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Thread: Favorite Moments Experienced En Femme

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    Favorite Moments Experienced En Femme

    As I was looking at some of Stana?s old Femulate blog posts, always a fun thing for a pleasant weekend afternoon read, I came across a guest post written by Michelle Bowles describing a half dozen top moments experienced en femme. Her six became twenty and more. Some of her moments were when she felt particularly pretty. Others were when she felt pleased with how she handled a situation. Her best moments, she confided, were those when someone let her into the world of cis women. Like hers, my list runs long.

    Twenty questions are doing well here on the Forum lately. Let?s add a Letterman flair to the fun with a ten best. Here are ten of my favorite moments en femme. What are yours?

    1. In a dressing room when trying on a flowing midi skirt and checking my appearance in a large common mirror, another woman about my age commented, unsolicited, on how nice my outfit looked, asking where I got its pieces in the store. The rest of what I was wearing was purchased from other stores, but it all did match that skirt. That comment sealed the purchase. I still treasure that outfit and the memory.
    2. At my first Oktoberfest en femme, the ticket taker greeted me with a ?somebody is looking really pretty for today?s party!? . Later, at the same Oktoberfest, being asked to dance by a gentleman my age. He twirled me in my dirndl around the dance floor.
    3. I locked my key in my hotel room. I had no choice but to go to the front desk with my tale of woe. The desk clerk asked for ID, which I male ID. She quickly gave me a new key and then complimented my outfit. The tone was that of a genuine compliment, not a backhanded one.
    4. A Southern gentleman smiling courteously as he held the door into a shopping mall for me.
    5. At an evening Shakespeare theatre performance, the lady whose seat was next to mine commented as she sat down, ?After seeing you, I now wish I had dressed up. You look fab.? I was wearing a cobalt blue lace dress, slightly above knee length, with thin black strappy shoes and a black clutch and no jewelry.
    6. Being asked by a Sales Associate at Macy?s, ?Shall I start a room for you??, Then she took the clothes that I had selected and hung them in that room as something perfectly routine. She wrote Abby on the white board by the door. Later, when chatting with her about which of two pretty A-line dresses I should buy, she made two comments in the course of the conversation: ?both of look happy when you twirl in them? and ?You have really pretty hair. I wish I had let mine grow as long as yours.? I was wearing my favorite wig.
    7. Sitting in an aisle seat when a standup comic made a joke about a man crossdressing. I nearly died right on the spot, but no one seemed to notice me, not even the comic.
    8. Standing in a line for the ladies? room during intermission at a concert and not one of the ladies challenged me or even gave me a glance, either in line or in the ladies? room.
    9. A well-dressed woman in a shoe store told me she thought the shoes that I was trying on looked very cute on me. She then bought a pair just like them.
    10. I went to a bar that featured an all-female amateur comedy group performing that evening. When I ordered my drink, the bartender asked me if I was one of the comediennes.

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    One of my favourite moments was over a 2 day period, a few years ago where I was visiting my friend in Denver and their Pride celebrations were on. I spent nearly 2 full days dressed and on the first day, I walked around Denver in the lovely warm weather where I enjoyed the lack of humidity as I hardly sweated despite the 40 degrees Celsius (around 100 Fahrenheit, normally I sweat like crazy) temperature and spent the whole day out and about with my friend and then the next day, we went out shopping and then for dinner. No pressure, no stress, no strange looks from anyone and it was wonderful
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    my favorite time was also at a pride event .i was called maam in every store and pub we went into(was with a friend a gg) at dinner 1st night waiter is being real nice and when he walked away my friend says hes flirting with you. i didnt believe her ,but after many return visits by waiter it felt she was correct. he told me hed be on tomorrow night it would be great to see you again. this all could have been my imagination but it felt real and i loved it or he just was trying to get more bussiness lol

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    Mine was on a Halloween many years ago - A diner I got to all the time - I dressed up as a hostess on the sexy side - short dress with 5" heels full makeup etc side and went to the diner - I played hostess for 3 hours. I had to seat everyone at their tables and hand them menus. Everyone was great. I could feel the eyes staring at me from other tables as I bent over a table to hand out menus. I could tell they were amazed at their view as I bent over top hand out the menus. Everyone knew who I was and had a great time. As I watched the guys trying not to look at me but had to give in to get a good stare. Many complimented me and told me I had great legs. One Lady even gave me a pat on the behind and smiled. I will remember it always.
    Just a girl fronm Long Island, NY .... always looking to meet others from my area.

