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Thread: 👉🏼 What's Your Crossdressing level? 👠

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    Mt. Pleasant, SC
    Level 5 when I go shopping. Level one on the daily.

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    California USA
    Level 5 anytime I am out and about dressed. Much less so when home.

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    im a 4... lets just say no need to tuck

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    I?m a level 2 but I wear homemade breast forms. Basically I?m a MIAD but need something to fill out the bra so it fits right. No make up, no shaving (other than a little manscaping) and no wigs. I?m far from passable and only went outside once for Halloween.


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    level 2 for me every day. breast forms are a must, shaving also.2 wigs to hide gray hair.
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    Wanting something is a fantasy which on a long time period clouds your mind and makes you think you need it.


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    tough question I thoroughly enjoy cross dressing when I dress I dress to pass at least thats what I strive for It doesn't always happen but I think it does a lot of the time. So I tuck I use forms of all kinds to obtain that femine figure. I adore makeup and the application of it and I am always trying different styles of wigs and make u. I enjoy going out to the mall, movies, restaunts and clubs and I try to dress to impress or I should say pass That means do not overdue it. but if I am going to a drag club over do it and show it off. NO one passes in a drag club. BUt when I am a guy I don't wear anything fem, maybe panties and I have tried bras under my clothes but I didn't enjoy it.
    Wear what ever works for you
    Just for the record I am wearing a beard right now and it won't last I started it when the lock down started adn it is ready to end soon. I do plan on a CD session with it one time to see if I can mke a pass work with a mask. I'll post pics when it happens and then the furry face is gone
    So does that make me a Level 5 or 6 I am not sure To me CDing is about having fun but thats what I want life to be about HAVE FUN!!

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    Patience, I do sympathize. I know there are always problems in trying to construct a framework of this kind that has room for everybody! It's a challenging project you've taken on.

    Problem #1: Is the question about our peak crossdressing level, or our customary crossdressing level?

    Problem #2: This sequence of progression from one level to the next is not necesarily valid.

    Regarding Problem #1, if this is about our peak crossdressing level, that's easily answered. I'm a Level 4. All femme clothing and underwear, breast forms, wig and makeup. I either shaved or used hair products to bleach hair on arms and legs--plus earrings, a feminine wristwatch, rings and other jewelry. Tne whole nine yards. Well, eight of them anyway! Delicious! I considered this essential on the few occasions I've been out in public, in an effort (at least) to "pass" undetected. No hip pads. No tucking; never tried it (you don't need it in a skirt or dress, only with pants and jeans). So I'm not a Level 5. I've also dressed Level 4 at home many times. In that regard I'm like you, a Level 4 with no interest in advancing it further.

    If this is about our customary crossdressing level, that's different. Most times at home I can't be bothered to take the time for makeup or shaving. Apart from that, the level is variable. Panties always when crossdressed, but I suspect Level 1 is meant to refer to "underdressing," and I've seldom worn panties under male clothes. Occasionally I might be wearing panties and nothing else, but that's not typical and probably doesn't count.

    Instead, I'm typically somewhere between a Level 2 and a Level 3--except that I have difficulty defining both. Level 2 is very typical for me, since it says "Panties and other fem clothing, like skirts, pantyhose, lingerie. No make-up." I'll often casually toss on a skirt, with a cute little slip and panties underneath, a pair of comfortable women's sandals, earrings for fun--and nothing else, except maybe some other jewelry. No makeup. (It's hot here in Phoenix, so I don't need a lot of clothes anyway. As a male I'd walk around in shorts and no shirt.)

    Is this very far removed from what any woman might do? She might feel obliged to wear a bra, or "cover up" on top, but otherwise in the comfort of home she might toss on whatever felt natural and comfortable to wear, without fussing over details.

    My only nitpick about Level 2 is to ask "How much "fem clothing" counts as "other"? Does it include a bra? Often I'm in the mood for a bra as well. But if I am, then a blouse or a dress naturally follows--and there I am, fully dressed as a female. (Or sometimes pants or capris with a top, if I'm in that mood.) Does that count as Level 2?

