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Thread: The challenge of " Dress up " time .

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    I will love to wear lingerie 24 hours, but will love to be enfemm when at home as I don't like to do make up, but like to be in full attire when at home.

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    I would dress full time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manemami View Post
    I will love to wear lingerie 24 hours, but will love to be enfemm when at home as I don't like to do make up, but like to be in full attire when at home.
    Warning, wearing full lingerie 24/7 might be hard on your skin.

    Have slept on garter belt and stockings many times. And have good fit non decorated ones. It is OK for week, after that pantyhose all the way for me, till next urge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane G View Post
    Well since my teen years there has always been an element of dare about crossdressing that often adds to the fun but also the stress. However as with most it started much younger and was a very natural thing. So in answer to your question, it would likely just make my life less complicated. It would most certainly not stop me crossdressing.
    Hi Jane.

    I am single, so pretty free to do what I want.

    I have about perfect apartment.

    - no way to look directly to my balcony
    - if i am at say, barechested but with full "kit" downstairs, no-one is wiser.

    I can talk to neighbours wearing garter belt and stockings.

    Mostly i am in proper dress ofcourse, and if not overly flowery and some 1/million people noticing half lenght sleeves of dress, i can live without thinking how I am dressed.

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    i would dress every day. i dreamed of living on my own and dressing every day at home .but crossdressing can be a lonely life dressing means alot to me but i also want a loving person to hold me and say its okay.

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    If I were alone (and I pray that is NEVER the case), I would dress daily, principally live as a hybrid of me and Kandi, more Kandi.

    But I am blessed to be able to dress often and have a wonderful family and marriage that I would never give up even if required me to never dress again.
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