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    There have been several moments for me that have become fond memories, but the best one was in my village shop where I had been in there dressed on many occasions but on this day I was returning from the recycling centre in grubby drab clothes and on entering the shop was met with surprise by Mireille who in the course of conversation told me to "go home and put on a skirt"! "because we are used to seeing you like that"! it made my day and I have never looked back.
    I started life a lost man now I am a found woman

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    One of my memories was a shopping outing at a mall, while shopping in Macy's I tried a sweater on right off the rack and walked around looking for a mirror when a sales lady saw me and said it was a "good fit and style" on me; but what happened after that is the memory jogger. I went to the ladies room, after emerging from a stall I was touching up my makeup when a woman came in and took her blouse off and seemed to be having trouble with a bra strap adjustment, she looked at me and said pardon me would you help me with this strap - why of course I said. I straitened and lengthened it a bit - she was very thankful, I exited as she put her blouse back on.

    I am very sure she did not realize she had just been helped by a crossdresser …………...Debra

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    In your case, probably not Debra; you look very convincing.

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    There are now so many , I'm not sure if I could list them in any particular order .

    Going out to a show with my daughter on more than one occasion.
    Standing in front of a lecture theatre full of NHS delegates to talk about trans issues .
    So many changing room stories , one that did surprise me was a GG saying she wished she had my figure when she saw my trying on a swimsuit .
    Being asked in PC World if I'd like to try out the vacuum cleaners .
    Meeting up with my sister in law for coffee on several occasions and also getting a second opinion on choosing my new settee and chairs in the furniture store .
    Possibly the best is rejoining my art group as Teresa last September , that means so much to me .

    It's just part of my life now and it's working out fine .

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    There would be way to many to list. I'll pick just one.

    I has having lunch with two others. At DLV a few years ago.

    One my new boyfriend and a well you know.

    The other girl is a university professor.

    They are taking about stuff way over my head.

    I'm happily eating my lunch, as I'm just the dumb girlfriend.

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    As jean just related to a DLV memory, mine was DLV, too. I drove from SoCal to Las Vegas , and left my car with the valets and checked in at the Flamingo all in full femme! I was walking on cloud 9!

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    I have a lot of examples but one that stands out is around the time I first started venturing out, and i was out of town for work and got dressed in my hotel and then went for a drive in my rental car. I was still smoking cigarettes back then (yuck) and I pulled into a gas station wearing baby phat jeans (OMG lol), a cute top, and heels...and I did my make up myself and made some impromptu forms from the hotel towels (lol) but I felt confident and I liked how I looked. Anyway, I went in to buy cigs and the woman behind the counter and I definitely exchanged looks as we spoke--she wasn't distracted or anything and she rang me up without batting an eye. My heart was pounding! I walked back to my rental, I can still hear the sound of my heels on the asphalt, and went back inside. I asked her if she "knew" and she said she didn't! Then she said I was beautiful and then put her hands up to her bosom and asked me: 'how did you get those?' LOL! I explained and we had a good laugh and she told me to 'knock 'em dead!' and I was swooning and smiling ear to ear!

    Another time was when a good looking man with a french accent was chatting me up outside a bar (still smoking then blegh) and he was so sweet and I felt very girly being flirted with in such a sweet way! Ahh to be young and single!

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    There’s been a lot of good times but some favorites? The night I met my drag mother. The first time I got done up in high Drag. The first time I performed with my drag mom. The first time I performed alone. Lots of great memories.

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    My favorite so far is when I went out to a nightclub just before the pandemic. My makeup was on point. I didn't get misgendered. And I met up for drinks with some other Gurls. Even got hit on by some drunk college bros. It was fun.

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    Lots of fun memories from people here. A few of my own (oh so many!) include:

    - overhearing “She must be a model!” as I walked by
    - performing at “amateur drag night” in my early days
    - scoring free front row seats and meeting Dita Von Teese
    - overhearing “Is that exotic enough for you, Phil?” as I walked past a bunch of guys
    - my first day out by myself
    - a grandmotherly lady telling me “Gee, you look nice”

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    The one that stands out for me I was walking back to my car fully dressed. I heard a voice and turned it was a little old lady asking if it was my car and I said yes, she noticed that an old pair of sunglasses was under the car. I said they weren't mine and I said thanks anyway. During that conversation my heart was racing, but I didn't notice any reaction from her and still wonder if she tells the story that she met a CD. It put me in a happy place for the rest of the day.

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    The one moment that stands out was last December when I went to do some drywall patching at a family lake home. I brought some femme clothes and made the rounds to a couple nearby stores as well. That evening I was dressed and sipping some wine and looking at the reflection of the moon on the freshly fallen snow. I was at peace and comfortable in my skin, something I don't often get the chance to experience.

