try and make some sense.

    So to answer the question, do I think of myself as Star when I dress? Yes I do and it doesn't always require being dressed, sometimes the feeling comes over me and I think of myself in that way. Sometimes I think that I should have made a better name choice but I didn't chose my male name, just learned to live with it, so I dismiss the thought and go with Star. If I was one to go out in public dressed as a woman I might come up with a variation like Starlene or something on that order so I could retain the name star without giving off signals that I think I'm a movie star or something. It has nothing to do with that, it just happened on the spur of the moment and stuck so why change it now. If I had the opportunity to dress sexy I could get used to it but it sounds like a drag queen name and would make me a bit uncomfortable telling people that it's my name.

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    I'm still me. I just feel more free to let the kinder, gentler, more social, feminine side of me out rather than presenting the behavior that I have been encouraged to exhibit by society from an early age. I think that I feel more free to be my true self, and that makes me a happier person.

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    I am still the same person. I do tend to change my posture and be more comfortable.

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    Talking There's a saying, "Change of latitude, change of attitude!"

    I know some dressers who say when they change their clothes, they change their sexual orientation!

    I've met 100's of dressers. Most don't change identities. We r who we r no matter how we're dressed.

    However, when most of us change clothes, there's DEFINITELY an attitude change!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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