    I suspect not, since Level 2 seems to refer to partial female clothing, while "all fem clothing" seems to elevate me into Level 3. There's only one catch there. Level 3 includes shaving, which I rarely do these days. So I don't properly fit there either, not most of the time.

    Still, I suspect Level 3 really means just "dressing fully" in women's clothes, And I've enjoyed doing that since I was thirteen. Skirt and blouse, slip, nylons, bra and panties. Except for the "shaving." So I was a Level 3 almost from the beginning.

    I'm sure the problem here is merely "lack of granularity," of provision for fine distinctions between one category and another. So in summary, while I have practiced Level 4 at times, most of the time I'm either at Level 2 or at Level 3, except for the "shaving," So call me typically a Level 2.5! (What are decimals for, after all!

    What about the wig? Is that mandatory to qualify for Level 3? I just grew my hair long at one time, If I'm "fully dressed," I sometimes wear a wig, and pften I don't. Sometimes I clap a wig on my head to attend to something outside in the yard. The neighbors are some distance away, but if they saw me in a blouse and skirt, they might start to wonder. With a wig on my head, seen from afar, all they're going to ask themselves is "who is that woman friend of mine who visits me now and then?" (Giggle!) If they ever did ask, which they never have, I'd tell them without batting an eyelid: "Oh, that's my friend Marianne!"

    I propose the solution to this is the "KISS" Principle." Nothing to do with Gene Simmons; just "Keep It Simple..," That Level 2 means "partly dressed" in certain preferred items of women's clothing--skirts, lingerie, a nightdress or whatever--while Level 3 means "fully dressed" in women's clothing. Never mind the accessories of wigs, shaving and so forth. "Level 4" means "going the whole hog" in trying to present a feminine appearance, with makeup, shaving or whatever; details optional. "Tucking" may be an option in this category also.

    That still leaves me with another problem. Namely, that I interpret Level 2 to mean "dressed in certain items of women's clothing and nothing else." Whatever we're wearing, even if only half-dressed, we still feel "fully feminine." What about those who like to mix male with female clothes? I think they fall into a different category, though I'm damned if I can see how to fit them on any linear spectrum of crossdressing. I hope I don't sound self-centered if I throw up my hands and say "that's their problem and not mine!" Do we call them a "Level 1.5" because they dilute female clothing with male clothing? I don't think that's the true answer. I think the reality is that "crossdressing" is a multimensional phenomenon, where "masculinity" and "femininity" need considering in their separate dimensions, and their "resultant" (speaking geometrically) can't always be plotted on a straight line. But maybe I'm making this too complicated myself, abandoning the KISS principle I was just advocating!

    Tbere's also Problem #2. Why is "tucking" (Level 5) necessarily "more advanced" than "shaving" or "makeup" (Level 3)? Why do "shaving" and "makeup" necessarily go together? Aren't lots of crossdressers able to get away with one without doing the other? Yes, I know it's difficult, and I know I'm nitpicking on my part. But my biggest gripe on this score is "Why do we have to get to Level 4 before we qualify to use breast forms?" Surely breast forms of some kind are indispensable at Level 3, if we're dressed entirely en femme--unless we can get away with a padded bra, that is. Breasts are the quintessence of womanhood. Breast forms can even be needed at Level 2, if we just feel like lounging around the house looking cute in a bra and panties, which I occasionally do.

    I imagine "serious" breast forms might mean super-duper luxury silicone prostheses in which some of us, so I understand, invest as much $300 or so, though other options are far cheaper. Just the same, I regard "breast forms" of some kind, "improvised" or otherwise, as a sine qua non of crossdressing from the moment we put on a bra--as I first did at the age of twelve or thirteen, stuffing it with a pair of rolled-up socks!

    Again, if we regard "accessories" as optional in each category, this problem disappears.

    Anyway I appreciate the good and thoughtful effort you've put into this scheme. Nothing works out perfect the first time--as I well know, having earned my living as a software engineer!