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    I have a few!
    1. Stopped at IHop in Winston-Salem, NC, the greeter addressed me as miss! Then the waitress said I was beautiful!
    2. I bought a gold sweater dress and later wore it to work! All the women at work wanted to steal my dress and boots!
    3. At a convenience store outside Lexington,NC, (they have a single stall restroom for both men and women!) I stood in line with the ladies waiting my turn! No stares no words!
    4. At the same convenience store, a nice gentleman held the door for me!
    Not en femme but showing my pics to a male employee where I work, he said, "I don't know who she is but damn she is sexy!"
    Even being full time and a transwoman, I still have these things happen at times!
    Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    First time out (and still kinda the only time) last year. Me and my girlfriend were at a festival and she suggested I take the opportunity. We were in fancy dress so I had face paint as well as a dress, wig and ladies shoes...felt absolutely amazing walking around. We stopped for a photo and a girl said how good I looked then a guy checked me out on the way back to the campsite!

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    It would have to be one of two for me: Just to set the scene, having started wearing my sister?s clothes when home alone, I was referred to a therapist in my teens, who advocated ?full immersion? therapy, meaning that I ended up presenting as a female (in a not dissimilar way to which transgender people are still expected to) for several years. Therefore many of the big occasions I had to attend en femme.

    1. School prom: Having attended school as a girl for a number of years, I attended prom as a girl. This saw my first time wearing false nails and proper stilettos. Paired with full makeup and a deep red dress with a full skirt, it was just a really girly day.

    2. My sister?s wedding: A couple of year?s on my sister was getting married and I attended as one of three bridesmaids (the others being my cousins). Again, another really girly day, this time wearing a floor length satin dress.

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    Having been out hundreds of time, there are many, but three stand out.

    I was having my breakfast at an upscale diner in downtown Cleveland. I ate and asked for the check. There may have been three other parties there. I was informed that my check was taken care of. A mother, there with her husband and two children, covered my check. Very sweet!

    I was in a fitting room at NY&Co and I could hear a mother and daughter talking next to me. It ends up the daughter and I were trying on the same dress! Long story short, Mom took a picture of me and her daughter in our matching dresses after a lengthy conversation!

    I am heavily involved with A Prom to Remember, an annual prom for teens battling cancer. On many more than one occasion, a lovely young lady attending the prom will come up to me and request to have a photo taken with me. That always ends up with me in tears.

    I can go on and on. I have had drinks purchased for me (and not what you think), been asked by total strangers for a hug (pre-COVID, of course) and have received thousands of complements. None of this is bragging as I am not that attractive and have never passed, not one time. But I am proudly me, I participate almost exclusively in mainstream situations, generally in large crowds. Get out there!
    Visit Kandi's Land ( daily! Nothing but positive and uplifting posts!
    Pictures and stories of every time out:
    Kandi on Facebook:

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    One of mine was being mistaken for a spouse at a Support group meeting. I obviously, at least to me and the presenter, passed very well. AT those meeting the GG's often get read as CD's. I went up to the presenter to tell how good I thought her talk was, she was a GG, She asked after my comment, if who my spouse was in the group. I just said I was one of the group. She was surprised and said I looked great. Made my year

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    On one of my first times out shopping I was trying on sport bras at a Jockey store. I could hear the sales persons talking to each other and then I heard one sales person say to the other "Excuse me while I see if the woman in the changing room needs help." It was the first time I cam remember being referred to as female.

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    Aww that?s a good one Jen! Like it

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    Memorable moments for me usually involve those little interactions with complete strangers, SA’s or other shoppers. Being complemented on the blouse I’m wearing or simple chatting about how their day’s going. Normal, human interactions because isn’t that how we all want to be treated, normally?

    One event does stick out. I’d been to the cinema, film had ended and it was the last showing of the evening so it was fairly quiet as I left the building. As I walked to the car I felt a sense of calm overcome me. I was utterly relaxed and comfortable in being me, Helen. This wasn’t male me dressed, this was femme me. It’s difficult to put into words. I can’t say I felt like a woman as never having been one how would I know. I do know however that in that moment all was right in my world.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    I wish I had one. So far only 5 people actually saw me dressed. 2 were police in my back yard. I was not completely put together and they call me Sir. Crap.

    The second time I was in a convience store buying a soda and I think the guy was just dumbfounded. The 2 20 something people outside did not even turn their heads to look at me again.

    I need to get out. My wife will kill me if I make matters public.

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