    Two other comments on this thread. First, I do wish people wouldn't take offense at the idea of some "hierarchy" of crossdressing, an issue that's come up before. It's not a "hierarchy." It's not a competittion with "winners and losers." It's just a spectrum, that's all, and there's no sense in attaching any value judgment to anyone's position on that spectrum. I don't see myself as "superior" or "inferior" to anyone else just because of my position on that spectrum, any more than I'm "better" or "worse" than any other human being just because I happen to be "taller" or "shorter" than they are. They don't need to either.

    Second, some of our "trans" members (though not all) take exception to the idea that what they're doing is "cross"-dressing, when subjectively all they're doing is dressing in conformity with their gender identity rather than their sex. Point taken; though to be brutally honest I think all this hypersensitivity to possible nuances of meaning is a wretched curse of our age and ought to be discarded in favor of blunt common sense. But is there a solution that can satisfy everyone? As far as "male to female" is concerned, I imagine it shouldn't be objectionable to ask people questions like "How femme do you dress? without any implication of whether they're "cross"-dressing or not.

    Just an idea.
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    most Definitely A 5,

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    As a MIAD definitely level 2 as I have no desire to have any feminine traits.The clothes I wear are masculine skirts, lingerie, etc. as I am a male.
    formerly Salerba

    "a miad" Man-in-a-Dress

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    Level 2. I don't have much time due to work to go further. But hopefully soon I will.

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    I am most consistently a 2-3. Wish I could be smooth always but a work in progress. Do enjoy dressing up more completely on occasion though too.

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    Due to family limitations, I dress only part time. In normal times I go out in public a lot. However, whether I am dressed or not, I feel 100% female; thus, I am just above your top classification. I know the best techniques for dressing and they really work. I do not take hormones, but do take herbs to be more feminine and a cream for some breast enhancement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShelbyDawn View Post
    5 plus...
    I have experimented with self medicating hormones but decided it was not a good idea. Thinking about seeing a doctor and doing it right. Still on the fence about it.
    Having been through pretty much exactly this in my 20's all I can say is stick it out. I have had a good, if occasionally confused life as a male crossdresser. Now 58 years young.

    5 plus.

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    Level 2 for me with some shaving of body hair.

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    I'm a level 2 plus wig and breastforms

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    Level 5 without the shaving and seldom apply makeup as i never leave the house

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    I went from level 1. Now probably at level 10+. Feeling sooo like a girl.....

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    On that scale around 2.5 as I don't often wear make-up or a wig however I may tuck if wearing my shiny leggings.
    Lots of Love Lilly xx

    Not me in the avatar but the lovely Jenny Powell who I loved so much

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    Level 5 is it for me. If I go out it?s full femme mode.

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    Level 5 when I dress and wearing of perfume completes it. I've had many pro makeover/transformations and when I dress it's from the skin out and head to toe female clothing. When I can't fully dress I borrow panties from the hamper and wear them.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    hey i'm in mass too! delmonico
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    I am level 4 when I am dressed up I feel complete female, even have 34 b size sensitive boobs, even my waist is like female shape, body is silk and smooth no need of waxing, I do threading for my beards. My face is the only issue which very difficult to be female face. I love my cross dressing but don't want to cross the limit, I love my wife who allows me to Cross-dress.

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    I consider myself level 5 and wanting to move onto 6 but kind of scared.

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    Level 4, I can't be level 5 as I am small enough in the boy bits department to not need to tuck

    It's taken quite a few years of evolution to get this far, and it's been an enjoyable journey!

    God invented Silk and Lace, So lets wear it!

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    Used to be level 4 and now would like to get back to level 4.

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    Level 5 when I have a few hours home alone or when I could go someplace by myself for the better part of the day. Right now, we are all home together and if we go out we all go. I'm grateful for the family time but I also miss my Michelle time. So currently its probably more of a combination of level 1-3. Panties, workout capris & leggings, tanks, camis, and Tshirts, skinny jeans if its a little cooler. No bras, hose, skirts, or dresses.

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